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Guest Post by Shane O'Driscoll

Well you may or may not of heard of the term before, but simply put, drop shipping is a business model where by you only pay for a product when you make a sale from the customer.

Drop shipping is the easiest and best way to get started making money online. Really there is not an easier way. You place a product for sale on ebay, amazon or a website that you have set up. Once
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someone buys from your website you contact the dropshipper and they send out the product to the customer. So with that said, it is basically risk free. You never have to spend your own money because your using the payment the customer gave you.

You may be wondering, but how do I make a profit from all of this? Well its simple really, you can source products for usually 30% cheaper than what they are retailing at. You then charge the customer a higher price and the difference between what you sold the item at and what you purchased it at is your profit.

Many people when they start an online business look to selling on ebay and in my opinion there is no better place. You do not have to worry about targeted customers viewing your products. When customers are searching for products on ebay they are in a buying mood and this is why you see some auctions with 17 views and the item sold.

Drop shipping is an excellent way to start a home business. Many people waste their time filling out surveys where they get 10 cent a survey that took them half an hour to complete. This clearly is not worth your time. As we all know time is money and spending your time in the drop shipping business will certainly bring in good money.

So does drop shipping really work? Yes it definitely does, however you have to be willing to put in at least an hour a day. The best thing about drop shipping is you never need to hold on to the merchanise resulting in no risk on your part. It is this reason so many people choose it as the

method for their business. Not only that but you can completely scale it up. You could be selling 10 items a day which is not difficult, at $15 profit each which would result in $150 profit a day and $4500 a month.

Now think about if you were selling 30 items a day or even 100 items a day what kind of money you would make. I'll be honest there are some serious tricks to learn in this business and that is why you need to learn some of the ninja tricks I have acquired over the past 5 years selling on ebay.

Resource Box:
Click Here to learn the ninja tricks of an ebay powerseller on how he banks more cash a month than most do in their *regular* jobs. Visit for the full story.
Guest Post by Anil Gupta

This post is about the list of websites where you can make money online by doing paid reviews. Getting reviews written by good bloggers is a very popular way among advertisers to generate buzz about their brand and reach a whole new set of audience. There are many websites which allow bloggers to make money by writing paid reviews. PayPerPost is among the most oldest and most popular among paid networks to get paid by completing review assignments.

In this post, I am mentioning more sites where you can get paid reviews from advertisers. The rate y
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ou are paid for each review will vary according to the link popularity and authority of your website. All you need is a PayPal account and you can earn a lot of money by writing paid reviews.

This is a great site where many advertise come to find popular blogs related to them. BuyBlogReviews has no minimum payment amount - all money transactions are on Paypal.

This is a well-known website that gives bloggers a great way to make money online by writing paid reviews. Each paid review can earn you anything from $20 to $200. ReviewMe also offers payment in check apart from the usual Paypal payments.

You can browse and ask advertisers to advertise a review on your blog. Also, you can set your own price. SponsoredReviews will share the revenue 50:50. I have earned a lot of money from SponsoredReviews by promoting advertisers.

Blogsvertise is a very simple concept of earning from paid reviews. You dont have a market place but the site admin will assign you paid reviews on a regular basis. They have no minimum amount of payment and all payments are done through Paypal.

They have an array of world class advertisers who want to promote their website/products. If you register yourself at their site - you can have a great opportunity to earn money from blogging. BloggerWave also does not have any minimum payment threshold.

A good site if you want to get a consistent flow of paid review assignments. As the name suggest they simply pay you to blog- about their advertisers. Again, they also have no minimum payment amount.

LinkWorth basically allows you to earn from paid reviews but they offer a lot of other ways to earn money. LinkWorth allows bloggers to sell links as well as banner ads, full page ads etc. They share revenue 70:30.

Making money from paid reviews is great as they allow you to earn from what a blogger loves to do the most - blogging.

