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Say “Hello” to the newest employee of MoneyReign Inc. Today FOXY became part of the family and was rescued from Burlington, NJ animal shelter. Not only will Foxy handle MoneyReign, Inc. collections and fraud department, but she also gets paid in bones! Reena and I have been visiting a few animal shelters [...]
The upcoming keynote speaker for AffiliateSummit West 2009 is simply everywhere! After the release of his new “101 Wines“, Gary Vaynerchuk has been on a media exposure rampage! If you’ve been paying attention, you will have seen Gary appear on mega hit shows such as “Mad Money” with [...]
It been a little over a week since my last post on using Build a Niche Store, and that’s really only because of a lack of free time on my site. Today I decided to take my existing BANS site and make it look like a real site and not an [...]
I previously wrote two posts on “Quick Tips to Improve Your Landing Page“, but what if you want to target towards specific products or services. Are you going to send traffic from your ad campaigns to your home page and hope for the best, or should you setup individual landing pages and [...]
With so many affiliate networks out there, they all have to work really hard to get your business. To show their appreciation, a lot of network have their own rewards programs. Let’s take a look at a few programs and how they are rewarding their Top Affiliates.
In addition to [...]
Lately I’ve been writing posts on how you can make money in niche marketing, along with methods for selecting which niche market is best for you. In keeping with the topic of niche marketing, I want to high an up and coming network called Click2Sell.EU. Unlike most other large affiliate [...]
With so many affiliate networks out there, how are you supposed to choose and what makes you work with one more than others. Here are just a few factors that come into play when I’m deciding what affiliate networks to work with.
A Personable Relationship
Probably my number one factor when working with a network [...]
Everyone is always talking about niche marketing and how you can make good money if you dedicate yourself and target the right niche. So how are you supposed to know what niche market to target, without wasting your time and ad dollars. Here are a few quick questions and ideas to ask [...]
Most of the questions I get asked are related to dropshipping, and finding the best possible supplier that is offering the lowest prices. I love all kinds of questions, and will continue to answer any Internet business related questions that I can. Today...(read more)
Goodbye to April and hello to May, it’s time for another Blog Revenue Report. April was a good month and pretty much started off with me being in California for a week for EliteRetreat. The event was awesome and I decided to stay a few extra days to [...]
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