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Is article marketing even worth it? There are many internet as well as affiliate marketers who benefit a lot from article marketing and they will tell you that it is not only worth the trouble, but it is one of the best methods of making money that you can ever come across. Though article marketing itself will not be able to make money for you, article marketing improves the methods in which you will be able to make money.

There are many benefits of article marketing and they are listed here to show that they are worth the effort and time spent on them.

1. Increases searc
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h engine optimization: The search engine optimization of your site increases when you have a lot of articles that are marketed with a link to your site. If the articles are having links that lead back to your site, then the search engines have an increased page rank to your site and also lead a lot of traffic to your site.

2. Increased links to your site: There are a lot of links that are leading to your site when you post your articles in various article directories. As you post your articles either by manual submission methods or through article submission methods, the article can become viral and so you will be able to reach many people who are interested in your article or your site and the contents of the site.

3. Increases popularity of site: The popularity of the site that you are the webmaster of will be increased. As you do more article marketing, there will be more people who will learn of your site and this will increase the traffic to your site and so the popularity of your site is sure to increase. This is another major advantage of article marketing.

4. Increases traffic: All the above advantages are aimed at one aspect and that is to increase the traffic that reaches your site. Every webmaster has one goal initially and that is to have as much traffic to the site as possible. The increase in traffic is possible because of the number of links and also the popularity of the site, but all these are made possible because of article marketing.

These are some of the major advantages of article marketing and this makes article marketing worth the time and effort that you put in.
Becoming an Amazon affiliate is a cool way to make money online. This is easy and does not require too much work. All you need is to have a website or a web blog to advertise Amazon’s products, Amazon pays you for that. is an online shop with a wide range of products from books to electronics, making it one of the best sites to lin
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k your shoppers to. What even makes it better is that Amazon is well known and trusted by those who shop online.

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate:

Get your own website or weblog. A good website or weblog is the starting point for becoming an Amazon affiliate. Having interesting content on your blog will be an added advantage, as this will attract a lot of visitors to your site. The content of your site must also be original and not plagiarized material.

The next step is to create an account, or login if you already have one. You need to be registered on Amazon to become an Amazon affiliate. Please be sure to enter your true details, as this will be for your own good. Most people who enter information on online forms either give false or partially true information. When you are logged in to, click on “Join Associates”. This can be found on the left side of the home page.

Fill out the form provided with all the information requested. Be sure to provide true information here too and submit the application. It usually takes Amazon 24 hours to respond to “Join Associates” requests, so sit and wait for the response.

Amazon will send you all necessary information regarding the status of your request. If your request was approved, they will send you links to place on your site so customers can order products from Amazon.

From Amazon's inventory, choose the books and materials you would like to offer for sale to visitors of your site. Send this information to Amazon, and place a link to on your site. They will send you reports and data on activities from your site periodically. You need to save these reports to keep track of your earnings.

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is as easy as that and does not cost you anything to register. Once you registered for one website or blog, you will be able to add the links to other websites you create without having to register again. When registering read all the contract terms and conditions carefully and make sure you agree with each of them before you proceed.
Are you working hard to make money online but still nothing happens? You have been doing pay per click advertising, affiliate marketing, blogging, eBay selling, freelancing but none of these money making methods are working for you. You are thinking that it's time to try something new or different to make money online.

Well, there is a new money making method waiting for you. It was a revolutionary money
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00/bigstockphoto_Gears_And_Money_2454184.jpg" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5481315053497448450" border="0" />making system that has proven to work. It has designed for any individual wanting to make money online. Regardless of if you are new with little computer knowledge or you are already an experienced online marketer, you can participate into this and make use of the money making system. The founder has made the system simple so that everyone can follow.

From the launch till now, many have profited on Internet using this system. In fact there are quite a lot of success stories of making a living online with this system. Juan Walker is one of success stories. Juan was in debt of $60,000 during the economy recession when his and his wife businesses suffered losses. They jumped online and tried different money making opportunities but nothing seems to work until they found a new and revolutionary money making system called Carbon Copy Pro. They put their time and effort in and surprisingly, they made $49,572.38 in the first 58 days. And now they are enjoying the life they dream of thanks to this home based money making system.

