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This blog post is for teachers teaching web design and programming … but if you are learning HTML and CSS (or any other language) many of these tips will be helpful to you too.

Let’s start with a teaser:

1. Start with an Easy Language:

Don’t use hard to understand languages like Java, C#, C++ to teach beginners programming
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or code! Stick to simpler languages like  HTML and CSS and then move to say PHP or JavaScript. Once your students have a grasp of basic coding and programming concepts, then you can move into the more complex languages … if you need to!
Grass is a perfect solution for you. This web design template comes with different variations of layout and you can customize it according to your preferences. It is compatible with the the latest version of WordPress, having top-notch design and great capabilities. In addition to the above the theme is search engine friendly,
Cloud technologies and cloud applications have been around since the beginning of the Internet. However, in the past tow years or so cloud applications are all the rage. From cloud-based storage, cloud based computing and very popular collaboration applications make a designers day to day life easier, convenient and more efficient. Web designers and web […]
stefan mischook


I built my first website in 1994 for my import/export business - I needed a cheap way to reach people in Europe and Asia. At the time, the Web was very new to most of the world ... in fact, I had one of the first websites with photos!

Becoming a web designer and programmer:

By 1996 I was a full time web designer ta
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king on web design contracts. In those days though the Web was really starting to heat up, I still remember having to go into meetings with prospective clients having to explain to them what the Web was! A typical question I got:
If they don’t decide or have the prior know-how for paid packages, building backlinks can be frustrating for several website owners. Your website or blog needs backlinks in order to rate well within online search engines like Google which makes it an important element of every website owner’s day to develop hyperlinks. This post explores […]

I've been building websites since 1994 ... that's makes it 20 yrs now! Anyway, it only takes me 9 minutes of video to give you my perspective ... I think young nerdlings might find useful. Check it out:
Gone are the days of creating paper prototypes – see ya paper and cardboard – now we have web apps and a short list of my 3 favorite prototyping tools! Omnigraffle: Great cross-platform software tool for creating wireframes, and comes with an iPad version for prototyping on the go. Only available for Mac. ScratchPad: It […]


Let's get to the point:

The days of only using web design programs like Dreamweaver (and not knowing any code) are pretty much over ... if you want to be a professional web designer.

These days, web designers need to learn code and a few different coding languages, to be able to effectively build modern websites.

... The good news is th
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at it isn't that hard with the right training.


Anyone who knows me knows that I am an advocate of Wordpress, especially from the point of view of a web designer since so many small business websites use Wordpress.

... Being a Wordpress web designer will unlock many more job opportunities for you. Especially if you add in a little PHP and JavaScript knowledge into the mix.
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Not all is well in the world of Wordpress

The sad thing is that with great popularity and ease of use, comes great evil - Wordpress has a plethora of security holes and can be the source of many of website headaches because of all the hacking that can likely be subject to.

Here are some Wordpress safety tips:
As a graphic designer, print designer and web designer, I typically provide design elements suitable for either web or print for final output. I can’t tell you how many times we get phone calls and e-mails from a frantic customer as they are struggling with opening one of the provided files or in some cases […]
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