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Why would anyone want build an online website? Or a more pertinent question might be why would you want to create your own website? There are many reasons why people want to build online websites - and these may include the following...
We are continuing to republish Bluehost‘s videos on our blog. In today’s video you will learn how you can use a plugin celled NextGEN Gallery Plugin to create photo galleries for your website. If your web hosting provider offers similar videos, please let us know where to find them so we can feature those videos [...]

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Some web hosting providers will do and say anything to get customers - tricks are commonplace, not reading the fine print can end up costing a bundle. Why is it that this industry is so rarely honest and transparent? Web hosting should be fully tech supported, completely secure, 100% green powered and without any hidden fine print.
Type of Hosting Offered: Shared Hosting Basic Plan Price: $4.95/month Support Offered Via: Live Chat ,Ticket System Company Overview (Submitted to us): We’re dedicated to provide the best hosting, at the best price. Editor’s Note Unfortunately “About” page at SupremeByte’s official website is blank, if you know anything about this company please share in the [...]

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Cloud server hosting, private and public alike, is the next big thing in the world of web server hosting. This trend is currently attracting the e-commerce retail websites, corporate organizations, online app websites, etc. Though, it has not inculcated every organization, here is what you need to know about the cloud hosting and the service providers.
Web Hosting Provider: Nublue Company Info: Nueblue is a United Kingdom based web hosting provider and it is a one stop web hosting service provider serving the clients around the world. Nublue provides variety of web hosting solutions tailored to their clients needs – from domain registration and basic shared web hosting to VPS (Virtual [...]

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There are many web hosting companies out there and there are many different things that set them apart. I will tell you the most important qualities of a web hosting company.
Web Host Overview: Squidix is a web hosting and development firm in Indianapolis, IN, providing a wide variety of services to individuals, businesses, and government. Type of Hosting Offered: Shared Hosting, VPS Support Offered Via: Ticket System Basic Plan Price: $4.95 Editors Review: Squidix Web Hosting appears to be a very reasonably priced web hosting [...]

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Unlimited web hosting sounds perfect when you hear about it. With unlimited web hosting you get business web hosting that allows you to use as much storage space as you want to, and allows you to grow your website as big as you want it to grow. But, do you really need unlimited web hosting for your business web hosting?
Web hosting plans are designed to fit the needs of the different people that will be buying them. Some web hosting plans have unlimited data amounts, and some of them have very limited data amounts. You have to evaluate your needs and then see what is offered in order to choose web hosting plans that are right for you.
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