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make money with keyword academyBy the time you read this, there’s a good chance that PostRunner V2 will have been released. PostRunner is/was a feature for the members of The Keyword Academy (here’s the Keyword Academy Review). You logged into a dashboard, wrote articles and picked from a list of we

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bsites where you wanted your article to be published. The owner of that blogged then decided whether or not to accept your article. Why did members post to Post Runner? Because every article was allowed to have a backlink pointing to their website. Over the years the quality of these sites really became poor. Website owners wouldn’t approve or decline articles and even if they did, some would remove the links in the future (which is against the TOS of PostRunner). Some would simply remove your article if it started ranking and replace it with a spun copy without your links. It was no big surprise that the quality suffered and people left in droves.

So the folks over at The Keyword Academy has been working hard to rectify all of these problems and make PostRunner a more powerful and easier to use system. Although there is no definite launch date, it’s suspected to launch in a few days from the time of this writing. Why is this important? Because unlike before when PostRunner was free, there’ll be a charge to use it. However, if you’re already a member of The Keyword Academy, you’ll have FREE access to PostRunner V2.

What’s Different About V2 of PostRunner?

One of the biggest differences is that they’ve changed how it works. Now it has evolved into more of a Guest Posting system. What this means is you’ll write the article on the subject of your expertise. The website owner will be able to look at the article and decide whether or not he wants to accept it for his website or not. That part is a lot like the old PostRunner, but where it changes is this. Both the Website owner and the Authors will have an opportunity to grade each other. If you’re a website owner and don’t want to accept poor articles, then you set your limits and the system will take care of the rest.

In a nutshell, the new PostRunner is a middle man between Website owners looking for quality content and site owners looking to promote their website through writing high quality articles in exchange for a link back to their sites. It’s a Guest Posting system on steroids!

Other Changes to PostRunner Version 2 are;

  • Site owners will be able to set requirements as to the quality of the articles they accept. If you only want to accept 500 word articles with one link, no problem, you can set it up that way. It’s very customizable and it allows site owners more say-so in the articles they accept.

  • Site owners will now be able to give Authors a score. So in the future, if you don’t want to accept articles from an Author with a low score, you can do that in a flash! You can set the limit wherever you want it and if the Author doesn’t have a high enough score, they’ll not be able to post to your website! Cool huh!

  • On the other hand, sites can be ranked now. As an author, if you don’t want your article on a low quality site, you’ll be able to look and see how others ranked this site.

  • Probably one of the most important features is that an Author will be able to immediately see the Page Rank of a site and other stats like how many times they’ve ignored articles and how many times they’ve accepted/denied articles. This is one thing that was needed with the old system so much!

It’s no secret that Guest Posting has been hot in the last year or so. Especially now that Google has destroyed many of the big backlink networks like Build My Rank, SEOLinkvine, SEOCobra and others. Guest Posting is a legitimate White Hat way to get quality backlinks back to your site from White Hat sites. It’s been one of the least talked about, but most effective ways to get higher rankings for quite some time now.

If you’re already a member of the Keyword Academy, then you already know all of this. If not, and you’ve been thinking about taking advantage of a Keyword Academy membership, now is the time to act! If you wait until after the PostRunner V2 launch, you’ll have to pay for it. If you join before they launch, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the other benefits of The Keyword Academy as well as access to V2 of PostRunner!

Here’s what non-members will have to pay to join PostRunner V2 after the launch.

- Up to 10 sites will cost you $30 per month

- Up to 25 sites will cost you $50 per month

- Up to 50 sites will cost you $75 per month

-Unlimited Number of sites will cost you $199 per month

But if you’re a member before they launch around the 16th of April, you’ll be automatically grandfathered and won’t have to pay anything!

Click Here to Join the Keyword Academy NOW and get in before they launch PostRunner V2!!


Polar Bear Rolling Over

Not this kind of rollover

It's so easy to create rollovers that it's not surprising that people use them for almost everything. While I don't recommend you use them for site critical things like navigation, there's no reason you can't give your pages a bit of extra interactivity by adding rollover text color changes. And it's so easy!

