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But, first... get on tour with us for creating your residual income & changine your life forever in 2008!My goal is to quadruple my income this year! That means, I have to HELP MORE people SUCCEED at what we do! Who's ready!??CLICK HERE to learn what we recommend & allow us to start building for you while you finish up your New Year's Celebration/Manifestations!!If you are attracted to the Chopra Center (tm) endorsed Zrii (tm) then take that tour HERE!Before I share those great words of wisdom, I also want to share this incredible marketing system that one of my other dear online partners se
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nt over! CLICK HERE to see an example of what's available to you using the system! Now... in gratitude for Linda's words... on "How to get what you want in 2008"!What I am big on now is setting goals and Intentions - andfor me there is no better time than the beginning of a freshnew year to set your Intentions to create your life the wayyou truly want it to be.Would you agree?As I sit here writing to you I am tucked away in a fabulouslog home in the North Carolina Mountains where we arevacationing for two weeks. I am surrounded by trees andmountain views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.I can't think of a better place to get clear about what Iwant for 2008.In 2007 my goal was to replace my husband's income. I havedone that and now my goal is to double or triple that incomein 2008.Why? So that we can have the freedom to do whatever we wantwhenever we want with the ability to help as many people aspossible.So how do you get what you want in 2008?I believe it is by a combination of getting clear about whatyou want, ASKing, and detaching from the outcome...surrending to a power that is greater than you.This is my affirmation which you are welcome to borrow:"I surrender to a power that is greater than me - that liveswithin me - who can deliver more good to me in more waysthan I can ever imagine for myself.For me, it means asking for what I want, surrending to thepower greater than me to deliver more good than I canimagine for myself...AND being open to receiving... ALLOWingmy good to flow to me in perfect and Divine timing.You may have seen in my signature, "Living in Divineinspiration."It means exactly that... opening myself to the Divineinspiration that flows through me when I allow it... and IAM allowing it.Creating what I want is getting easier and easier for me asI let go... and allow.You can too.Are you allowing what you want to flow into your life?Many of us say we want this or that but we can't afford itor we don't deserve or no one in our family has ever hadthat.Hogwash!You CAN have anything you want... starting right now.Since I left the corporate world as a paralegal almost 10years ago, I have learned SO much and I continue to learnevery day.One of my secrets is allowing people to get to know me andinviting new people into my life who are more knowledgeablethan me... who can lead me to resources and tools that willhelp me achieve my income goals.My business intention for 2008 is the same as it was for2007 - and you may borrow this one too..."It is my intention to attract to me those people who arelooking for the products and services I offer, who have thefinancial means to participate, and who are willing to putforth the effort to create success."Wouldn't you rather ATTRACT new business rather than spendyour time convincing others that what you have is right forthem?Why not just attract the people who are already looking foryou?It's a wonderful way to do business.And you can do that with little or no cost, by networkingonline through message boards, social communities, emaildiscussion lists, etc.So, as we leap into the new year, here are a few of theresources that I am using that are working for me. Perhapsthey will work for you too.I encourage you to take action to achieve what you want inyour life. Choose the way you want your life to be and move in thatdirection.When I surrendered to a power that is greater than me Ibegan to receive more than I could have imagined for myself.I am blessed and I am sending blessings to you for your newyear in 2008.With Love and Appreciation,Linda MillerI am Divinely InspiredTogether in Success & Creating the Life of your Dreams,Carrie Gebbie, MSResidual Income 310-306-8075feed me!
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I've highlighted the companies I've been blessed to share with you and have set great foundations in each of these companies so that I can better support YOU in your efforts to create residual income & the life of your dreams this year!My top choices in Residual Income can be found here in the links on the right, and also at !I use products from each of the companies listed & even the Natural Doctor Mom in me HIGHLY endorses each of the products/companies I've chosen to align with. I've been using some of these products now for over 3 years!First step,
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get some basic internet training HERE!Together in Success!Carrie Gebbie, MSResidual Income feed me!
no matter what network marketing/internet marketing/affiliate program you may be successful at!This is great information for your team to learn how to drive consistent, live traffic to their sites! Of course, make sure they have a great capture page/system for follow up to be able to stay in touch with their visitors!Click here to learn more about GURU U!Yours in Residual Income,Carrie Gebbie, MSwww.HopeAndAbundance.comfeed me!
Free financial freedom resources. Countless FREE resources to help you achieve financial freedom.
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