As Carbon Copy Pro can help anyone, Juan has set up a website to invite you to see what it is about and see if it is right for you. Just visit and opt in with your name and email address; and you'll be directed to a page that give you full details about this revolutionary money making system.

As a thanks for signing up for full details of Carbon Copy Pro money making system, Juan will give away 10 free online marketing training videos loaded with valuable content that will help you increase your income from what you are doing now on the Internet. These free video training touch the latest important topics like Facebook, Twitter, search engine optimization, branding, banner advertising and some other topics. Certainly you'll learn something helpful to make more money online.

Carbon Copy Pro is unlike any other Internet and home based business models. You don't need to go through a long learning curve and spend a great deal of time on the tedious set up works. Everything is laid out in step-by-step, you just follow it and you'll get everything up and running to start making money online at home. And it’s certainly not a 'get rich quick' scheme. You must work on it to get result.

Get more information about Carbon Copy Pro system and access to the free videos now
What do you need to do to start making money on the Internet with an online business? The answer is quite a lot of things you need to do. Here is a list of must-do things to start off your Internet money making venture:

• Conduct keyword research to find a profitable niche
• Check the competition to make sure the niche isn't saturated
• Build a website and blog (a lot of technical stuff to deal with)
• Write content and articles for your sites
• Register for a domain name and hosting service to launch your business website
• Optimize your s
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ites for getting the best result
• Generate targeted traffic for your sites

Looking at the above works, it seems that you are going to need to take weeks of time to learn and understand all the stuff before you can move forward to set up and launch you own profitable online business. And during the online business set up, if any step goes wrong, your online business could end up launched in an ineffective manner which will lead to failure then.

However with a business-in-a-box service, you aren't going to face any obstacles. A business-in-a-box package will build everything for you. So you can be certain that your own online business and website are launched successfully; and traffic will be directed to your website to generate income for you.

So where to find a program that offers complete business-in-a-box service?

Niche Website Builders is a program that worth trying if you need a complete business-in-a-box service. Niche Website Builders provides a great solution to beginners and inexperienced e-entrepreneurs who want to build their own business on the Internet. When they say they are giving 'complete' business-in-a-box service, they mean it. They will do all the stuff for you. Keyword research, website building, web hosting, website optimization and even marketing and traffic-generation; all will be handled by Niche Website Builders. You just need to give your AdSense ID and affiliate network IDs (Clickbank, CJ, etc) to have your AdSense and affiliate ads placed on your niche websites.

Your AdSense and affiliate ads will produce income from the traffic generated by the team of Niche Website Builders. Yes they will work on marketing for your niche sites so that you sites will get traffic and earn ad revenue. But to make the most out of your niche websites, you can take part in marketing and traffic-building as well.

If this complete business-in-box service is what you need, you can immediately subscribe for the platinum membership in Niche Website Builders. Or if you like to learn more about the platinum membership service, you can visit

What about the Quality?

OK these days, you might have seen a lot of niche websites built easily. But I can tell you that many of the niche websites are lacking of quality. These sites are poorly optimized and all the content is duplicated and offering no value to the visitors. These sites are not going to make money.

Niche Website Builders will not give you these low quality niche sites. Thomas C. Gajdjis is the guy who behind this program. He has built websites since 2003. He is very experienced in building SEO optimized niche websites. All the websites will contain unique content focus on a profitable niche. Thomas has a team of people to work for you. After they have built and launched a niche website for you, their job doesn't end there. They will continue to build links and generate traffic for your niche website to profit online.

Niche Website Builders offers non-membership packages also!

The platinum membership level described above is the highest membership which will provide a complete solution for you to start an online business to make money. This membership is designed for the beginners as well as professionals who simply don't have the time to do all the time consuming work required to get an internet business going.