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Find out how! How to Make Text Change Color on Rollover

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There is much in the pedestrian media about the privacy issues of online advertising. And software vendors hawking security products have properly scared consumers about being tracked online.
Personally, I love it.
I’ve been a member of Google’s Adsense program since it launched, and my how it has changed. Specifically in recent years it has [...]
We live in the lucky country – unless you’re buying certain types of software; downloading tunes or streaming movies. A Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications has determined Australian businesses are paying up to 50 per cent more for IT products. It’s such an issue that even our own government is advising Australian businesses to […]

make mone with adsenseNext to “How do I get started making money online“, most beginners ask “Should I put adsense ads on same page as Affiliate ads?” It seems that a common misconception of beginners is that the more ads you have on a page, the more money you will make. I guess I can see that logic, but I’m about to tell you why that

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is a bad idea! Follow along as I explain why you need to pick just one monetization method. I’ve come to this conclusion after many years in the affiliate marketing business and by doing many test to see which made me the most money.

Using Adsense Ads on an Affiliate Marketing Website Is a Bad Idea, Here’s Why!

Okay, like I said above, I can understand how you might think that having as many ads as possible on a page is a good idea. Heck, the Internet is full of websites with more ads on a single page than content. But generally those websites do not make any money.

Reason #1 Why You Shouldn’t Mix adsense ads with affiliate ads. As many website owners are finding out, having too many ads (in the eyes of Google) post Panda is a bad idea. As of late, Google has been penalizing websites with a lot of ads above the fold. This goes for Adsense ads as well as Affiliate ads. If for no other reason than this, you should limit the ads you have above the fold. I generally only put one, but have been known to put two if the width of the web page allows it. I like a lot of white space around my ads. My tests have proved that I make money with Adsense in a greater amount when I isolate the Adsense block.

Reason #2 Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Put Adsense Ads on an Affiliate site. Time and time again studies have shown that web users get ad blindness very quickly. Bombing your customer with a plethora of ads just makes them ignore all of them. Not only that, but it makes your site look spammy. By limiting the amount of ads you have on a page, you are making the customer focus on one ad. Whether that ad is an Adsense ad or an affiliate ad. Plus, even with those that aren’t ad blind, too many ads confuses most people and they end up hitting the back button.

Reason #3 Why You Should Never Put Adsense Ads On The Same Website As Affiliate Ads. Because you lose money. That should be the biggest reason of all not to mix the two monetization methods. Even if you’re lucky enough to have found a niche paying $1 to $5 per click, most generally Adsense pays less than Affiliate offers. You may get that sweet $5 Adsense click every once in a while, but are you missing out on a $50 commission by sending your customer off to another website? That has been my experience when I tested the same sites over a period of time. In nearly all cases, my affiliate income fell dramatically whenever I added Adsense. What’s more, the additional Adsense income did not make up the difference! Reason enough to pick one monetization method and stick with it. Actually you should be doing your own testing to see which pays more, Adsense or affiliate income.

The Golden Rule of Affiliate Marketing is make it easy for your Customer to buy from you. If you have pages with more than 40% ads, you’re confusing your customers. Don’t further complicate the situation and lose money in the process by sticking some Adsense ads up hoping that you’ll get the people who didn’t jump on your Affiliate link to click on your Adsense link. It doesn’t work that way!


Best Free Windows Web Editors for 2014

...Or at least you should have the option to use free editors. All of the web editors on this list ranked high for web designers and many offer a lot of great tools for helping you build everything from ecommerce stores to mobile web applications. And best of all, they are all free. Do you use any of these editors? If you like any
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of these editors, why not share this post on Facebook and Twitter.

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728+300 = 1028. This equation has caused me endless problems.
A standard screen resolution is 1028 pixels, but also the sum total horizontal room needed for the two most popular IAB ad units is 1028 pixels. If I want to maximize a website design for ad display that often involves using both 728 pixel wide [...]
If your business has an affiliate program then you should read this article, which is a case study on how a certain group of affiliates rip off this site owner.
Building links? You probably want to be aware of some changes Google has made to how it defines a ‘link scheme’. While these have been talked about for a while, they are now ‘official’. Updated a couple of weeks ago, the new additions are: - Large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor […]

quick ways to make moneyIf you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for ways to make money now. I know. DUH! Otherwise you’re just bored and want to kill some time while at work! But for the sake of this article, I’m assuming you need a few extra dollars, or a bunch of extra dollars. Here are 5 ways peopl

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e can start making money quickly. I have other article on this site regarding quick ways to make money, a few are the same ones only updated while a few are different and will work if you do! I’ll also prerequisite this by saying that you’ll have to dedicate some time and effort in order to get these or any other method to work for you. So if you think these are going to be easy money making methods, they’re not! So let’s get started!