Author Bio:
Anil Gupta blogging about making money online, seo, affiliate marketing, social networks and paid blogging networks like sponsored reviews on his blog.
Guest Post by Chad Timms

Let’s pretend that someone came and handed you the keys to a clothing store. They told you all the inventory is included and there are many items in the store that people are looking for. Most of the clothes they tell you are quite popular. How would you feel about this? What if I told you that you had exclusive rights to only certain styles and that if you could get the word out and find some customers then you could make some really good profits. The only catch they tell you is you have to get the customers and you have to do the advertising.

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at is exactly how affiliate marketing online works. There are so many products you can offer to people and it is all at your access. You can write your own checks depending on how much you produce. So why is everyone not doing this then? Because marketing online and offline is real work and there is a certain learning curve to doing it.

So how do you market a product online then?

1. You can optimize your site for the search engines so they place your website on the first page of any of the search engines for your products. This is called search engine optimization and is a strategy that takes a lot of time and includes a lot of maintenance but a great way to get free traffic or free customers to your offer.

2. You can write articles and submit them to article directories. This is another free way and if you can write good articles other people will pick up your content and publish your article on other sites where you can get traffic.

3. You can do pay per click marketing. Pay per click marketing is where you will pay so much for the search engines to place a sponsored result for you. This will bring you instant targeted traffic if done correctly.

4. You could put a banner ad up on high traffic blogs like this one here. This blog has been optimized for the search engines to rank high for the niche “make money online”

5. You could advertise your site on classified ads online. If you can write good ads and your product is high in demand this is another good way to bring traffic to your site.

I have only listed 5 ways you could bring traffic to your website or blog but there are many more. Keep in mind you need to be selling items that are in demand and you need to fill that demand with the supply. Give the buyer what they are looking for and surely you will do well online.

Resource Box:
To learn more about your own free money making website visit Tissa Godavitarne's Acme People Search Business Here!
Guest Post by Alex Cadens

If you have been flirting with the idea of making money from home, but you have yet to make it a reality, this is a strong sign that you should stop thinking and start doing.

You will always hear the most diverse opinions when it comes to a home business, from the those that assure you that making money from home is next to impossible to those who say it is as easy as pie.

The ones on the side of the skeptics are usually people who have not seriously committed themselves to building a home business or they have simply fallen victims to
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scammers one time too many.

One the other hand, people that hype up the idea of making money from home and tell you that it is easy to make millions are often trying to sell you something and chances are that they have not even achieved what they say you will.

The fact of the matter is that making money from home can actually be easy, but not in the way many people will have you believe (which involves the illusion of getting rich effortlessly).

So, what does it really mean that making money from home can be easy?

1.- A home business will take a lot less of your time in order to develop and run, as opposed to a traditional business where you may easily have to commit 12 hours or more per day (I know this by own experience). You will still need to work hard, but it will certainly consume just a fraction of the time a "normal" business would, leaving you with more time for yourself and far greater sense of reward.

2.- You will not have the need for an inventory in order to run your business, something that will save you a lot of money in start-up costs.

3.- On top of that, you will not have the need for a payroll and the heavy expenses associated with hiring employees, because there are many tools and resources you can use to automate everything thus allowing you to run your business by yourself.

4.- And last but not least, a home business will spare you the need for physical locations, which is often one of the heaviest burdens of in terms of capital investments when you are starting a business. A home business will require virtually no money to start.

What is the easiest way to make money from home then?

No subject is more heavily discussed in forums and blogs, but in my personal experience your best bet for a real and scalable business that you can manage and profit from the comfort of you home is at internet marketing, e-commerce and trading.

All of these models share one thing in common: they all can be developed and run from a computer and all of them can easily grow into a significant stream of income if you take the time to learn the ropes of each business model and build a steady work routine.

But probably the greatest advantage of using any of these proven business models is that you hardly need any money to start, because although all of them are ultimately business options that, as such, will require some sort of investment in the form of essential tools and resources, you will not have to commit thousands nor hundreds of dollars in order to get it up and running and start making money easily from home.

