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I'm always amazed at how nervous people are about meeting customers online. Many new web owners are very reluctant to put up any form of contact information on their websites. But this can backfire and cause more problems. This series on using email on your web pages will help you understand why you should include contact information, two ways to do it, and even a discussion of how I do it.

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Why Contact Information is Critical for a Website
How to Build an Email Link
Using Web Forms for Contact Mail
The Web Design @ Contact Solution

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Two blog posts in a short period of time on this blog, what is up with that? I don’t try to keep a schedule with posts, I just try to post when I think I have something interesting…
Pinterest, the new social networking site that crushes Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter even, second in traffic only to Facebook, [...]
Google’s Authorship feature may be having some nasty effects. In a nutshell, Google Authorship is about linking a specific piece of content with a specific person or web site via a Google Plus profile. But what happens if someone republishes content from a site on their own without attribution and adds their own authorship tags; […]

clicking on a mouse

One of the easiest ways to make your links more enticing and clickable is to adjust the colors. Many web designers seem to feel that the link colors should be muted or even the same color as the rest of the text, but that makes them very difficult to see. CSS makes it easy to style your links, stying more than just the link, but how it looks when it's active, hovered over, and when the customer

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has already been to it. By adjusting these features, your customers will be more likely to click on the links.

Read the article: Styling Links with CSS

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Best of the Web is one of the few directories I will still submit to, you can pay a one time fee for your listing, and they work to keep it valuable (unlike Yahoo which ignores their own directory except when it is time to charge you a $300 annual fee).
Today only to celebrate their [...]
It's been said that only 5% of affiliates generate 95% of the revenue, in any given affiliate program.
I’ve developed a new habit when scanning through the many emails I receive; one I didn’t realise I had picked up until today – and its changing my thinking about subject line length. I use Outlook and I was scrolling through the oodles of backlogged industry publications I receive and noticed the way I was […]

HTML frames are not this kind of frame

HTML frames are not this kind of frame

Many people hate HTML 4 frames for many reasons. But there are also people who find HTML frames useful. And some people just like the way they look—holding one block of content steady while allowing other parts ot scroll. However, other than the IFRAME element, HTML frames ha

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ve been removed from HTML5. So what can you do if you like them?

Read more: Here is a template you can use that uses CSS properties to create a fake framed web page. Fake Frames Free Web Template

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I haven’t blogged in awhile here, I haven’t had anything much to blog about. Life goes on, wheels turn, the sun rises. Business and Internet wise things haven’t changed much, just been in cruise control.
Then… September 29th.
For the last year or so Google has been in overdrive with doing updates and tweaks. I’m starting to [...]
If you're looking for more affiliates there's one segment of the internet traffic flow that you might be overlooking: bloggers.
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