1. Sell Your (and Other Peoples) Stuff on Ebay

Yeah, I know you’ve heard that before. But even though Ebay ( is not as individual friendly as it once was, it’s still a great way for the Average Joe or Jane to make money quick. I’m still amazed at what people will sell on Ebay and what other people will buy! Not only that, but you can start offering a service to your local community to sell their stuff. They just agree to pay the listing fees and your commission. Generally most people who list items for others get around 10 to 15 percent of the final auction price.

You could expand on this service by agreeing to list items on Craigslist or Etsy, but there’ll be a lot more effort in this. On a Craigslist listing, someone will have to communicate with potential buyers and arrange for the transaction.

2. Take Legitimate Surveys and/or Read Emails To Make Money

Yes Virginia, there are legitimate companies who will pay you to take real surveys. There are also companies that will pay you to read and sift through a mound of email that comes into a company. One of the leading companies that will pay you to do these things is Send Earnings (click here to visit their site). The way this works is large corporations want to know which products have a good chance of making them money on the market. You’ve heard of consumer groups? These are groups of consumers who evaluate products before they hit the market. Some get paid cash to perform these evaluations, some get the merchandise they’re evaluating, which can be sold for cash!

Many of these same corporations also get a huge volume of email each day. Can you imagine the volume of email companies like Wal-Mart, Taget or Sears must get every day? They don’t want to pay a full time employee (or more likely a group of EMPLOYEES) to sift through that mountain of email and pick out which are legitimate and which ones are junk. It’s cheaper to hire a company like Send Earnings to do it for them. This is where you come in!

3. Become A Virtual Customer Service Agent At Home

If you like talking on the phone and dealing with people’s problems, then being a Customer Service Agent may be right up your alley. A company called Working Solutions (, hires people to become service reps. You’ll need an up-to-date computer, a high speed Internet connection and a land line telephone to get started. You’ll have to fill out an application on their website and wait for approval. Just beware, if you’ve never worked customer service, ask someone who has and they’ll tell you to get a thick skin! If you haven’t learned anything from the Internet yet, you’ll soon discover people are a lot “braver” over the phone than they are in a face to face situation. Prepare to get an ear full from some people wanting to vent. On the other hand, you’ll genuinely be helping other people who appreciate your help.

Every project that you’ll be working will pay differently. Some projects will pay only while you’re talking, some will pay per phone call, etc. You get the picture. Working Solutions website says that some agents average between $7.50 and $30 per hour depending on the project.

4. What Would You Do For $5?

I guess it’s possible you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, but if you haven’t then you’ve probably heard about Fiverr ( You may have even went there and wasted lots of time checking out the gigs and getting a laugh out of them. But if you’re needing money, have you thought about actually signing up and becoming a vendor? Don’t think you have nothing to offer. After all, just take a look at what some people are doing for $5!

Five dollars may not sound like a lot of money, but it can add up really quick for the right gig. The most successful people on Fiverr seem to have multiple gigs. I’ve seen some with thousands of feedback ratings. Realizing that some people don’t go to the trouble of giving feedback, you’ll quickly come to the conclusion that I did, that these people are making a pretty good pile of cash! Five bucks at a time. Okay, so you don’t get the whole five bucks. I think it comes out to somewhere in the 3 to 3.50 range. Still, it’s money and it can add up quickly if you have multiple gigs that are popular!

5. Take Part in Medical Trials To Make Money

Okay, I honestly only put this one here for something different you may not have seen before. I personally wouldn’t sign up for a medical trail because being human guinea pig doesn’t sound like something I want to do. But I know others have no problem doing this. That’s okay with me, afterall, it’s your body! I’ve seen some data suggesting that some trials can pay up to $250 per day. Obviously there are conditions to be met with each trail. If this sounds like something that interest you, then check out Paid Clinical Trials ( Just be aware that there could be some serious side effects by taking part in these trials!

I’m betting these aren’t the get rich quick schemes you thought they would be are they? The fact is, you can make money in a short amount of time with any of these methods. Obviously there are other methods that you can use to make money quick, these are just 5 I thought might help you. So what are you waiting for!

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