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Secret Article Profits - Submit and Get Rich!Secret Article Profits is an eBook package by Dylan Loh. If you do not already have it, I suggest looking at the sales page and considering if it is right for you.

I’ll preface this by saying if you are thinking of buying the Secret Article Profits eBook and [...]
My Amazon order contains 3 titles: Problogger Darren Rowse has published a new book alongside co-author Chris Garrett. You can pre-order it at, and be sure to sign up for the new tip list at...
It’s Friday night and I am finally winding down after a super-productive week. The house is quiet, the weather calmed back down after the storms passed through earlier, and I’m enjoying the evening with a nice hot cup of hazelnut coffee on the back deck…
Are you making enough with Adsense?

Are you down on Google Adsense?
Are you looking to squeeze more profits from your high traffic web pages??? It’s easy when you match the pages with related affiliate products!
I’ve got some info that will help those looking to monetize their web sites with selling affiliate products.
I just recorded a new [...]
Don’t you just LOVE lists? Desert Island lists and so forth… Well, here are a couple… The Top Marketing Blogs list and Top Blogs about Blogging list.

Todd And’s list of Top Marketing Blogs has a lot of stuff on the page… in fact - too much! I have not had a chance yet to digest [...]
On April 1st I set out to give Twitter a fair run, with all intentions of testing it for a full month to determine its true value. While I’m not new to the concept, I had previously labeled it a time suck and avoided it - the last thing I need is another distraction, right? But within the first 24 hours I was completely and uncurably addicted, and seeing incredible potential with this one simple site…
Spy Tactics Reveal Keywords and Products That Are Making People Rich

want to share with you my experience with purchasing a hot new product called AdSpyPro and explain how it has helped me find profitable keywords and more importantly find NEW Affiliate Products I can sell that are proven to make money!
AdSpyPro makes it so easy [...]
Free Webinar on April 8th: Learn just how important it is that you get into Social Marketing NOW - and why this is the one thing you should be paying serious attention to in 2008...
Missing Link Video Shows You Where the Money Comes From

I have a brand new free “words = Money” training video that shows you exactly where the money comes from!
This one is a real monster! I’m really proud of it and I know it can help you make more money! I had a lot of fun [...]
The weekend has been a huge success so far, in terms of inspiration and connections. A few updates for you: I am officially a Stomper now, there are 5 joint venture opportunities I am looking into and the number of followers on my Twitter account has more than tripled since I’ve been here…
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