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Changed Your Facebook Photo To A Rainbow? Guess Who REALLY Got The Pot Of Gold….

Changed Your Facebook Photo To A Rainbow? Guess Who REALLY Got The Pot Of Gold…. More than 26 million people changed their Facebook picture to the rainbow flag in support of the recent Supreme Court decision on June 26th guaranteeing the right to same sex marriage. Cesar Hidalgo, an MIT...

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  Think of the executive summary as a one-page business plan – it provides a comprehensive overview of all the elements that will make your business model a success. Since it’s likely the first impression that investors will get from your company, the executive summary is your best chance of grabbing the attention of investors. […]

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You Have Received a Regulatory Subpoena. Now What?

You Have Received a Regulatory Subpoena. Now What? By:  Richard B. Newman State AGs can issue subpoenas during an investigation, before initiating a legal case.  Receiving a subpoena from an AG can be an intimidating prospect.  Related investigations often seek substantial monetary settlements from online marketers. Generally speaking, AGs possess...

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Early morning dog walk 2 photos on Rutland Avenue Bishop Auckland               Beaumonts Shop

Finding rankable, long tail keywords with ease – Long Tail Pro review. If you are looking for the best keyword research tool to support you and your online business then I am going to make the assumption that you understand the importance of keyword research, choosing the most relevant keywords that have low competition and […]

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Do you run a small business? Or how about a startup?

You have seen the Google page 1 results for your business keywords and now you dont know where to start. Perhaps you feel like investing your entire limited budget into pay-per-click in hope it will get you off the ground.

What if I told you ranking in Google isn't as scary as it first appeared?

I have seen first-hand that SEO can have the best return on investment of any marketing investment and this article will you run you through ideas for you to get attention, and ultimately, business, fo

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r your brand, regardless of your budget.

Firstly, lay out your objectives. What do you want to achieve? For a small business looking to gain attention online, I suspect your goals will include these:

Public Relations (PR), Credibility, and Traffic from Google

Let's take a look at those one by one.

Winners get to drive a selection of exotic super cars at top speed down an airstrip in the Mojave Desert. Killer cars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Mercedes... Just imagine yourself at the wheel of one of these world class road machines!
On my early morning dog walk I got this picture of the sunrise over Rutland Avenue I particularly like the telephone wires and the effect they give the photograph.
Are you interested in starting your own affiliate marketing business from home? Let me show you how it is done. It does not have to be complicated at all. You can implement this really simple system and you should be up and running in no time.

The first step that you need to do is to choose a product to promote. Head over to ClickBank's marketplace and have a look at the wide variety of products that are available. Now choose just one product to promote. That way, you can focus all your marketing efforts on just one project, and you will get your first sale quicker too! Anyway do
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take note that you will need to sign up for a ClickBank account in order to view these products. You will need one too, because once you have found a product to promote, you will need to generate your affiliate link.
Using responses on Quora tackles common objections anyone has to blogging, "I don't know what to blog about" and "I don't have enough to say." All you'll need to do is ask a question and wait for responses to come in. You'll be able to turn the responses into talking points for your next blog post, or like in my example post you can quote Quora users directly.

The steps described here can work on any question and answer site, but Quora is unique in its user base and its ability for you to reach an expert directly.

In the following example, I asked an SEO related quest
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Asking The Question

Begin by asking a question. Make sure it's clear, grammatically correct and specific.

You'll also need to make sure that your question is unique. Otherwise you'll get no responses, get redirected to a similar question, have the question removed or moved to a different thread.

Make sure the question is categorized correctly. This way followers of certain topics will be able to see it in their Quora feed.

Once you publish your question, you'll have an opportunity to invite Quorans to provide answers. At this point, you'll need to sort through suggested users and invite only the ones that fit this criteria:

- Have many responses in the category your question resides in

- Good response rate

- Cost - are they free to ask or will it cost you credits

Most of the time I'll quickly scroll through the suggested list and only invite a handful of Quorans based on my criteria above. A better way to seek help from experts is to actually invite them on a one by one basis.

If you know who the experts are, look them up by name:

If you can't find experts, head over to the categories that your question is listed in and look up active users, especially those who have many upvotes.

For my sample question, I went into the SEO, PPC and Copywriting categories. I was able to identify experts within each category and invited all of them to answer my question. My invites went out to a total of 50 people. Just two days later, I received 10 responses. Take a look: How to Identify Keywords with Purchase Intent

What To Do With The Responses

Besides learning from the experts, share what you've learned with your networks or post the question and answers to your blog via the 'Share' link.

Another way to use responses is to inform and help you craft your next epic blog post. This is crowdsourced content that you can use in your own writing. Take a look at my previous blog post on how I used Quora answers to create a full blog post.

Show Respect And Give Credit

Before you start posting your questions and soliciting answers, you need to follow some rules. Remember, respondents are providing you with free content - so respect the time and effort someone is giving to help you. As mentioned earlier, use the answers to help inform your blog post content. Don't claim them as your own. Give credit or link to the original source. Use the answers to craft a compelling story.
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