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The internet is constantly changing and as we continue to adapt it into more ways of our lives that ever before, that means the internet...

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It's All About Me

It's all about what I'm having for lunch.

It's all about pictures of my cat.

It's all about my vacation.

It's all about my political opinion.

It's all about how I am feeling.

Yes, in social media it's all about me.

Naval gazers of the world, welcome your mistress... her name is Social Media.

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Every day I get emails from new readers of the blog and people from all around the world that want to start making money online....

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If you are still sitting on the sidelines and watching everyone you know create a web site or blog of their own, I recommend you...

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Easy Deal Builder Product Review

Back in 1999, I created one of the very first "deal" sites to launch on the web. aggregated the best coupons and deals that online merchants had to offer. People love getting a deal so the site was an instant hit.

Over the years, deal sites have come and gone., Groupon and Living Social are just some of the sites that have popularized the "one-day, one-deal" concept.


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always wanted to be able to create deal pages using this same concept.

Now I can. And so can you!


Making money your blog is definitely one of the most exciting times for the growth of your site. Setting up your blog for the first...

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This Headline Sucks

If your inbox is anything like mine, it is inundated with email.

We are bombarded with messages, both welcome and unwelcome.

There are emails from friends and family. Those are usually welcome (unless Aunt Beulah is forwarding email sharing how Bill Gates is giving away $5000 just for sharing a link on Facebook.)

There are messages from business associates. Those are welcome when it's all

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about personal contact or if you are subscribed to a list with your express permission.

But then there is everything else. And "everything else" can jam up your inbox faster than a rush-hour traffic jam. Everyone is clamoring for your attention.

That's why your headline must suck.


Now that your blog is live and you have a plan of attack for the type of content you want to write about on your...

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The Phenomenon of Cartoon Ponies

When I say the words "My Little Pony", what do you think of?

If you have a daughter, thoughts may go to Saturday mornings and selecting adorable action figures at Toys 'R Us.

But would you ever associate the television show, created for pre-teen and teenage girls, with say... young men ages sixteen to twenty-four?

Buckle up, because there are millions of "Bronies" out there, and

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they LOVE the magical world of Equestria and its' roster of eccentric and unusual characters.

Why would I write about My Little Pony? Surely there MUST be a reason? There is...


Growing up I’ve always had the passion for business and Bill Gates was someone who I had always looked up to and kept an eye...

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