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Please improve this article if you can. (May 2008) Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, ... Residual income, repeated regular income earned by a sales person, ...
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Is Residual Income Via Network Marketing A Myth, Or Reality? by: Carrie Gebbie We've heard a lot about "residual income" & multiple streams of income that Robert Kiyosaki, author, "Rich Dad Poor Dad"; T Harv Eker, author of "Secrets of a Millionaire Mind" write about & even network marketing as a source for "residual income". We've heard about and seen & I've met & had as coaches, and am now creating those absurd incomes that we've heard & dreamed about. They are real. In fact, it's my residual income checks that have prevented me from having to file BR due to the crazy real estate market; a
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fter many blessings in real estate. The one steady thing and growing have been my network marketing checks!Something I don't agree with that I hear time & again is that you have to focus on ONE company to make it big in network marketing... what's the goal, a big CHECK, or a big NAME? I'd rather have & teach my teams to have big CHECKS, not just a name associated with ONE company. I also believe in choice for my partners; and in applying Spiritual/Universal Laws of abundance; THE company is not the source, God & or the Universe is... Ample in abundance. This being said, why NOT accept MULTIPLE companies to provide wealth & abundance as VEHICLES of abundance/wealth to your family & bank account? My question. What is this multiple streams of income that these wealth gurus talk about? It's having sources/vehicles of income from multiple avenues. Yes, it could be one network marketing company, real estate wealth, & even a traditional business with employees, patients & clients. But, it can also be multiple streams of different, non-competing network marketing companies; all with teams of self-starting, entrepreneurial spirited team partners, no employees, insurance, hours & alarm clock to deal with! Following are a few rules of thumb in choosing multiple network marketing companies to work on together: 1. Companies with products that you will use, regardless of whether or not you're "building an organization", or have recurring customer orders to fulfill your monthly business requirement. 2. Companies that ALLOW you to participate in other network marketing companies. 3. Companies that have a variety of entry levels for people to choose from; there should not be a cost barrier to entry & members/affiliates should be able to offer a choice that is COMFORTABLE for their new partner. That's the beauty of network & internet marketing, ANYONE can do it, and ANYONE can create extreme wealth regardless of where they're starting from, if they can believe it & Dream it! BELIEVING IS SEEING as I heard at a recent leadership conference for a company; I believe it was Harvey Conner, or was it Jim Collins? 4. Companies with products that you can USE together with other products that you already use & incorporate into your daily habits (ie, for health smoothies- mmmm, gano mocha smoothie with additional extract of chaga mushroom; something I was AMAZED to find, & higher in SOD & antioxidants than OREGANO & CLOVES Both!!) & a website to use to build your business page ( ) and pays you to use it; or gel nutrients spread on your toast; & Zrii, Amalaki for the ultimate anti-aging elixer)! I think you get it!5. Obviously companies that have the 5 pillars. A question I often hear from people newly starting/researching a company is "will I have to carry inventory?" No. That is a key in choosing a company, you should only have to carry enough for 1-2 people in your family, and maybe one or two customers. You may also use this business requirement, usually $100-250 a month as a tax write off (as compared to thousands of dollars in traditional business expense). This business expense, often referred to as autoship, can also be used for customer acquisition as in sampling. Again, this is a tax write off to share /sample products to potential new customers and is a very low pressure way to introduce your products/company to people. It's astounding the numbers of professional people who are aligning with solid companies to add an additional stream of income with a goal to eventually REPLACE their 6 & 7 figure incomes with network marketing to acquire the TIME FREEDOM that we are blessed with here in the network and internet marketing industries. Contact me if you have any questions or recommendations! Carrie Gebbie, MS Together in Success Residual Income Coachfeed me!
With the subprime debacle in mortgage lending in 2007 both business as well as consumers began to take note that something had to change. The government got involved and pushed for help to be extended to those who may have already found themselves facing the potential of foreclosure. Subprime hit at the heart of home and auto lending. These loans were generally infused with creative payment, interest amounts and terms. For many this was the deal that sounded too good to be true, but also see
by Francisco Rodriguez With millions of jobs lost, and housing foreclosures in today’s economy many people are in desperate need of making money fast. If you are one of these people I have great news for you! There are several ways to make money now online, now we will venture through the online category. There are times when all of us get into a cash bind. If you have lost your job, you’re looking for the best how to make money now online solution. Self-employment over the Internet is p
Make Money Now! 4 Ways to Get It Mar 30th, 2009by Francisco Rodriguez Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Powered by WP Greet Boxby Francisco RodriguezWith millions of jobs lost, and housing foreclosures in today’s economy many people are in desperate need of making money fast. If you are one of these people I have great news for you! There are several ways to make money now online, now we will venture through the online categ
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