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Today is my 35th birthday. Which surprisingly was a relief because I for some reason thought I was turning 37… not sure why just one of those things I had stuck in my head. So yay me I got 2 years more to live.
I just want to say thank you to all the [...]This Post Is From ShoeMoney's Internet Marketing Blog
Its My Birthday - 35
There are many ways to make money using the internet, and one excellent source of passive income is to own high traffic websites which are monetized using Google Adsense. The Google AdSense There are basically two ways of building such sites: i. Find thousands of keywords related to a particular topic and use an automated page generating program to build a website consisting of thousands of almost identical pages, with each page being optimized for one keyword and including your Google Adsense
39 Great! You’ve just found out the best money making opportunity on the internet. This is you how to make money online through a REAL work from home internet job. This is a legit internet business. This is the best money making method that can be found on the web. If you’re searching for the [...]
Action Plan For Affiliate Marketing. Time and time again I see people jumping into affiliate marketing without understanding that this business is like any other, online or off. Like traditional businesses it takes an understanding of your field in order to succeed but the Internet offers an ability that traditional business do not, that is, taking a chance or risk with our time without the need to spend huge sums of money. Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative business, in fact, billi

If you find yourself missing out on potential clients, contacts falling through the cracks, or not following up in a timely manner then your problem is simply a lack of an efficient contact management system!

So let me ask you:

1. Do you have a record of each of your clients/colleagues contact data, i.e. name, address, email, website, phone number etc.?

2. Are you following up efficiently and effectively when a potential client enquires about your services/programs?

3. Do you have a specific process in place for handling new client enqui
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If you’ve answered NO to one or more of these questions, then you don’t have a suitable contact management system in place.

The good news...

This can easily be rectified! With a proper contact management system in place you will be able to:

* Keep a note of clients, potential clients, and colleagues contact information.

* Easily and effectively follow-up with a prospect.

* Locate critical client contact information quickly and easily.

* Build your business.

Sometimes the simplest contact management can be all you need so that you’re not letting potential clients slip through the cracks and you’re following up in a timely manner. When deciding on the most suitable contact management system for your business, there are three basic choices:

1. If you’re currently using Outlook it comes with its own contact address book, and Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 and above comes with Business Contact Manager. Outlook actually makes a good 'command central' for your business as not only does it store all your crucial contact management data, but you can also manage your emails, To Do list, tasks, and schedule follow-ups so you won’t lose an important contact again due to lack of follow-up!

2. You can purchase stand-alone contact management software such as ACT! This is a very robust contact management system; the only downside – you can’t use it to manage your emails!

3. You can use an online contact management system – some of which are free. This is a good choice, particularly if you want to be able to access your contact data from any PC, anywhere. And if you are working with a Virtual Assistant it’s very easy for them to maintain and update your contact data too – they simply log in!

Which one to use depends on your level of expertise and which one will work best for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

Don’t let your business suffer due to an inefficient contact management system. Follow my tips above to choose a system that is right for YOUR business.

Online Business Manager & Virtual Assistant, Tracey Lawton, supports professional speakers, coaches, and authors to operate an efficient, organized, and profitable business. Learn how to create an efficient and organized office in 7 EASY steps, and receive free how-to articles at

There is a resource page for bloggers covering Affiliate Summit East 2009, taking place August 9-11, 2009 in New York City.
This page includes the Affiliate Summit logo to download in multiple formats, as well as a photo of the Hilton New York, speaker bios, and social media details (tag on Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc. is [...]
Lately I’ve been sharing more links to the things I’m reading via my Twitter account than here on the blog - however today I thought I’d do a ’speedlinking’ post for old times sake. Here’s 10 links I came across in my RSS reader today:

How the Web and the Weblog have changed Writing (how writing [...]Post from: Blog Tips at ProBlogger.
Speedlinking - 10 Posts I Read Today
Remember: After you rearrange your four quadrants into a new tile, touch it up a little bit. smooth out any harsh lines in the center. So you want to work with graphics but can ‘t afford Photoshop. You still can have an outstanding graphics program for a lot less money. I use Paint Shop Pro. I do all my design and graphics work in this program and it is absolutely fantastic. I can’t recommend it enough. If you want to do some decent graphics and art work you have got to get a good program and
We are a startup company started from eBay and we are growing, we currently have several eBay stores including am looking for a web developer/designer to build a new online store to grow our business outside of eBay. We will probably start from the beginning, including domain setup, logo design, store development, search engine, marketing promotion…. This should be a very standard online store setup. You can select your favorite applications/techn
jnoa: Well right know I made a squidoo lens like ten days ago and only got like 14 visits until today. I don't now if that is good or bad? Not really good, but still not bad. The more visitors you get the better, and much importantly where they came from. Check in your lens statistics where tho...
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