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A website necessarily needs to be hosted on a server in order to be accessible to any visitor. A server is an electronic device containing a range of large hard drives, for storing large amounts of data. The process that enables a commercial entity to rent space on its server is called web hosting.
Type of Hosting Offered: Shared Hosting Basic Plan Price: $4.95/month Support Offered Via: 24/7 support via Live Chat, Ticket System, and 800 number Company Overview: Since launching in 2001, Web Hosting Hub made ti their goal and focus to provide the highest level of technical support. Web Hosting Hub Provides what seems to be the [...]

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Today we are concluding to feature the videos from Bluehost YouTube Channel that were specifically made to help out users who might consider using WordPress with their Bluehost web hosting account. In the video bellow you will learn how to embed documents into the pages of your website with a plugin called Google Doc Embedder. [...]

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It is really great to get “behind the curtain” of the web hosting provider that you host your website with. Bluehost just published another video (see bellow) titled “Life @ Bluehost”. Videos like this are really good for the clients. Seeing a healthy atmosphere at a company that your trust to host your website can [...]

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Recently Bluehost has published series of great instructional videos on their YouTube Channel. Last week we have featured the videos dealing with using WordPress. Today we present you with Bluehost’s instruction videos on how to use Weebly, most likely the easiest to use drop and drag website builder out there. Similar Posts: How To Create [...]

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20GB free space, 10GB Bandwidth, 3 MySQL databases,and NO FORCED ADS on your site.
Find all current Hostgator coupon codes here, along with examples and screenshots of how they are applied.
As internet is becoming more and more advanced every day and it is becoming accessible to more and more people, numbers of websites are increasing too. Every day we see a new website being launched. This has led to the increase in the number of web hosting providers.
Compnay: BrainPulse Technologies Web Hosting Type: Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers, VPS, Managed Servers. Company Overview: Founded in 2000 in India, has become provider of professional web hosting services for Personal, Small and Medium Sized businesses to clients for around the world. Web hosting solutions are only small part of the array of products offer [...]

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Shoutcast web hosting and streaming online radio has a number of advantages to bring to the consumer. On the one hand, it is a web hosting service that provides a site with all the tools and the power that it needs to survive in today's marketplace. On the other, it offers streaming online radio, so that one can make use of the many different channels, opinions, and talents that are out there on the airwaves today.
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