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Content management system (CMS) development refers to developing a website on CMS like Joomla, Wordpress, Magneto, and Drupal etc.

Part 2 of my new Web Foundations course is out - What is Web Hosting? Yes a basic topic, but I go into some detail that you might find interesting:

- hosting choices
- hosting cost
- Should you set up your own web hosting?

I hope you like it!

Stefan Mischook
When you visit a website, almost often you will be greeted with an HTML page. There will be times when you are so attracted to the website and its contents that you want to share it with your friends or family which is why you need to convert HTML to PDF.

Just to let you know that I released Web Foundations part 3 (on Domain names) on Here is the link:

Domain Names

What this video covers:

- choosing a good domain.
- pricing domains.
- should you buy premium domains?

... And much more. Yes, a beginners subject ... but remember this is part of the Web Foundations course. :)

While designing printed business cards, it is necessary to keep some important parameters in mind, so that they are visually attractive and accurate. Business cards help you in creating an impression in the corporate world, especially in front of clients or people with whom you desire to do business. Your business card should be designed such that it acts as a mini folder that represents all your skills and experience. Business cards are rather easy to design once you grasp the method of designing a website. The number of these cards being printed on plastic has also been growing in the recent
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years. Apart from your plastic business cards, you can also use plastic gift cards to build business, as they are kind of a miniature advertising boards that would endorse your brand to your customers.

Using a scheme where both ID card printing are used can prove highly beneficial to your business as they help in cost reduction and uplift the sales, improve promotional opportunities, enhance the progress of customers, etc. Now, here are some parameters explained in detail for readers.
The organization and communications have vital interlinkages. Any organization cannot survive without the suitable network of communications within it.

I just released my new Beginners HTML 2015 course on

Here is first of 57 video lessons - what exactly is HTML:

The video lessons are only one part of the training package. My courses include:

  1. Interactive gaming environment - track your progress, unlock chapters and badges.

  2. To reinforce the lessons, we provide hundreds of quiz and code challenge questi
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  3. Support material for teachers and parents.

Studioweb has subscription options for schools and individuals. Please feel free to contact me if you any questions.

In the growing percentage of internet users, the web site of a company or an individual will act like our identity in online for the global audience, so one must be care ful while choosing the WEB DESIGN COMPANY and its important to choose the right WEB DESIGN COMPANIES for creating our online identity through our websites.

I was recently asked this question from a student:

What do you think of Google's new rating system to favor search results towards sites which are mobile-friendlier than other sites? Will there be a course to address this type of mobile-centric design in the future?

Yes, we have courses, both on and on the Mobile friendly sites are called 'responsive' ... because their pages respond and resize based on the device being used to view them.
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