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WASHINGTON – Federal regulators are proposing to create a “Do Not Track” tool for the Internet so that people could prevent marketers from tracking their Web browsing habits and other online behavior in order to target advertising.
The proposal, inspired by the government’s existing “Do Not Call” registry for telemarketers, is one of a series [...]
VoiceXML or VXML is an XML language that you can use to create audio dialogs with synthesized speech. You can create phone trees or set up applications that recognize speech and respond to it. Darla has a great overview of VXML that teaches some of the basic terms and what you can do with VoiceXML.
The shopping cart review I’m working on right now is CREloaded.
I’m not done with it, but I like the software, it does a lot of what I like out of the box, has good support, a community surrounding it, thousands of templates, hundreds of mods, etc. And it is very competitively priced.
It does happen to [...]
I was recently attending Affiliate Summit West 2011, in Vegas, but before that conference started, I managed to get over to CES2011 - the world's largest consumer electronics show.
A request to be interviewed by a major newspaper can be an exciting time; but the resulting coverage may not match expectations in relation to web site traffic. Here’s a few reasons why. I see newspaper coverage more as a status thing than serious traffic driver. It’s nice to get the exposure as its something [...]

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It only seems like yesterday Facebook was a closed shop and MySpace ruled the roost. Things have changed, as has the impact of social networks on our lives generally. The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project’s latest survey report looks at how use of social networking sites has affected people’s sense of trust, [...]

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Call this an addendum to my previous post on website valuation.
I’ve never been a fan of people offering 2x profits for an established profitable website, but I explain how and why in that previous post.
Internet Brands, a large online publisher that also happens to own vBulletin, was a publicly traded company until recently, when it [...]
I'm afraid YouTube doesn't like me anymore, and I have no idea why.
What is a content site worth?
Previous related posts on this topic here and here.
Demand Media recently went public, they’re now trading at an almost 2 billion marketcap (more than the New York Times, which owns quite a few web properties too). Meaning, the market says they are worth about 20x revenue. It has to be [...]
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