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Best of the Web is one of the few directories I will still submit to, you can pay a one time fee for your listing, and they work to keep it valuable (unlike Yahoo which ignores their own directory except when it is time to charge you a $300 annual fee).
Today only to celebrate their [...]
It's been said that only 5% of affiliates generate 95% of the revenue, in any given affiliate program.
I’ve developed a new habit when scanning through the many emails I receive; one I didn’t realise I had picked up until today – and its changing my thinking about subject line length. I use Outlook and I was scrolling through the oodles of backlogged industry publications I receive and noticed the way I was […]

HTML frames are not this kind of frame

HTML frames are not this kind of frame

Many people hate HTML 4 frames for many reasons. But there are also people who find HTML frames useful. And some people just like the way they look—holding one block of content steady while allowing other parts ot scroll. However, other than the IFRAME element, HTML frames ha

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ve been removed from HTML5. So what can you do if you like them?

Read more: Here is a template you can use that uses CSS properties to create a fake framed web page. Fake Frames Free Web Template

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I haven’t blogged in awhile here, I haven’t had anything much to blog about. Life goes on, wheels turn, the sun rises. Business and Internet wise things haven’t changed much, just been in cruise control.
Then… September 29th.
For the last year or so Google has been in overdrive with doing updates and tweaks. I’m starting to [...]
If you're looking for more affiliates there's one segment of the internet traffic flow that you might be overlooking: bloggers.
An increasing number of consumers are aware of retargeting – and most don’t mind it. Close to 60% of US online buyers surveyed in April 2013 by Adroit Digital and Toluna said they had noticed ads for products they had viewed on other sites during their subsequent online forays. According to eMarketer, 30 percent had […]

Get the most out of your cascading style sheets. Learn how to use font and text properties and change the look of your HTML and XML.

Start learning CSS: How to Create a Style Sheet

I just received this email:
[quote]Amazon is always looking for ways to help our sellers grow. We are excited to announce a new service: Amazon Lending by Amazon Capital Services, Inc.
Based on your Amazon selling performance you are pre-qualified for a loan up to $xx,xxx. Use these funds to purchase inventory and increase your sales on [...]
Affiliates can be a tricky group to manage, as they are often rogue entrepreneurs who like their freedom and don't necessarily want to be managed.
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