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I’m literally heading out the door to speak at an event here in Melbourne but before I do I wanted to let you know about a great free report written by CopyBlogger’s Brian Clark and two great conversations with amazing entrepreneurs Jason Fried (37 signals) and Steven Pressfield.
This is great content and it’s part of [...]

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Must Read Free Report and Recordings with Smart Entrepreneurs

I’m preparing a presentation on ‘Finding Readers for your Blog’ which I’ll be giving at the Melbourne Blog Training Day next Tuesday.
It’s got me thinking back to some of the bigger days of traffic that I’ve had on my own blogs over the years and I thought I’d open up some discussion on the topic [...]

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What Was Your Biggest Traffic Day?


Episode 38 of the ProBlogger podcast is focused on something I’ve learned in the course of the past year that I think has the potential to transform not only your blogging, but many areas of your life. Today’s episode is personal – my personal journey of the last nine months. I talked about it at [...]

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Build a Better Blog in 31 Days

The Biggest Lesson I Learned About Building a Profitable Blog in 2015

The post The Biggest Lesson I Learned About Buildi

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ng a Profitable Blog in 2015 appeared first on @ProBlogger.

Today’s educated readers want information from a credible, trusted source, says researcher and writer Michael Low. When you convince them you are that source, they will believe and read what you have to say.
Here are twelve ways to make your blog posts more credible:
1. Use rich, vivid detail.
When you use rich, vivid language, words [...]

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12 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts more Credible

Are you already killing it with Facebook Ads? Or maybe you are just getting killed and not making any money at all!? Another excellent source for driving traffic to your affiliate offers is the free dating social network, Think Facebook… but focused towards online dating.
Plenty of Fish is one of the largest free dating [...]
At a recent book reading at SXSW I spoke briefly about a new chapter in the new ProBlogger book (due out next month) that is a case study of my main blog (4-5 bigger than ProBlogger) – Digital Photography School.
dPS is now just a few days away from being 4 years old and so with [...]Post from: Blog Tips at ProBlogger.

4 Foundations of a Successful Blog
It’s the same thing every day. I wake up, check my email and am inundated with a ton of new emails from affiliate networks. Whether it be new offers added to the network, offer rate changes or simply their latest newsletter… managing your email while being signed up to a ton of networks sure can [...]
Fast Luxury Cars, Parties with Sexy People, Dream Homes, Lavish Meals, World Travel, Book Deals and Pictures of massive Checks…. making money online is sexy!
Isn’t it?
As I sit here in my PJs alone in the front room of my house this morning – I wonder if perhaps the ’sexy’ bit of what I do somehow [...]

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9 Unsexy Truths about Making Money Online

Add another prize under my belt. This time it was an Apple ipad through John Chow’s book review promotion. No, it wasn’t fixed, there’s even a video of John and his friends picking the winner at random during one of his Dot Pho dinners. The best part is, everyone assumed I already had an Apple [...]
My good friend Joel Comm went live with the release of his latest book today, called “KaChing“. A few months back Joel Sent me a green big plastic button with a dollar sign on it, and when you push it, it makes a big “KaChing!” sound. This was for the pre-release of his KaChing book, [...]
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