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I read an interesting link request today that wasn’t all that it seemed. The person introduced themselves as a school teacher and said her students have been referring to a certain page I maintain as resource. After gushing about how great the page was, she then requested I add a link to the page in […]
We all have a little trouble coming up with fresh ideas for blog posts from time to time. It would be wonderful if we were always on top form, but if you go through past published content you will probably start to see patterns. Periods of time where you have written about the same thing over and over again, staying within a specific niche or genre.

The best thing you can do for your blog is diversify your content. For your own work it can be as easy as picking a few fresh topics to write about. But there are other ways, such as changing the tone, providing a new set of links or c
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onnecting to new people you have never had a connection to before.

Here are three WordPress plugins that can help you to diversify your content and freshen up your blog.
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If you're an out-of-state merchant with affiliates in California, then read on.
They say there are two things you can be sure of in life – death and taxes; but at least you only die once. California’s new tax ruling is going to see many affiliates in the state doing it tough. The new laws force the collection of taxes on sales made by online retailers referred [...]

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