If you are an experienced webmaster and Internet marketer or simply someone who wants to buy sites that are setup for you, one of the below packages might fit your needs:

Gold Level Websites - This type of website package is also offering complete service but you choose how many sites you want when you want them.

Silver Level Websites - Another website offering but less marketing than the gold level.

Bronze Level Websites - In this level, you'll get your niche website and all other necessary things fully set up. But Niche Website Builders will not do marketing for your niche site. You have to put in your own effort to generate traffic and income.

All levels come with 12 months of free hosting on their dedicated server. Platinum members also get their own dedicated IP address.

Check out Niche Website Builders
Email marketing software and and mass sms service
Early I wrote a post about Webserve to introduce how it can help people make money online. I have covered the two main aspects of WebeServe which are providing Internet marketing service to web publishers and offering a marketplace for people to find online job opportunities. In this post, I'm going to give more in-depth details about how
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you can find and obtain the online work opportunities through WebeServe and get paid for each task completed.

WebeServe currently has quite a long list of online job opportunities that need people to work on them. Most of the jobs listed in WebeServe aren't complicated. They were actually small tasks that you'll find not difficult to do. The type of tasks include writing articles, posting on forum, commenting on blog, submitting website to directories, article distribution, social bookmarking, tweeting at Twitter, posting in Yahoo Answers and other related tasks.

Who can work in WebeServe?

All the work opportunities posted on WebeServe’s marketplace are opened to everyone. There is no restriction on where you live. If you find any task that you can do it, you can immediately apply and start working to complete the task.

How to get started on WebeServe?

It takes a few steps. The first thing to do is to register for a free service provider account in WebeServe. You are required to confirm your email to activate your account. Once activated, you can start searching for jobs in WebeServe marketplace.

Each job will have a price. The price is the amount that they advertiser is willing to pay you upon completion of their task. There will be a guideline in each job that tells you what exactly you need to do. So every time you’ll find a job that appeals you, you should read on the job guideline first to see if it is right for you and then apply to obtain the job.

A time limit is set to your job. So, you’ll need to complete the job or task within the stated period (one day, two days, etc). Once you have completed the task, the advertiser will verify it. After verification, an amount of earning will be credited to your account. You can request for payment once your earning have accumulated to $20.

Here’s a video from WebeServe that shows you to apply and obtain a job in step by step:

Ready to work on WebeServe, click here to join WebeServe now.

Want to take the task but the price is too low…… How then?

As many tasks of WebeServe are small and simple, some of the pays might be too low that make you lose interest to work on them. No problem! you can ask for a higher price. Just post your suggested price in. If the advertiser agrees, you will work and complete the task and the advertiser will pay you the higher price you suggested.

How to suggest your price?

When you are searching a job in the marketplace, you’ll see each job listing has a green button on the right. Click on it and you can post your suggested price in.

Start Working with WebeServe now and Make Some Extra Cash
Logo is certainly necessary when you are creating an online business. It represents the identity of your business. Thinks of the products and services you buy and use in your life, all the companies that you bought from probably have a good logo which can be the sign of trust and dependability to customers. So for a new business or an existing business on the Internet, a well-designed logo will certainly help enhance the business branding and performance.

Getting a logo for your online business isn't difficult. Hiring a logo designer or logo design company seems to be the best solut
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ion. You pay the charge and a logo will create for you. However, there is only one designer creating the logo with only a single design. You could end up getting a logo that you aren't completely satisfied with but paid the expensive charge. For these reasons, has come up some special services where customers are ensuring to get the best logo for their online business, website or blog.

LogoMyWay made logo creation process interesting. When you need a well-designed logo that fits your business, you simply start a logo contest in LogoMyWay. You'll tell what your business is about and what design you are looking for. Subsequently your logo contest will put into live in the marketplace of LogoMyWay where hundreds of designers will participate your contest and create a unique logo for you. You can then decide which logo is the best from the hundreds of designs by the participants and announce the winner. The winning designer will send you the logo and you pay a cash prize to the winner. The minimum cash prize is $200. For more quality design, you may set your cash prize higher.

