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Is Your Site for Sale?

Over the past sixteen years one of my key focuses has been building content-rich websites. I've had some great success working this model, including the recent sale of one of my sites.

I am now looking to acquire additional niche sites for my portfolio. This could include blogs, member sites, forums or product sites.

A number of my readers h

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ave approached me with solicitations to purchase their sites over the years, so I thought I would provide a form with which anyone can tell me about a site they wish to sell.

Some people just don’t get it. Online advertising works, and those who realize they need to adapt to these changes are the ones who will succeed. When I visit my local mall, I continually see new stores opening up and going out of business just a few short weeks after. If they don’t go out [...]
Get Your Own KaChing Button

I remember the first time I encountered an "easy button" at Staples. Push the big red button with the word "easy" printed on it and the family "That was easy" voice was played. I loved it and had to have one.

A couple years ago I came up with an idea for another button which I thought would have great appeal to business people around the world. A green button with a dollar sign on top, I dubbed it the KaChing Button.

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When pressed, the KaChing Button would make the cash-register sound that makes everyone smile.

I only manufactured a small quantity of these buttons and they were sent as promotional gifts to partners, as well as offered to those who purchased my book "KaChing: How to Run an Online Business that Pays and Pays".

However, everywhere I go I find the demand for these buttons continues to grow.

So I have manufactured a couple thousand buttons that I am making available for sale on a first-come, first-served basis!

Affiliate Marketing Mythology: Separating Fact from Fiction “Affiliate marketing” is a term that means different things to different people.  For many publishers, forum owners, and entrepreneurs, affiliate marketing has served as a primary source of their monthly income. Others aren’t quite sure what it entails or whether it’s applicable to their site.  Those that do [...]
Flip Your Website

In a recent blog post I had mentioned that I was both selling of some of my biggest internet properties and at the same time looking to acquire more sites.

This led to a conversation with my VP of Ideas Dan Nickerson about all our mutual internet properties and the need to create a "simple" marketplace to int

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roduce domain sellers and buyers.

Sure there are a number of domain marketplaces online, but they can be pricey for both buyers and sellers with high listing fees and the dreaded "success fees".

Most of these marketplaces work on an auction based system. However, a lot of the real negotiating goes on via private messages between buyers and sellers.

So we thought.. why can't we just make listing a website or domain for sale easier?

Finding the best affiliate network for your web site or ad campaigns is always a challenge, there are just so many to choose from. Fortunately, we can thank the competition between all of the networks to do the dirty work for us, of recruiting new advertisers, handling payments and everything else we really don’t want [...]
It’s easy to hate on success… and no one becomes popular, has a voice, or even finds success without a flood of haters behind them. Without haters, there would be no gossip, trash talking and spreading of what people disagree and talk about. More than anything else, it’s all about how you deal with haters [...]
iFart Mobile #12 Most Popular iPhone App in History

According to an article in Mashable, iFart has been dubbed the #12 most popular iPhone app in a new infographic created by three companies specializing in iOS apps.

Game-maker Chillingo, app search engine Chomp and app blog 148apps, released this very interesting infographic to celebrate the milestone of Apple having 500,000 apps

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in their iTunes AppStore. A great feat, indeed!

Whether you are a blog owner, blogger or a freelance writer, it’s important to find quality work. Through the use of blogging and writer job boards, you can find writers and blogs that match your interests and writing abilities. There are plenty of job boards out there, but many of them are not worth your [...]
At Wholesale Match, we know that many are interested in finding international dropshippers
for the products that they would like to sell online.  In response to
this urgent request, we have now made it possible to search by country
in our dropshipper database!
So, what does this mean exactly?
Well, now you can open up your market to international buyers!  While dropshipping is fairly new in countries like A
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ustralia and the UK, it is growing at a rapid rate.
Here are some ideas to make international dropshipping work for you:
Implement a currency converter in your site to increase availability to international customers.Create pages of specific products on your site that are available to customers of certain countries!This way, you will be able to connect with international
dropshippers that will in turn connect to your international customers,
which will save on shipping and make your site more versatile.
To access this page, just click on the "Suppliers" page once you
login with your user name and password.  On the left hand side, there
should be a menu that allows you to access a drop-down list of
countries.  Click on one of these to bring up the dropshippers located
in that nation.
Whatever your dropshipping ambitions may be, Wholesale Match is continually updating and becoming a more integral part of your online business.
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