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At Wholesale Match, we know that many are interested in finding international dropshippers
for the products that they would like to sell online.  In response to
this urgent request, we have now made it possible to search by country
in our dropshipper database!
So, what does this mean exactly?
Well, now you can open up your market to international buyers!  While dropshipping is fairly new in countries like A
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ustralia and the UK, it is growing at a rapid rate.
Here are some ideas to make international dropshipping work for you:
Implement a currency converter in your site to increase availability to international customers.Create pages of specific products on your site that are available to customers of certain countries!This way, you will be able to connect with international
dropshippers that will in turn connect to your international customers,
which will save on shipping and make your site more versatile.
To access this page, just click on the "Suppliers" page once you
login with your user name and password.  On the left hand side, there
should be a menu that allows you to access a drop-down list of
countries.  Click on one of these to bring up the dropshippers located
in that nation.
Whatever your dropshipping ambitions may be, Wholesale Match is continually updating and becoming a more integral part of your online business.
In what may have been one of the outrageous exhibitors at not only Affiliate Summit, but any other conference I have attended… takes the cake. “Life is Short. Have an Affair“… that’s the slogan behind, which is a dating network specialized towards people looking for “extra-marital affairs“. Instead of on [...]
Are you already killing it with Facebook Ads? Or maybe you are just getting killed and not making any money at all!? Another excellent source for driving traffic to your affiliate offers is the free dating social network, Think Facebook… but focused towards online dating.
Plenty of Fish is one of the largest free dating [...]
Each month we send out emails to our customers to see how they are doing. Last month we received an email back from Shama Vashishat on New York. Here is what she had to say"I am a Healthcare Professional totally oblivious to the whole concept of Internet/Online business.I just opened wholesalematch website one day out of nowhere. But just one click took me to the world of surprises.I was barely starting to realize that a common person like me can also have an online business for some extra bucks.For someone like me who didnt even know what a
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title="dropshippers">dropshipper is ... came as a blessing. The tutorial videos were very helpful in guiding me step by step on how to start looking for what sells,how to do your research,how to set up a paypal account,how to successfully sell on ebay and much more.( The first and most important deciding factors before you start any business).No matter how many businesses you want,wholesalematch will find you a reliable,commited and legitimate dropshipper/wholesaler after their extensive research.I havent started my business yet but whatever i have learned about online business is because of's great educational videos and blogs.If only 2 weeks after signing up with i can confidently say -YES I CAN DO IT, then ANYONE CAN. JUST DO IT. You can never be wrong with your decision to choose wholesalematch for your online business venture.( If at all you go wrong,you've got 100% money back guarantee).Thanks a lot to the entire team."
I'm going to highlight the revised, new and improved Daily
section of our website. Formally, "Deals and Coupons" the new Daily Deals
allows you to virtually sell products from home for free! We also have a new
section called $200 a Day, a monthly video tutorial that highlights a specific
daily deal that if sold, it could make you a healthy profit for your pocket,
but more on that in a later post.

This section of daily deals is a list compiled of
unadvertised coupon codes that are r
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edeemed on the internet. The coupons range
from big screen tv's, computers, laptops, all kinds of consumer electronics,
and even jewelry. When you redeem these coupons online you can end up saving
hundreds of dollars on your purchase.  To
resell these products you will never have to purchase the product and inventory
it before you sell it, hence the title of this post, Sell Products from Home
For Free

Here is how it's done.

Select a daily deal that you would like to sell
and that you think that would make you a good profit. (Again, to get a good
idea of how this works, watch the $200 a day tutorial.)

Once you have found a deal that you would like
to sell, make sure that you click on the coupon and check the expiration date
of the coupon. (When listing on eBay you would not want to list a 7 day auction
if the coupon expires in 5 days. Make sure that you leave plenty of time before
the coupon expires, to place your order.) Also when you have clicked on the
coupon make sure that you bookmark that page so that you can easily find it
later when the product sells.

Once you product sells on eBay, you will collect
the funds through pay pal from your customer. You are then going to go back to
your bookmarked coupon to redeem. Since you have already received the funds
from your customer, you will place the order redeeming the coupon and use your
billing information.

After entering your billing information, make
sure that you check the box to have the product shipped to a different address
(Your Customer).

Complete the order and make sure that the coupon
was redeemed correctly.

And there you have it. Now to be a little more specific and
relate how this process means money in your pocket. Say the product you were
selling was a tv that retails for $1500 the coupon you found offers $400 off.
You then advertise this product for $1300 on eBay giving the end consumer a
great deal as well saving $200. They purchase the product, and you redeem the
coupon for the $400 off. They have already given you $1300 for the tv so your
profit ends up being $200.

The new Wholesale Match is paving the way for new online entrepreneurs
with new and innovative ways to make money online.


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