By starting a logo design contest in LogoMyWay, you'll get the most ideal custom logo which will help enhance your online business reputation.

Latest update: Even BP, the global oil company is using LogoMyWay to run a logo contest to have their logo redesigned.

There are also ready-made logos for sale in LogoMyWay. These logos were created by hundreds of designers around the world. All designs are guaranteed to be unique. So, if you aren't interested in the logo contest or you are in hurry of getting a new logo, you can search around the marketplace of LogoMyWay. I'm sure you'll find a quality design there and you can instantly purchase the logo.

So if you need a logo, LogoMyWay is certainly a good solution.

Make Money Online with LogoMyWay

LogoMyWay has built a worldwide designer community. If are specializing in logo design, you could be part of the community and make money providing unique logo to the clients of LogoMyWay. Looking at the designer sign up form of LogoMyWay, there is no restriction of who can join the designer community. Anyone from anywhere can sign up as long as they have the logo designing skill.

There are two ways to make money online in LogoMyWay. The first way is to participate into the on-going logo contests of LogoMyWay. You’ll create your logo and if the customer chooses your logo as the winning design, you’ll win the cash prize.

But if you aren’t winning, the logo that you created for participating the contest isn’t wasted. You can list the logo in the LogoMyWay marketplace for sale. Later if anyone picks your logo and buys it, you’ll get paid.

More details about how to make money in LogoMyWay can be found here.
So, you are searching for the best way to make money online. The best way to make money online to start is _____ OK I won't tell you what the best way is, because there is not one. Let me take that back there is not a best way to make money online for everyone, but there is a best way to make money online for someone.

I'm a little biased to online marketing, so naturally I'll tell you what I think the best way to make money online should be in regards to starting a home business.

The best way to make money online is one that appeals to the masses, meaning a way to make mo
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ney online that anyone can join and set up with ease.

Best way to make money online is one that is low cost or even free to join. Prior to witting this, I did a Goggle search for best way to make money online and got back over 470,000,000 returns. That's allot of best way to make money online out there wouldn't you agree. Having been marketing online with both high ticket and low cost way to make money online programs, the majority of those searching are looking a low cost or free to join way to make money online. Now I'm not by no means saying you will make more money promoting a low cost free to join way to make money online, than if you market a big ticket item, I'm just saying that more people are attracted to free to join way to make money online and with that it seems to reason that no cost to join way to make money online are to be considered the best way to make money online.

The best way to make money online is in my opinion, digital products or one that a new member can log on and obtain the information they joined the way to make money online for immediately and in real time. Now that is not to say that tangible off line way to make money online products do not have a market, on the contrary they have a big market and in some cases even more than online. Here's what I mean, do you see or read every email you get, including your Spam or junk folder of course not, but I bet you see every post card, letter, magazine etc that comes in your postal mail box. You may not read them all, but they will definitely get seen.

The best way to make money online is one that offers multiple streams of income or different choices. As I alluded to earlier, not everyone will agree on what the best way to make money online is, so offering multiple ways to make money online choices through a single website link is the key. And that my friend is where you are now.
We often see or hear of people who have made hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars using the Internet alone. We more often hear of those who lose their last pennies trying to get their online business to take off. This in mind, it’s easy to believe making money online happens by complete chance, though this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Below are a few of the most obvious reasons why so many people fail to earn a substantial income, if any at all, via the World Wide Web.

The most common reason for failure in not only online business, but all business, is lack of
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focus. This is especially evident in the world of online commerce since there are endless successful methods one can use to start up their online business. When one method begins to get a little tough, the easily distracted move on to the next method in hopes it will be easier or will produce results more quickly. The truth is that each and every one of the successful methods is based on complete dedication and following through in order to work.