Resource Box:
Get the know-how plus all the tools and resources you need in order to start building a solid home business at the, where you will find reliable information about different ways to do it effectively.
Guest post by Andre Conferido

Making money online, is in a sense, a worn out word. Internet gurus attract readers with their grandiose online earnings and dish off their “How to Make Money Online” tips. Most are speaking the truth about the huge earnings they gained online but the question is, what worked for them may not work for everyone.

To make money online you have to discover your own “magic combination” and explore your chances of making it big in Internet marketing.

Here are simple methods to make money online:

Create your own website or bl
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Affiliate marketing products

Creating your own website would give you the freedom to display and tweak any affiliate marketing ads that you would like to place. Diversify and do not focus on one product only. This would assure you that if you fail in one, then you still have the rest to pursue.

Referral widgets

Make money online by posting referral widgets in your site is one good way of earning passive income. Just copy the codes and leave them there for visitors to explore. These referral widgets are usually from online service providers who offer handsome rewards your visitors who buy their services.

Direct advertising

There are Internet marketers who would like to advertise directly in websites because it is cheaper and they have more control in selecting the website of their choice. They will pay the ad space for the duration that you have agreed on. You have to post in your blog though, that you are accepting direct ads. To make money online through direct advertising you have to offer a competitive price.

Paid reviews

After you have generated enough traffic to your blog, apply it in paid review sites. The site will distribute paid reviews among website owners or bloggers according to the budget of the advertiser and according to the popularity of your blog.

This is one great source of blog income. The payment per article ranges from $ 5 to $150 depending on your site’s popularity. You can make money online from this good paying task.

Provider for outsourcing companies

Various outsourcing online companies are in need of freelance writers, data encoders, web designers and many more. You can sign up and create an impressive profile so that clients would hire you. There are thousands of jobs waiting for you if you just take the time to sign up and improve your craft. Signing up is free and the monetary compensation is good.

Reading Emails

There are companies, which are too enormous; they no longer have time to sort out their mails, so they hire people to do it for them. It is an easy way of to make money online.

Rewards from Web 2.0 applications

Social networking, forums, mini-blogging, blogging communities are now finding ways to reward their users. In twitter, you could twit and earn at the same time through paid tweets. This is a superb way to make money online, especially for expert twitterpeeps (users), who can earn as much as $250 per 140-word tweet. Most online Forums also reward their users for each activity they participate in.

How to make money online is a perennial question that can be answered through numerous methods. Be wary though of scam sites who are only phishing for your personal information. Explore and discover what works for you and earn your first $ 100.

Author Bio:
Andre Conferido has been in the internet marketing business for over 5 years mainly doing “niche blogging”. Andre is also a writer at the make money online blog
Blogging offers two great advantages that a lot of people can't resist. Firstly, having a blog can increase your online presence and make your name popular over time. Secondly, blogging can potentially provide you a steady source of income for long term. Blogging is really a great option if you want to start making money online.

The initial steps of blogging for money are to decide a topic and create a blog. Choosing a topic isn't difficult. Think about what you know best, your hobby and expertise. These things can be the topic of your blog. Just make sure you are blogging on the to
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pics that you like.

Creating a blog with your custom domain name isn't difficult either. These days there are great software tools that can help you create profitable blogs easily. One of the powerful blogging tools that recently released is the Socrates Theme (developed by two well known Internet marketing experts, Joel Comm and Dan Nickerson). Socrates Theme really makes blogging easier. It's not just for the beginners but also the experienced bloggers will find it helpful in making money from blogging.

With Socrates Theme, you will not face the technical problems that stop you from starting a blog again. Socrates Theme enables you to build a Wordpress blog from scratch with no computer or HMTL code needed. All are done by clicks of mouse and few words of typing. So, you can go ahead and start a money making blog right away.

You decide the layout, color and the header of your Wordpress blog. The Socrates theme monetization feature will allow you to include your Adsense and Clickbank ads on your Wordpress blog theme to generate income. These are just part of the things that Socrates Theme can do for you; if you want to know all the features of Socrates, check out the video presentation at:

To make sure you successfully launch your own Wordpress blog for making money online, Socrates also provides a bunch of video tutorials which include Wordpress blog installation, Wordpress plugins, AdSense optimization, finding domain name and web host for your blog; and many more.

