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Pixel tags, or web beacons, are great tracking devices. Recently, ExoClick announced that it is using pixel tags as well.
Pixel tags work because they drop a cookie on web site visitor’s computer. The practice is controversial and many people like cookies as they consider them an invasion of privacy. Of course, if they’re that concerned [...]
Google AdWords pay per click has a fairly new tool called Website Optimizer that allows Google AdWords advertisers the ability to test their landing pages and perform other cool functions to help them better optimize their web pages. To go to Website Optimizer, sign in to your AdWords account and click on Website Optimizer in [...]
Audio advertisers with Google AdWords just an upgrade. Google is now providing metrics for audio ads and advertisers can track, through Google Analytics, impressions, ad plays, markets, and other important data. That’s a huge plus!
I’ve been watching the AdWords audio ads functionality, but haven’t actually tried it - yet. I think it’s about time to [...]
Search Engine Roundtable has announced that page load times will now affect Google AdWords quality scores:

* This factor is not yet live yet.
* There is no official date as to when it will go live.
* Google thought they would launch it, so they [...]
Search Marketing Standard is one of my favorite magazines. They’ve carved out a niche for themselves in producing a print magazine that covers SEM-related topics. And they do it well. Now they’ve gone and outdone themselves.
Starting March 17th, Search Marketing Standard will begin offering reviews of SEM companies. They’ve started taking information from readers already. [...]
Google Analytics just got better, or did it?
Overall, I think the industry benchmarking statistics is a good idea. I welcome them. But there is something that eats at me about it and, no, it isn’t the privacy issue.
It is Google’s assertion that they won’t use your data unless you opt in. Well, that bothers me [...]
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