Another overly common cause for failure is ignoring advice from the experts. People spend hundreds of dollars on books and seminars, eagerly seeking answers from those who have already succeeded at the goal at hand, yet when the time comes to apply their newly acquired insight, it is suddenly inappropriate or inapplicable or impossible. Entrepreneurs couldn’t make a more counterproductive move than to study their successors and then disregard their strategies. Avoid this by realizing that the only way to know if something works is to simply try it.

Almost every online business is created from the comfort of home, causing many to believe that working from home is comparable to lounging at home. Naturally, this approach can cause a new business to inevitably meet with failure, so it is essential to be prepared to take your online business seriously before taking the plunge and staying home to work.

One of the driving forces behind the most successful business owners in history is their absolute, unwavering passion to succeed. Without passion, it is a chore to remain focused; and without focus, it is nearly impossible to attain success. Disappointment and frustration are bound to make occasional appearances in attempts to bring your venture to its doom; however, presenting intense passion for achieving your goal for financial freedom will help overcome any and all such obstacles.

Starting a business is a huge responsibility that takes a pretty solid grasp of several different subjects in order to be properly executed. The phrase “there is power in knowledge” is most relative to entrepreneurship as you can never know too much about what you do. Striving to continuously learn more and more about your industry, your clients, and your product or service can do nothing but remove hindrances from any type of business, online and off.
The Internet is going to have a new online magazine. Fortitude is set to be launched on 7th June. Fortitude is really a new concept. It is a magazine for the people, by the people. It means all the content and pieces published on Fortitude are sourced from the users or members of Fortitude.

The users of Fortitude can be you or m
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e. Anyone can join the Fortitude content community. By becoming a member of Fortitude, you can contribute as many content and pieces in any topic as you want to Fortitude. Other members in the community Fortitude will review your content. If your content gets good reviews, then it will publish on the homepage of Fortitude. Also, as a member of the Fortitude, you too can review content and pieces of other members.

There is no editorial and publishing department in the Fortitude. All content of this online magazine are user-generated with a review system to make sure the best content are featuring on the front page of Fortitude.

If you have been writing on the Internet for a while or haven't contributing anything on the Internet but enjoying writing, then you can try writing for Fortitude. Fortitude is paying members for contributing content. They pay 10.00 ~ $100.00 for each piece or article published on their Front Page.

Any content can be submitted. It can be an article, a short story, an essay, or even a rant. Also any topic is acceptable as long as the content is family-friendly. Originality and unique are important. Make sure that you are submitting something that was really created by you and hasn't been published on anywhere.

Besides publishing pieces, you are also getting paid for reviewing other members' works and pieces. The review process is simple and straight-forward. You read the entire piece of the member and based on your own judgment, select a score of 1 - 10 and your review is completed. Each review you’ve done will earn you $0.02.

Fortitude is now opened for people to sign up. If you want to try this opportunity, visit now to apply for an account. You can publishing and reviewing content starting 7th Jun then.

Is Fortitude free to join?

I believe the owner of Fortitude, Nick Oba wants to make his online magazine site complete free to the users and members. But as the site is new, Nick needs to charge a little membership fee to ensure the development and growth of the site. It's just $1.99 per month to become a member of Fortitude to contribute and review content.

The charge is also set to avoid spam issue like people try to create duplicate account and Fortitude is going to need some money to fund his affiliate program for expanding the member community of Fortitude quickly.

The Affiliate Program of Fortitude is Free

Signing up for a full account in Fortitude costs $1.99 per month but if you just want to take part in the affiliate program, you can just sign up for a Scout Account (affiliate account) completely free to promote Fortitude and earn commission.

Fortitude is offering quite a favorable commission to their affiliates. They are paying $20 for each new paid member that is referred by you. Paid member is the member who pays the $1.99 subscription fee to open a full account at Fortitude. The Fortitude affiliate program is new, but Nick is already added a bunch of appealing banner ads where you can use to promote Fortitude and earn affiliate commission.

Learn More about How to Make Money with Fortitude
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