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Interruptions intrude everywhere into your daily flow: marriage conversations (and other intimate activities if you have children at home), phone conversations, and your work flow. Research indicates that it takes you anywhere from 10-20 minutes to re-engage fully with the task you abandoned when interrupted. So if you encounter 3 interruptions daily at work, that’s […]
If you’re looking for an additional way to monetize your site or even make money without a site or large following, this post is for you! More and more people are opting to learn new skills online through e-courses and online membership sites, so you might as well cash in on the income opportunity right? I’ve been […]
This is a guest contribution from blogger and graphic designer Luke Guy You’ve heard about this blogging stuff. You’re already making money and time isn’t on your side. Is blogging really worth it? Can afford to do it (time-wise). The answer is: Yes. Here’s why. As you know eBay, Amazon, and all these the other [...]

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Build a Better Blog in 31 Days

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/22/why-every-entrepreneur-must-become-blogger/">Why Every Entrepreneur Must Become a Blogger

Article Contributed by Spotcap Good financial management can mean the difference between setting your business on a course for success and watching it become insolvent. Spotcap, the fastest online credit platform, has compiled a checklist with the most crucial advice for successful financial management. Seize different funding opportunities The reality is that most SMEs will […]
Our review of Legit Online Jobs - a membership site that teaches you how to make money online using a variety of methods including bum marketing, pay per click and ebay. Also includes a database of legitimate real online jobs including data entry, editing jobs, writing jobs, paid surveys, paid shopping and much more.1 Vote(s)
Have you ever used a WordPress theme and discovered months or even years later there is a handy feature or setting you didn’t know about? I’m ashamed to admit that after three years of using Genesis themes (affiliate link),  I never noticed you could customize the top of category pages with ease.  This is an ideal place for […]
  If you are one of the many people confused by Facebook and its ever-changing algorithms, you’ll be pleased to know they’ve recently made some favourable changes to their operating system. I see it everywhere – bloggers desperately trying to reach their Facebook audience, and being thwarted at every turn. Facebook has been experimenting a [...]

Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger
Build a Better Blog in 31 Days

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.net/archives/2014/12/13/new-facebook-changes-target-your-audience-effectively/">New Facebook Changes: Target your Audience Effectively

While you would think lack of sales would be the number one money problem a start up may face, more often than not, the top spot goes to cash flow issues. Money is being made, but not being managed properly, and when this happens, your business will suffer greatly. Fixing cash flow issues requires a […]
Link building is an important aspect of your business. An SEO Specialist friend of mine recommends one who is serious in link building spends at least 4 hours a day doing SEO before working on anything else. Quality or Quantity better? Anchor Text variations, cross-linking, outbound links, link buying. Find out 10 link building techniques that could help your business in ranking high in SEO.9 Vote(s)
This podcast (here’s the transcript) was inspired by a subscriber who was pretty devastated by the number of unsubscribes she received when she announced her first product to her email list. After providing so much free content over the years, she simply wasn’t expecting that. Well, I can’t say I’m surprised that happened.  I don’t […]
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