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Happy Easter everyone… I hope you like the cliché on the title. It may sound corny, but it is true. I’ve been making money online for such a long time now, and it wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t continually change markets and spread my knowledge across many different [...]
For all of the thousands of individuals I have mentored when it comes to setting up a home business, the one question that gets asked the most is - "What is the fastest way for me to make money online?" I usually follow this up with, there is no true...(read more)
With FireFox market share on the rise, up to nearly 20% as of 7/11/06, there is no doubt that they are putting pressure on Microsoft and their Internet Explorer. I would think that market share is much higher among us internet marketers and bloggers. With FireFox v3 ready for [...]
Yesterday John made a post asking “How Much Spam Do You Get Per Day?“. John also posted a picture of his Gmail account, which showed 1,022 spam emails within a twenty four hour period. It’s funny that John wrote the post, because I’ve been meaning to write something like this as [...]
It’s been a while since I last logged into my Facebook account. I just logged in yesterday and had around 50 new friend requests and noticed a few of them were current blog readers/commenters. I’m going to try and start utilizing Facebook a bit more and see what I can do [...]
I get emails all the time from bloggers and web site owners, asking how they can get more advertising for their site, when they should start placing ads and how much they should charge. Since there is always such a high demand for advertising and answers to these questions, I [...]
8 is a top blogging resource blog, with nearly 10,000 rss subscribers, run by Daniel Scocco. Along with covering various area about blogs and web site promotion, he has a cool feature on their site, called “Blogger Face-Off”, where he sends a few questions to some well known bloggers, then [...]
If you have purchased The Shipper dropshipping directory and were not able to find the exact product that you want (or need) to sell on your website, we can still help find you that product. The Shipper has an area where you can send us a request to find...(read more)
One year ago today, I wrote my first post and the blog going live. Awesomely enough the blog went live on St.Patrick’s day… so it would seem I’ve had the luck of the Irish on my side. Thousands of comments, 2,100+ subscribers and 300+ posts later, the blog has become everything [...]
A few months ago we brought Rocky to the vet for a checkup, and received the horrible news that he had cancer. What I thought would only be a few short weeks for him, turned into a glorious few months. As much as hated to, and would have kept Rocky forever, we laid [...]
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