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If you were among the many people who loves Google’s Category Filters option, which allows publishers to automatically block all ads in a specific category (ie. blocking all weight loss ads), you will be happy to know that Google will be allowing publishers to block three more categories per account.  So as soon as it [...]
After you’ve created the content for the first site in your virtual real estate empire, it’s time to deploy the site for others to find, especially the search engine crawlers. Here are the basic steps.

Activate the site. By this I mean make sure that all the pages are up and that the site is working. [...]
We received hundreds of submissions for our AdSense + Chitika Ad Placement Contest this year, thank you to all who entered!
This year we have decided to narrow it down to 8 finalists and have you vote for our grand prize winner who will receive a Playstation 3 Slim + NFL Madden 10, and 2 runners up who will receive $200 each.
The finalists in the running for the grand prize are:
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Please review the links above and vote for your favorite here:

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And the websites chosen as the runners up are:

Please review the links above and vote for your favorite here:

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As I mentioned not too long ago, I’m returning this blog to its original purpose as a purveyor of AdSense help and information. My laptop problems have distracted me as of late, but I can finally move forward with a new series of posts.
I’m calling this series “Building a Whitehat Virtual Real Estate Empire”. Essentially, [...]
If you feel I’ve been neglecting you, it’s because my HP laptop is officially on the fritz due to a motherboard problem that many others have encountered. My life as an Internet marketer is on that laptop, so it makes it hard to do some things. The data’s fine, but it’s hard to use it [...]
I’ve been away a while again, so to quickly answer a few of the usual questions – No I am not dead, no the site is not for sale and yes I am still trying to write here, although only when I have time which is not a lot at the moment unfortunately.
Anyway, I don’t [...]
Do you use Chitika and Google AdSense together on your website to earn great combined revenue? Or, do you want to use them together?
Google AdSense and Chitika Premium ads can indeed be used together on your website or blog. Using both in the right combination can work together to help you earn more revenue than using AdSense or Chitika alone.
In this FREE eBook you will see how seven actual strategically place and customize the Chitika website for a successful steady income.

Chitika + AdSense: Ad Placement G
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Featured in this eBOOK:

-How to combine Chitika & AdSense ads for a higher total revenue.
-The importance of customizing your ad links to your website links.
-Successful AdSense & Chitika Placement ideas
-Advanced customization tips

The adSense user interface has not changed much since AdSense originally launched back in 2003, with the exception of adding the new account overview page a few years ago.  But today AdSense announced at Content Revenue Strategies a brand new user interface for publishers.  It is starting as a closed beta, but if you are [...]
The growth of the Chitika Network continues unabated — with the network growing 10-20% month-over-month since the start of the year (Quick stat: Chitika reaches 435M users worldwide per month — roughly 3 in 5 people in the English-speaking Internet). To join us in this journey of reaching 1 billion unique Internet users, we are looking for smart individuals to join us at our Westborough, Massachusetts offices.
If that looked wacky and exciting to you (besides other cool things), here are some of the positions that are open
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with links to more details. All positions are in-house full-time at our Westborough, Massachusetts office.

Please note: These are all current positions with approved budgets. Hiring for these positions is immediate. To apply, please send your resume to jobs [at] chitika [dot] com.
One of the questions I am asked most frequently is how to get an AdSense account rep, especially from those publishers who are stuck in a generic support loop.  And at many conferences there might be one or two AdSense reps on hand to answer standard AdSense related questions, there is a definite desire by [...]
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