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1-5 simple ways to generate free website traffic.You are reading this because you want to find out how to generate FREE traffic to your website/s, so that is exactly what I am going to deliver.1.Videos, start submitting videos to you tube, if you submit 5 videos a day and generate just 1 visitor per video per day, this equates to over 1500 visitors in 5 weeks. Use your imagination when making videos, make sure you promote your website address.2. Articles, As you are already a member of this art
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hi ydespois, welcome to the forum. there is a lot of tips and guide you can found here. wish good luck
by Pri Vag A 3-in-1 Procurement Management Solution is now available for businesses. This software is a hosted solution offering a Retail eCommerce website, a Trade eCommerce website and a back end Stock management/Order Management system. A website has been designed to have a single point of administration for all areas. The software can create Salesperson or Agent accounts, monitor commissions, create Warehouse logins, set individual trade prices (on a per customer basis). In addi
You probably started your business website to increase your profits. That is why you added a shopping cart, and information about your company, right? While this is a great way to increase  your profits, did you know that they are many other opportunities online to make money? You will be able to make additional money on your website, provided that you know about the programs that are available to you. Affiliate Programs Perhaps on of the most popular affiliate program online today is Goog
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The “Five Successful Strategies for Monetizing Blogs” presentation was given by Affiliate Summit Co-founders Missy Ward and Shawn Collins at the Inbound Marketing Summit on May 27, 2009 in Dallas, TX.
Session description:
It’s not easy making money with affiliate programs. You’re a blogger, not a marketer, right? There’s no reason you can’t be [...]
One of my interns recently finished the program and sent me an incredible article of what he had learned during the time he was an intern. After looking over the 12 keys he said he learned, I asked him if I could publish this for you…and he agreed. I wanted you to have these to print out BECAUSE it isn’t just about being an intern. These 12 keys apply to all of your internet business. They’re 12 lessons everyone needs to learn to be successful online (the only thing I changed in this ar
If you've been looking for a way to generate an income online then you've more than likely already heard about affiliate marketing. Essentially, affiliate marketing requires that you drive traffic to other companies in the hope that they will then purchase that company's product or service. You then in turn are paid a commission for the sale, and when done correctly, you can wind up with a very lucrative income. It's hardly surprising then that affiliate marketing has become increasingly popular
In this edition of OK to Make Money Online, let's concentrate on getting your site indexed by Google. Now, I cannot guarantee you will be indexed, that is solely up to Google, but if you follow the rules, you most likely will be indexed.
SES Toronto gets underway June 8-10, 2009, at the Sheraton Centre Toronto. With just a week to go, largest search engine marketing conference in Canada today announced the addition of copywriting, landing page and Twitter sessions to the already packed conference agenda.

The event is organized and programmed in cooperation with the SES Advisory Board, Search Engine Watch and Andrew Goodman, the founder and president of Toronto-based Page Zero Media.

In a press release distributed this morning, Goodman says, "A
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lthough most of the conference agenda was set months ago, we kept a couple of slots open for sessions that covered topics that needed to be addressed. I'm excited that we found one for each of our concurrent tracks: Nuts & Bolts, Corporateville, and Geek Track."

The three new conference sessions are:

Copywriting: 45-Minute Boot Camp: Copywriting requires special skills in the search marketing world. Writing ads for paid search requires three parts science, two parts audience research, and at least one part creativity. SEO copywriting requires a mix of skills, including an understanding of the balance between a natural flow, and the importance of keyword research. And improving conversion rates on landing pages may require testing long versus short copy, headlines, benefits copy, tone, call-to-action text, and more. Our experts share their top tips to maximize your search campaign performance by choosing the right words to connect with customers and bots alike.

Search Ads & Landing Page Clinic: Does your PPC ad make a promise that your landing page can't keep? Make sure that your ad copy and landing page contents are in alignment to ensure a smooth and profitable visitor experience. This clinic will examine actual ads and landing pages offered up by volunteers from the audience.

The Ins & Outs of Twitter: Of all emerging social media platforms, Twitter is perhaps the most talked (or should we say tweeted) about today. Coming seemingly out of nowhere, Twitter's exemplary ability to offer real-time search capability is shaking up the search world. And surely, retweets, follower counts, and mentions on Twitter should be factored into the search algorithms of the very near future. There are also downsides and even dark sides to improper use. Panelists discuss, with a longer Q&A period to take your posts, as submitted on Twitter to #sestortweet.

Goodman likes to remind me that the search engine market in Canada is similar but different than the one in the United States. For example, Google received 80.2 percent of all Canadian searches conducted in the 12 weeks ending April 25, 2009, according to Hitwise. MSN search properties, Yahoo! search properties and Ask search properties received 8.8 percent, 7.3 percent and 2.8 percent, respectively. By comparison, Google accounted for 72.7 percent of all U.S. searches conducted during that period, according to Hitwise. Yahoo! Search, MSN Search and received 16.3 percent, 5.7 percent and 4.0 percent, respectively.

At SES New York, Byron Gordan of SEO-PR asked Goodman to provide a preview of SES Toronto. Goodman said he expects many new faces to the search marketing field to attend this year's conference.

Andrew Goodman, Page Zero Media, previews SES Toronto 2009

For more information about SES Toronto 2009, go to rates and registration details. To follow news about SES Toronto 2009 on Twitter, go to

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