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Here are some tips to help make sure that your business is off to a good start1. Make sure that your family is 100% solidly behind your decision to start a home-based business.It is important to have your family's support when you start a home business. It may be that you will need to tighten your purse strings as you jumpstart the business, especially if you are leaving a job to launch the business and the family loses one steady income source. The family must believe in your vision for them to allow you to use the family's savings and assets for this business. Or it may be that you will nee
Starting a home business part time is one option many entrepreneurs take in starting a business. Part-timers work on their businesses after getting home from their day jobs or working only on weekends.While keeping full time jobs, many opt to start a home business on the side for a number of reasons:It enables the part-time entrepreneur to earn and save more money to be used as capital for their business.It allows the part-time entrepreneur to save enough money to serve as financial cushion for themselves and their families when they decide to pursue the business full-time.There is uncertaint
Thanks to all, I actually made the sale because I post on a furum giving advice that relates to my topic. These women email me constantly wanting more advice and my signatures links are in my email. So I guess I am building a list as well slowly but surely. And thanks to all of you and your kind w...
Wow Genius...I want to move to your country! LOL....I've been concerned about this too, but my earnings are so minimal right now. I do have a healthy fear of the IRS though so I'll be paying those taxes!
Many people are scared of starting a business during a recession. Times are tough, and people are not spending -- which makes the idea of starting a business in a downturn even more daunting.But an economic downturn shouldn't stop you from pursuing your business endeavors. As they say, the right time to start business is when you have a great idea, recession or not. With the right business idea, where your product or service will benefit customers both in good and bad times, you can beat the odds and succeed even in an economic downturn.The key is to look long and hard at your business idea t
Funny story, Years ago I had Marla Maples in my downline when she was married to Trump, so he has been aware of MLM Network Marketing for years, so I had asked Marla if he had ever considered it, and she laughed, so I wonder if she is laughing now, I know I am. LOL Ideal Health is a solid nutritio...
eaglegene, Basically, to buy the 10 in One, or any of the other products, you click on the "Get Started Now" tab and order it. This will place you on the monthly auto-ship program for personal use. If you choose to share it with others, then you have the same free web site I have to hel...
With the economy in doldrums, are you taking advantage of the opportunities this economic recession presents? Yes, even with all the layoffs and cost cuttings, there's some opportunities for the taking.Some examples:Purchase of vehicles for businesses -- with the car industry reeling from the slump, there's a lot of deals waiting in the car dealerships. Now is the best time to upgrade your business vehicle, or buy the vehicle you need for your business.Cheaper tech gadgets -- given the poor holiday season, sales are a plenty and prices of tech goodies have d
About a year ago at this time there was a full page thread in this forum by many members telling in detail how Rob had scammed them out of thousands of dollars. I had a large post there myself, how he had sold me a program and charged me twice.. and I still never got the program nor my money back,...
I love animals and will help with them whereever I can. People arn't the only ones that need help. Our animals are at the mercy of our knowledge and we can't give them any less consideration than we would our children (in my humble opinion)
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