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It really wasn’t all that long ago people would see my email address and ask “what’s that?”.How times have changed. According to the recently released State of the Nation Report from Roy Morgan Research, the first quarter of this year saw online shopping go mainstream in Australia. Australians spent $24.3billion online in the 12 months […]
Did you know that you can turn your text documents into speech to be read over the phone or other device? VoiceXML allows you to convert XHTML and other XML documents into audio dialogs. Learn more about Voice XML
A study based on trends in the performance of subject lines in 90,000 email campaigns (2.2 billion emails) has been released. The Adestra report is quite detailed, so here’s a few highlights of words that aren’t so good in subject lines: Free Only Learn Report Today Webinar Monthly Get Register Don’t miss Re: Fw: There’s […]
It can sometimes be tricky to judge whether a first time poster is a spammer. Stop Forum Spam can help you discern spam from ham. Forum spam can often be easy to detect; but occasionally you may come across a post that is difficult to label one way or the other. For example, a post […]
Many larger websites do, but there are content management systems available to help. Find out if your site has similar problems to this case study.
The new Canadian Anti-Spam Regulations are upon us... and they are the strictest laws the world has seen so far.
While it stresses that correlation does not equal causation; a new study indicates social signals have a strong presence in top ranking pages. SearchMetric’s “SEO Ranking Factors – Rank Correlation 2013 for Google USA” notes that high ranking pages also have a high number of likes, shares, tweets and plus ones. Something not mentioned in […]
When we think of the people behind computing and the Internet, certain names spring to mind. Douglas Engelbart likely wouldn’t be one of them, but should be. In 1963, Mr Engelbart was working as a computer scientist at the Stanford Research Institute and developed a wooden block with two rolling discs called an “X-Y position […]

Lock your sites with SSL

There are lots of good SSL certificates out there, but if you want more comprehensive validation, you should get Extended Validation. This is the validation that tells your customers that your company has been validated as real and legitimate. It puts your name in the URL bar and provides that extra edge of security and confidence.

Here is a list of the

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/">10 Cheapest SSL Extended Validation (EV) Certificates.

In 2011, I lamented infographics. Nothing has changed in nearly two years and I had hoped they would be a threatened species by now. It wasn’t to be. In any week, I’ll still get a half dozen or so emails from companies that have developed infographics they want me to publish. As soon as I […]
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