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What's Wrong with Internet Marketing?

There's a very disturbing trend taking place in the Internet marketing world. I am specifically referring to the Infoproduct "make money online" niche.

I've had one foot in this market for the past few years, but I am increasingly dismayed by what I see happening.

I say "one foot" because my products and services are very diverse and most are not in the IM niche.

However, it

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's time someone came forward to draw a line in the sand. Since I don't see my peers doing it, I am willing to take the risk. It's too important to ignore.

Where have you made some of your best “real life” contacts in the internet marketing space? I’m not talking about over email, skype or in a forum… I’m talking about finally putting a face to a name and really meeting up with people you’ve talked with forever online.
If it was at an internet conference, there [...]
Making the Most Out of Publicity

Dan Janal is an in-demand, dynamic keynote speaker on internet marketing, social media marketing, and publicity. He tells us how you can make good from a publicity opportunity that might not have reached your expectations.

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A Talk with My Biggest Fan

Allow me to introduce you to my biggest fan.

Sheila Simkin is a grandmother many times over. She is an avid world traveler who has been on every continent.

She read my book, The AdSense Code, a number of years ago. As a result, she got bit by the blogging bug.

Now her site,, receives thousands of visits each month.

Sheila is passionate about sha

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ring her travel experiences with others, and encouraging them to see the world on a budget.

Not only is Sheila my biggest fan. She is also my mother.


It’s now a growing trend that some of the most success ad campaigns we are seeing across affiliate networks, move on to focus their efforts on tv advertising once they have a successful launch online. For any affiliate marketers who have run offers like Zwinky, Zoosk and MyLife, it’s quite obvious that these were very [...]
Faith-Based Marketing

Bob Hutchins is the owner of BuzzPlant discusses his work in Faith-Based Marketing, which has included writing a book entitled Faith-based marketing: the guide to reaching 140 million Christian consumers, plus how his company helped promote blockbuster movies The Passion of the Christ and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to Christian markets.

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te at

Getting Online Marketing Attention

When I first started to build my business, it became apparent (rather quickly) that getting recognized is half the battle. I recently interviewed online business expert Jim Kukral, author of the new book Attention! This Book Will Make You Money: How to Use Attention-Getting Online Marketing to Increase Your Revenue. Enjoy!

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Many of us are already blogging, whether it be a personal blog, a recap or case study of your money making journey, or even just a diary… but how many of us are video blogging? I can tell you right now, the majority of people would much prefer watching a quick 5-10 minute video instead [...]
Wells Fargo Bank Doesn't Want My Business

Is "change" coming to Wells Fargo Bank?

I'm in Henderson, Nevada at Green Valley Ranch preparing to speech at James Malinchak's Millionaire Success Secrets event.

The topic for my talk is "How to Get Google to Send You Money", which is about making money with AdSense.

As part of my AdSense presentation, I use $50 - $75 in pennies to illustrate how little clicks add up to

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real money.

So every time I visit a new town to do my presentation, I need to locate two props... up to $75 in pennies and a clear fish bowl, jar or vase to pour them in.

Live From AffCon 2010

Joel Comm takes you inside the happenings at AffCon 2010. Join Joel as he talks with attendees live on the convention floor.

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