Are you thinking about building your blog network to make big money online?

If you have been in blogging for some time, you probably learned the idea of building many niche blogs to make good income. Well, Socrates is the right tool to implement this profitable idea. Using Socrates, you can create as many niche blogs as you want without having to put in a lot of time and works. All the niche blogs are well optimized with AdSense and Clickbank, giving good earning potential. So you can focus on generating traffic for each of your blogs to build a great income source from your blog network.

Get Access to Socrates Theme Now to Starting Creating Your Money Making Blog
Johnathan Leger from has come up something special and interesting. He just put up a new money making program called that pays you to write articles for promoting your own website.

Yes, you heard it right! Johnathan's is paying $5 for each unqiue article that you write and submit
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to one of the popular article directories (,, etc) for promoting your website. So, in short you are getting paid for doing article marketing for your site.

Now you probably ask what's the 'catch'?

OK Johnathan did ask for something in return. But I'm sure you have no problem with it. Johnathan is asking you to include his anchor text link into the 'author bio' or 'about author' section of your article. The popular article directories often allow two anchor text links. So, you can add your link in and also Johnathan's link in the same 'author bio' box.

You can write about any topic. As long as your articles are included with Johnathan's link and get approved on one of the popular article directories, you get paid $5 for each article.

Sound interesting and wanting to get in? It's simple, just go to to sign up for a free account and you can get started right away.
Paid survey is a money making opportunity that many people are interested to take part on because of its simplicity. First of all, you don't need to invest in anything to get started and it is an easy task that anyone can do. All you do is filling out and completing the online survey questions sent by the paid survey pane
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ls or market research companies.

There are now about 500 paid survey panels that you can join to take online surveys for money. However, according to the experiences of the people who have been doing paid survey for some time, there are actually not more than 50 of the survey panels that send survey frequently. Many survey panels or companies probably send less than one survey monthly. So if you want to make money online with paid survey, you should focus on those top paid survey panels only.

The top survey panels send paid surveys quite often (Weekly or few times a week). Their surveys usually take about 15 to 30 minutes to complete and pay between $2 and $20 for each survey you’ve done online. So, if you become a member of all these top paid survey panels, you can potentially earn a nice extra income every month.

A paid survey information website that offers a lot of help in getting started with paid survey is the provides free and honest information; and recommendations on the paid survey panels that you can join.

When you land on and scroll down to the middle, you'll see a list of top ten paid survey panels. These are legitimate survey panels that really pay you. You certainly can rely on the top ten list because the recommendations are based on the visitors' ratings and reviews. The visitors are those people who have really joined the panels and made money with paid surveys. Their rating and review are based on real experience with paid survey. also created a section called 'Panels by Country' that allows you to discover more legitimate paid survey panels. You are suggested to join the survey panels in the 'Panel by Country' section as well to maximize your earning potential with paid surveys.

If you have questions or anything that you don't understand with paid surveys, you can access to the FAQ section of Getpaidsurveys. Most probably the FAQ already had the answers to your questions. So you can have your puzzles solved right away and getting started smoothly.

There are also paid survey tips and techniques that will help you to be more effective in getting paid surveys from the panels. All these helpful information are posted on the Getpaidsurveys blog. You can check back the Getpaidsurveys blog often to find useful tips and keep update with the latest posts.

Visit Now to Start Earning Cash Online with Paid Surveys.
Guest Post by Jake Widmer

What do you think of when you hear "attraction marketing"? It is a way to market yourself to attract others to your website to earn money online. The old ways of marketing to your family and friends are gone as well as the constant 3 foot rule. Those ways were not very productive nor were they the most exciting. Unfortunately, you were pursuing other people instead of them pursuing you. Trying to sell people things is not nearly as effective as them wanting to buy. That is where attraction marketing comes in.

Attraction Marketing can help you to
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build your customer base and a loyal following. Simply supply them with valuable, relevant information. This lays the foundation and identifies you as a trustworthy company.

