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7 offers tech support Q&A on subjects ranging from mp3 players to Linux to AdSense. We recently chatted with founder Dave Taylor about his site and his AdSense experience. Inside AdSense: Where did the idea for your 'Ask Dave Taylor' site come from?Dave Taylor: There's a great backstory, actually. I've written twenty different books on various business and technical topics, including Teach Yourself Unix in 24 Hours and Creating Cool Web Sites. Each time I'd publish, I would be sure to include my email address and other contact information. Problem was, people would send me emai
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l with questions. Lots of email with questions.Over time I found myself answering the same questions again and again and realized that there had to be a better way for readers to search through an archive of already answered questions. I tried an online discussion forum, but it didn't really work very well (though it did give me an excuse to write my own bbs system from scratch, but that's another story!).Then early in 2003 this "weblog" thing started to gain a bit of traction. When I first saw how it was built upon the concept of an author writing entries and others being able to add their comments, I realized that it could be ideal for my needs.IA: Why did you join the AdSense program?DT: As a businessperson, I had always viewed my website as a cost center. I mean, you had to pay for hosting, you had to pay for graphic design, you had to pay for Internet connectivity, etc. That was just my mindset. It was a marketing expense and its purpose was lead generation for my consulting and book sales.In mid-2003 my friend told me about this "AdSense thing" and said that he'd been experimenting with it and making some money. So I finally decided that I'd try putting some adverts on my site (I'd been on the Web since 1996 but never had any adverts on my sites until that point). That first month I made more than I expected by simply adding the AdSense adverts to my pages and was surprised as heck. Then it started to grow...That's when it hit me, that my website was becoming a profit center for my business, not a cost center. I began to pay more attention to the site and published new content on a more regular basis. Within a few months I was earning enough to pay my mortgage, and today my website, and specifically Google AdSense, is a primary revenue stream for my entire company.IA: Can you talk a little about your experience with optimizing your ads?Once I began working with AdSense in earnest, I began to wonder how ad placement, size, color, and design would affect earnings, and how to balance my desire to offer a splendid user experience with the need to simultaneously maximize revenue.Enter A/B testing. I read and talked with many AdSense publishers, tried what they suggested and what had worked for them, fiddled with my own ideas, and generally tried every variation I could imagine to see if I could improve the click-through-rate of my ad blocks. The greatest boosts I saw in clickthrough rate were when I moved the advert into the middle of my articles, when I made sure it had the same color background as the material around it, and when there wasn't a solid border or other visual element to make the ad stand out from the surrounding content.Truth be told, I've also paid close attention to the sites profiled on the AdSense blog, looking at how they integrated ads into their own design and trying to emulate their successful techniques on my own site.IA: Glad to hear you used the blog! Any other optimization tips for our readers?Focus on generating really good content that meets real user needs.Design your blog so that there are minimal distractions for the user.Wrap your blog entry around the Google ad unit and put the ads where users will see them, though make sure you have them visually distinct from your content: trying to trick readers into clicking on ads is a definite no-no and anti-reader too.IA: Thanks for the interview, Dave, and good luck with your site!Do you also have an AdSense success story to share? Let us know.Posted by Arlene Lee - Inside AdSense Team

When the going gets tough in advertising, the claims can become bolder and brasher and in the case of banner ads, they are about to get bigger.
The Online Publisher’s Association has announced the rollout of 3 new creative sizes:
- a 336-by-860-pixel banner called a fixed panel. It’s a skyscraper that will follow users as they [...]

Read more...Wordless Wednesday - Readers' Favorite Page Designs: SFGate originally appeared on Web Design / HTML on Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 at 08:37:50.
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A recent report says that click fraud is down on the same quarter last year. It’s good news, but something that hasn’t changed….
.. click fraud is still way too high and many merchants aren’t aware of the impact on their bottom line.
Click Forensics last week released what it calls “advertising audience quality” figures for the [...]

A few days back, eBay took some steps to further boost its green street-cred; a move that all online businesses should take note of.
eBay announced its Green Team Challenge, which the company says is a program that translates green shopping into tangible environmental impact. For the first 250,000 people that pledge to reuse on eBay, [...]


If you've ever tried to build an ecommerce solution from scratch with shopping carts, support for credit cards, secure servers and all the rest, you know how difficult that can be. In fact, most Web designers tend to go with easier solutions like creating a shopping cart with PayPal or using a tool like osCommerce to build an ecommerce site. Have you built an ecommerce site?

Poll: Have you ever built an ecommerce website? originally appeared on Web Design / HTML on Thu

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rsday, May 20th, 2010 at 05:42:49.

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It seems the old KISS principle certainly applies when aiming to get articles shared via Facebook.
Dan Zarella has been capturing links posted to social media sites from popular news outlets since February 2010 and has well over 12,000 links and counting with full information stored.
He’s been finding out all sorts of interesting information in his [...]

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Once you understand how to use the CSS 3 nth-child expressions, you will wonder how you ever got on without them. They make creating patterns with your styles simple. But first you have to understand how the expressions work. This article: How to Use nth-child Expressions will teach you the basics of the nth-child pseudo-classes.
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  • :nth-last-child(N)

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