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Let's get to the point:

The days of only using web design programs like Dreamweaver (and not knowing any code) are pretty much over ... if you want to be a professional web designer.

These days, web designers need to learn code and a few different coding languages, to be able to effectively build modern websites.

... The good news is th
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at it isn't that hard with the right training.


Anyone who knows me knows that I am an advocate of Wordpress, especially from the point of view of a web designer since so many small business websites use Wordpress.

... Being a Wordpress web designer will unlock many more job opportunities for you. Especially if you add in a little PHP and JavaScript knowledge into the mix.
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Not all is well in the world of Wordpress

The sad thing is that with great popularity and ease of use, comes great evil - Wordpress has a plethora of security holes and can be the source of many of website headaches because of all the hacking that can likely be subject to.

Here are some Wordpress safety tips:
As a graphic designer, print designer and web designer, I typically provide design elements suitable for either web or print for final output. I can’t tell you how many times we get phone calls and e-mails from a frantic customer as they are struggling with opening one of the provided files or in some cases […]
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In this video, I show you how to create (and use) Gmail email templates - they are very useful if you send out the same email or similar emails on a regular basis.

Check it out:

Thanks for watching.

Stefan Mischook
Free PSD Design Files This is one of my favorite sections of the website as it focuses on tools, tips and resources that are free and help us web designers. In each post you will have access to free psd design files. I believe in sharing resources and most of the times I try to […]

Lots of people come the in search of an answer to some web design related question - if that's you, then I invite you to join the forum - it's free.

Check it out: forum


How to Design a Website Around your Social Media Needs? Let’s face it – web design and social media fit like hand and glove. In today’s times if your website isn’t social media friendly, it’s not going to work. It won’t get the visibility it needs to survive the competition. By designing your website to […]


Some of you know that we've been hard at work refining our interactive training system for schools - StudioWeb.

The feedback we've been getting from teachers and students has been great and has helped us really improve. So over a year later, nearly 2000 students, we are about to release version 2!

Top StudioWeb 2.0 Features - fro
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m a teachers perspective:

• Turn-key courses with automated quizzing, correcting and tracking
• Full reporting + charts
• Teachers answer book
• Printable course outlines
• Course project files

StudioWeb removes all the bookkeeping so you can concentrate on the teaching!
There are a lot of reasons to hire an experienced business website designer, and even more reasons to avoid a DIY approach to web design. If you want to be perceived by the public as a progressive, well established, quality conscious business, then seeking out the services of a good web designer developer is the way to go.
Do you want to build a WordPress Blog from the scratch? Let us go on with this tutorial and at the end, you will be able to create a wordpress blog. There are two ways to build a WordPress Blog. You can either use a hosted blog on a domain name or a Free blog from wordpress.

The purpose of this tutorial is for you to create a hosted WordPress Blog, and not a free one. Free blogs are a...
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