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I know some people here wanna provoke their video for revenue for pocket money, So I recommended most of you choosing the other hosting to YouTube. Here’s a short list of free video hosting sites that you can use to display your streaming video content – apart from YouTube, that is. Most of these provide code for individual videos to enable you to embed them in your site directly. I’ll try and include a couple of lines highlighting the main features & USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of each, wherever possible.
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p://">Dailymotion is another humongous hosting cum sharing service. They have the standard set of features wrapped with a strict set of rules that prohibits any kind of adult or explicit content. If there’s one thing that sets it apart from the crowd – it’s the JukeBox feature. Video-Blogging and direct uploads from webcam supported too.FLURL allows you to upload and share videos under a set of pre-existing categories. Their rating system consists of a meter that displays the FLURL or HURL rating of a video. Adult content can be found profusely (there’s a separate above 18 section). Adult Filtering options are available but turned off by default for any new visitors.Channels, Favorites, Subscriptions, Videos, Photos – nothing out of the place that can make this service really stand out. It’s got a good blend of general features including a Hit or Miss rating system. However, it’s probably one of the very few which offer direct recording from webcams (see Viddler and VideoEgg).Myubo comes in four linguistic flavours – Czech, Deutsch, English and Slovak. It sports a mechanism to upload, view and share live and pre-recorded video via mobile 2.5G and 3G networks such as GPRS, EDGE, CDMA or UMTS, web and fixed IP networks. Pretty much covers the whole consumer wireless spectrum. Among offeredfeatures are channel based organisation, Mobile TV and user communities.Revver has a clever mechanism that helps it track and monetize the uploaded videos as they spread virally across the internet – so “no matter where your creativity travels, you benefit“. Your uploaded video is paired with a targeted advertisement and the revenue is split 50/50 with you. Those who share and spread the videos get to keep part of the spoils too. 20% of the ad revenue is handed to them. Of particular interest to the developers is the Revver API, which allows one to build a video-sharing site complete with user accounts, uploading, sharing tools and access to the full Revver library of videos. The bandwidth is covered by Revver and the ad revenue is split three ways – you, Revver and the content creator.Another site that offers all the standard features – video sharing & organisation, social networking, discussion groups, playlists, customisable profiles etc. There’s rating system in place with which you can vouch for other’s content. Allow for direct importing of videos from other hosting sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Grouper, Myspace etc. Has a couple of widgets & gadgets for your site / blog.Another cool video hosting service that has been around since end 2004 and reflects the Web 2.0 genre of web-design. They share helpful pointers with you in case you’re lacking ideas regarding creation of unique video content. In action are a bunch of highly configurable privacy options with which you can create fine-grained access control lists to allow only select group of people to view your videos. In short, you choose who exactly sees which of your videos. Has personalised homepage where you can neatly arrange all of your favourite videos. Allows tagging of videos.Zoopy proudly presents itself as South Africa’s first video and photo sharing social network. It’s a pretty basic service with an easy-going note that can be spotted all over the site. There’s a standing challenge that attempts to coax the hidden director in you to come out into the limelight.Vzaar are a video hosting service for businesses looking to stream video on their site or in their eBay listings. Some of our features include a)connection to the eBay API which means you can automatically add video to hundreds of eBay listings in a few clicks of a button without any need for HTML skills. b) unbranded player c) multi size players at the point of upload so you can choose from small, medium and large as well as original size d) Search Enhancer – we will submit your video feeds into Google SERPs e) Free account – up to 1GB of bandwidth per month.Engage and inspire your customers by adding video to your website with vzaar's reliable and easy to use video streaming service.Feel free to leave a comment on your favourite one and I’ll add it to the list.
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Tip 1: Get a link from an existing siteLinks are very important for high rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN. The more (quality) links you have, the higher your page ranks. It used to be easy to get free links from search directories, but since most of them have converted to pay-for-links in order to survive,getting these links should not be easy anymore. You should spend more time using other methods. One easy way to get a link to your website is to join a forum. Choose forums site that are related to the topic of your website theme. By just posting relevant comments at these sites, you will be
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allowed to put a one way link back to your site.This way, you add value to your site and get a free link back. Others who read your comment might click on your link just to see what you have on your site. However, do not spam forum sites with worthless comments, for they may reflect badly on you. Then again, not all forums allow your link to be spider by the search engines. They have some tags like the ‘no follow’ tag that helps them to retain their own page rank. More of it later.Tip 2: Create an external blogPut up a blog and create useful contents. Then put a link back to your site. As Google like blogs, it will quickly index them and along the way,it will also find your website. In this way, you could get your website indexed in less than a week. Some in less than forty eight hours!Tip 3: Get as many links as you canIf you have many other website linking to yours, then the search engines will find you and give you good rankings in heir search results (SERPs). The trick then is to get as many websites linking to you as soon as possible. But do not get links all of a sudden as the search engines might think that you are paying for those links. They abhorred paid links, and you might be relegated to their suspect’s list.
