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Many small businesses often make the mistake of not investing in the proficient social media management teams and their services, including social media strategies, simply because they feel it is unnecessary.

More often than not, the problem also revolves around tight budgeting and uncertainty with the idea of social media marketing. Other saddening instances include businesses not understanding the workings inside social media management, which eventually leads to them undermining its inherent potential. Far too many businesses have fallen victim to these common misconceptions. D
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o not let them fool you as well.

Including an efficient social media strategy not only generates enough traffic for the expansion of your business but it also focuses your business efforts into avenues optimal for your progress as a business enterprise in general. Dont get intimated with the fancy business jargon just yet: its easier than you think.

In this article I describe the most basic formula for creating your own working social media strategy easily.


Let’s kick off this new week of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog with a podcast about finding your tribe. I’m an introvert, and blogging and podcasting work really well with my personality type. I enjoy interacting with others, but at a bit of a distance. But one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned [...]

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Build a Better Blog in 31 Days

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015/07/15/problogger-podcast-blog-buddies/">ProBlogger Podcast: Blog Buddies

The post ProBlogger Podcast: Blog Buddies appeared first on @ProBlogger.

So you have decided to start selling online. You have done your due diligence, negotiated favourable deals with your suppliers and acquired a website domain. Now what? Building an online business and customer following takes time. If you have an established brand or if you are starting out selling products online, it would be to […]
I get quite a few questions about AdSense earnings, and a lot of people set their sights on earning a living with AdSense. But how realistic is that today? Can you make thousands of dollars per month with AdSense?  Yes.  I am.  And I know of other bloggers who are doing so.  Nevertheless, I would never set a goal […]
Blogging has been very good to me over the last twelve and a half years, but it’s come at a personal cost that I’m sure many can relate to. Gradually over that time I’ve allowed myself to become more and more inactive. Gradually over time I became less and less fit and gained more and [...]

Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger
Build a Better Blog in 31 Days

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-time-to-focus-a-little-less-on-your-blog-and-a-little-more-on-you/">Hey Bloggers! Is it Time to Focus a little Less on Your Blog and A Little More on YOU?

“What have you done for me lately?” is the client attitude du jour. And by “lately,” they mean very recently. The number of client experiences with and impressions from your competition expands daily with a multitude of tech-driven access points. Client engagement—from relationship to results—is a key to your increasing sales with greater productivity to […]
Are you avoiding video for your site because you aren’t comfortable in front of the camera? Whether it’s YouTube or creating courses to sell, video is HUGE.  And if you aren’t using it, you could be missing out on a lot of traffic and income opportunities for your site. In today’s podcast I go over some […]
I only promote one blogger training resource each year and this is the only week this until 2016 that they have enrolments open. I’m very fussy about what blogger training resources I promote (because there is so much hype and dubious practice in this space) but today have a recommendation for an authentic and valuable [...]

Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger
Build a Better Blog in 31 Days

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he-only-business-training-resource-i-promote-just-opened-for-enrolments-for-one-week/">The Only Business Training Resource I Promote Just Opened for Enrolments for One Week

Interruptions intrude everywhere into your daily flow: marriage conversations (and other intimate activities if you have children at home), phone conversations, and your work flow. Research indicates that it takes you anywhere from 10-20 minutes to re-engage fully with the task you abandoned when interrupted. So if you encounter 3 interruptions daily at work, that’s […]
If you’re looking for an additional way to monetize your site or even make money without a site or large following, this post is for you! More and more people are opting to learn new skills online through e-courses and online membership sites, so you might as well cash in on the income opportunity right? I’ve been […]
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