If you are interested in making the quick dollar, then you will not qualify yourself for this type of marketing as it takes time and a great deal of effort. Only when you put value first in everything you do will you begin to see amazing results and earn money online. You will consistently bring in a type of client who is excited to see what you will do next. We all are in the money business, but there are many more things that you will need to make sure you do. The people who do business with you are people who want to be treated fairly and get the products they’re seeking. Make sure they receive exactly what they want and when they want it.. Show them that you can provide what they want without pursuing bigger sales or shady products. Perhaps this will not realize profits at first, but in the long run you will have made a positive impression that will translate into a great way to earn money online. When doing business on the internet, the main ingredient people want to see is quality content. You must ensure that your marketing content, or website content provide worth to your customers. For instance, keep your website user friendly and help your visitors get what they came for. Dont make the mistake of making things difficult for your market, keep things very easy and very clean. Your market will always remember how easy it was for them to get around in your site and will keep that in mind when they need to use your services againor even refer you to someone they know. This will determine how much value you’ve actually delivered.

You always want to keep in mind that you are marketing yourself and not your products, brand you, and you will have a good client base as long as you are providing value! A great deal of marketers do not like this method of marketing as it takes a great deal of time and effort as opposed to other traditional methods.

Attraction marketing is not like most other marketing efforts as it does smack you in the face with a product or service. This type of marketing shares relevant information that is brought out from a marketing perspective and will create more followers that will support you in the long run.

Attraction marketing is not the most simple of marketing, to do it right, you really need to have a mentor to help you or a great system in place to excel. Without an appropriate mentor you are just spinning your wheels and wasting time. The hard truth is you may never figure it out on your own.

Author Bio:
I have been able to earn money online faster than I thought possible with these steps that my mentor has helped me with. Do not pass this up as I know you would love to see the full abilities of your business to earn money online.
Guest Post by Alex Cadens

What makes affiliate marketing such a great business model is that you really do not need to be a gifted or skilled individual, nor you need any money to start.

One of your main tasks in this business is to send traffic to the affiliate product's sales page thus allowing the owner of that product to convert those visitors into paying costumers.

The key is to send traffic that you know is actually interested in what you are promoting, that is, targeted traffic, because this will increase your conversion rate.

For example, you
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can promote products from Amazon and many other online retailers (not only digital products like some people think)

If you want to tackle the basketball niche, you can make a profit by inserting your Amazon associate links (your affiliate links) promoting basketball shoes, clothes etc.

Also, if your niche calls for a digital product like an e-book, a course, or an online service, you can turn to Clickbank or PayDotCom to find good affiliate products people can buy and download instantly. You can promote what is known as "actions" by promoting CPA programs.

In this type of affiliate marketing you will not be sending traffic to a sales page where people has to buy something in order for you to get paid a commission, but instead, you will get paid for them to take actions such as such as filling out a survey, an email form or even something as simple as entering a ZIP code.

If you get into affiliate marketing, you will not have the need to develop a product, you will not have the need to deal with costumer issues or to be continuously processing orders for the marketplace.

Moreover, quite often you will find that the owners of the products will provide you with free tools and resources to help you with your promotion efforts.

The toolbox usually includes ready-made emails, web reviews, text and banner ads, widgets and other valuable resources for you to use with your own affiliate link embedded in them for instant plug-n-play success.

How much can you earn in this business?

Well, the truth is that there are no limits, because growing in the internet is not the same as growing in the physical world, where doing so involves investing thousands and even millions in new locations, staff, you name it.

On the internet you can open new "locations" just by investing $1 - $10 to get a new domain and you are ready to to go and make money from as many niches as you want by sending targeted traffic to each of those new locations.

Will you become a super affiliate within weeks or months? Not likely, but you sure can do well enough to pay the bills each month with maybe some change to spare!

Author Bio:
To learn how you can start a solid affiliate marketing business, visit the Special Online Business Review Authority where you will find reliable information on different ways to build your business, including actual experiences shared by real users.
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