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There are various types of links- One-way, Two-way and Three-way links. Which type should you go for then?One-way linksOne way link is a simple link from one website to the other. If your site is offering a free computer program, then other sites might want to put a one way link to your site to show their visitors that there is a free program for them to download. So giving away something useful for free is a sure way of getting plenty of one way links. The other method is to put up useful contents like articles and free e-books.Reciprocal linksYou get a reciprocal link if you link to a websit
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e and that website links back to your website. You normally write to their webmaster and request a link back. Preferably, put a link to their site first so that the other guy will sense your goodwill and out of courtesy, they might give you a link. Reciprocal links used to be popular but it seems that search engines are giving less relevance to them now. You also have to be careful as to who to link to as there is such a term as ‘bad company’ and ‘link farms’ that will adversely affect your ranking if your site is linked to them.Three-way linksAs reciprocal links are getting out of favor, someone invented the three way links. Here is how it works. Website A links to website B, website B links to website C, website C links back to website A. For all intents, there is only one way links, so the search engines might think that the links are natural and not cooked up. However, as search technologies are improving all the time, it is only a matter of time before this ruse is found out and the search engines relegate less relevance to such links.
A lot of people who host their blogs on Blogger ( complain about the inability to remove the blogger navigation bar via their elements page. Indeed, if that's where you are looking, the only thing you'll be able to do from there is change the color to one of several pre-determined selections.If you really want to remove the blogger navigation bar, you need to access your HTML template.H
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ow To Remove ItIf you've decided that you definitely want to remove your blogger navbar, it's actually a very simple process that any non-technically-inclined person can accomplish with ease. Just follow these steps:1. Login to your blogger dashboard.2. Click "Layout"3. Click "Edit HTML"4. Find the BLUE code you see in the image to your right. The code will be quite near the top of your HTML section, you shouldn't have to scroll very far at all. The blue code should definitely be there, but the data box you see may not be, depending on where your template came from.5. ADD the code you see in red precisely where you it see it in the image to your right. If you want to copy and paste it, do so from the bold text you see below:#navbar-iframe {display: none !important;}Use your preview button before you click save! If you like what you see, go ahead and save.Now my Blogger look Professional layout :)
Hi everyone, I know maybe u all waiting my news updated for next content.My entry for next content is about Tutorial SEO. It is simple way, Many among us still do not know how the best way index speedily in Google. Ok , only ‘replace’ after that copy and paste to your browser. Wait 10 minute at less then your domain will be index by Google .1-
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There are many ways to get traffic to a site. You will most likely do research to find out about those traffic generation methods.Methods such as article marketing, forum marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social networking, blogging, and social bookmarking all work very well. But in the world of Internet Marketing, there are also traffic techniques that you should avoid, for various reasons.“Incidentally, we’ll kick start this section of Adsense Profits Blueprint with traffic techniques you should avoid”1. First, do not ever pay for traffic from a site that promises you a great deal of tra
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ffic in a short amount of time. The traffic that you get will not be targeted, and will be of no use to you at all. The same applies to traffic exchange sites.In fact, many of these sites are scam sites, and the traffic that you get will actually be automated traffic, not real traffic. Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC as it is known, is not the same as these sites that promise traffic for a fee.Go to Google and do a search for “buy website traffic” and make sure NOT to buy from any of those, because this is useless traffic that in the end will get you banned!2. Do not spend hours, or even use automated software to submit your site to free classified ad sites or free for all link sites. This only results in lots of spam for you. It does not result in traffic.3. Don’t use pop ups. People hate these, and most people now have software installed that keeps pop ups from popping. Avoid other irritating elements on your site as well, such as blinking text and music, and colors that clash. Your visitors will hit the back button in one second flat! Besides – popups are against the Adsense TOS.4. Don’t use false statements or exaggerated statements in your advertising. This may get you visitors, but it will irritate them, and they won’t click on links.Instead, they will either close the browser, or hit the back button. You may not be selling anything, but this is false advertisement none-the-less, and it makes people very angry.There are two huge mistakes that many newcomers make:1. The biggest is doing nothing at all. You can build a site, but if you don’t advertise it in anyway, you are not going to get a drop of traffic.2. The second biggest mistake is not tracking your advertising. If you don’t know what works, and what doesn’t, you will be wasting time and possibly money.Track all of your advertisements to see where your traffic comes from, and where it doesn’t come from. In the end, you will be glad that you did.Overall, that’s all that you need to avoid. Other than that, you need to make sure that you are using proven site promotion techniques, which are listed above.These other outdated methods simply do not work. They are not worth your time, effort, or money. You need to know where the traffic comes from, and you also need to know how well your ads are performing.You may have a great amount of traffic, but very few clicks. It’s important to track the traffic and the ad performance, so you know what to fix!
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