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Every website wants search engines spider to frequently crawl their website. The indexing of the site totally depends on the crawling of the spider or Google bot. But there are stances when we really don't want to make the spider crawl our web page.
A social new website is a collection of links that when clicked upon display the social event that is submitted on the internet by different users.


This is a question that I get put to me every so often ... it goes something like:


I noticed you get millions of pageviews a month and was wondering what SEO tricks or tips you may have .. how did you do it? How do you get Google to rank your websites so well?"

I don't have all the answers, and I doubt anyone does since Google keeps their algo
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rithm secret. But over the years, having managed and built several high ranking websites, I can identify one key thing you can do: be honest with Google and your web site visitors.
While deciding your business logo design you must have answers to questions like, is your business logo design is capable of carrying the right image of the organisation to the customers.

Every once in a while something very big happens that affects the Web in general. Recently iPad came out and blew away the market and effectively shut down Flash by not allowing Flash to run on iPads.

... Yes, Flash is dying.

Unlimited Domain Names

The nerd powers that be, have just opened up the domain name market where any extension (suffix) is possible;
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no longer are we limited to .com, .net, .org etc ... anything can go!!
Web design is considered a broad term but generally used to cover contents of hypertext and hypermedia

I just wanted to mention a couple of changes in the video library:

- we have a new course: New PHP course: Build a Content Management System.
- we now simplified to the subscriber types to just two: Standard (3 month) and Premium (1 year)

Check out the details:

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That's all for now.
question about web design


From a recent email sent to me:

Hi I am subscribed to Killersites University. I need to add a section on my website that members only can access with a password. Can you tell me where to look to learn how to do this?

Many thanks
There is lot of changes occurs in web designing from year 2010 to 2011. In 2011 the way of designing and handling websites going to be changed specially for web designers. All world wide website designing companies have a very sharp eye on their users need. Because in this year every average user wants more responsive design, easily accessible information with good content and faster response time. With the change of design this year is also demand for many other things like cross device testin
This article contains information and importance of creating lawn service logos for a gardener for it has turned in to a lucrative business as well. There are other ways to promote but it would not provide you any good results for your business in short.
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