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I love animals and will help with them whereever I can. People arn't the only ones that need help. Our animals are at the mercy of our knowledge and we can't give them any less consideration than we would our children (in my humble opinion)
Overcoming your fear is one of the most difficult hurdles of starting a business. Starting a new business is such a leap of faith that it can scare the wits out of you; more so when you are leaving the comfort and security of a salaried employee. Add to that the fact that we are in a recession, where starting a business can be so daunting with bad news left and right.Donald Trump, in his article Confronting Your Fears advises thatAn antidote to fear is as simple as problem solving. Whether you have inves
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ting, estate planning, or running a business on your mind, or all of those things, they can be broken down into units of thought and dealt with in an orderly manner. It's a bit like a jigsaw puzzle -- you need to find the right place for each piece of the puzzle until the whole is apparent.Robin Fisher-Roffer, author of the book The Fearless Fish Out of Water: How To Succeed When You're The Only One Like You, recommends 7-steps to overcome fear when starting a business:Focus on what you do better than anyone else and put that out there to your customers and prospects. Use the strengths of what makes you different to make a difference with your customers. Build relationships so that you can anchor yourself in these rough seas. Stay true to your core values.Put Yourself Out on the LineHolding onto the essential you while updating your style, your website, your advertisingand your thinking is the fastest way to the top.Practice your ABCs—action, belief, and courage

"FEDERAL LAW" Don't touch the mail-box .... If you want to know the real deal, why not go to the post office web site or do a search for laws regarding the tampering with a mail... This is not a legal advice forum BTW and I would normally say go ask a lawyer not handful of IMr's...
BusinessNET are Online Marketing Consultants in Brisbane and provide Lead Generation Services which help attract customers for their clients.
Thank you a lot, Cesar! I will tell him or even better I will simply show him this topic and all these answers!
When I need printing done for my business I need it fast, but I also want top quality. A vendor recommended Bob's Busy Bee Printing, who offer quick and professional printing of everything I need: brochures, business cards, and digital color copies.
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