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Are you working hard to make money online but still nothing happens? You have been doing pay per click advertising, affiliate marketing, blogging, eBay selling, freelancing but none of these money making methods are working for you. You are thinking that it's time to try something new or different to make money online.

Well, there is a new money making method waiting for you. It was a revolutionary money
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00/bigstockphoto_Gears_And_Money_2454184.jpg" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5481315053497448450" border="0" />making system that has proven to work. It has designed for any individual wanting to make money online. Regardless of if you are new with little computer knowledge or you are already an experienced online marketer, you can participate into this and make use of the money making system. The founder has made the system simple so that everyone can follow.

From the launch till now, many have profited on Internet using this system. In fact there are quite a lot of success stories of making a living online with this system. Juan Walker is one of success stories. Juan was in debt of $60,000 during the economy recession when his and his wife businesses suffered losses. They jumped online and tried different money making opportunities but nothing seems to work until they found a new and revolutionary money making system called Carbon Copy Pro. They put their time and effort in and surprisingly, they made $49,572.38 in the first 58 days. And now they are enjoying the life they dream of thanks to this home based money making system.

As Carbon Copy Pro can help anyone, Juan has set up a website to invite you to see what it is about and see if it is right for you. Just visit and opt in with your name and email address; and you'll be directed to a page that give you full details about this revolutionary money making system.

As a thanks for signing up for full details of Carbon Copy Pro money making system, Juan will give away 10 free online marketing training videos loaded with valuable content that will help you increase your income from what you are doing now on the Internet. These free video training touch the latest important topics like Facebook, Twitter, search engine optimization, branding, banner advertising and some other topics. Certainly you'll learn something helpful to make more money online.

Carbon Copy Pro is unlike any other Internet and home based business models. You don't need to go through a long learning curve and spend a great deal of time on the tedious set up works. Everything is laid out in step-by-step, you just follow it and you'll get everything up and running to start making money online at home. And it’s certainly not a 'get rich quick' scheme. You must work on it to get result.

Get more information about Carbon Copy Pro system and access to the free videos now
Guest Post by Aden Clark

There are a couple of ways that you can make money online writing articles so i will cover both within this article and once your finished reading, or maybe watching the video, then you can go out there and make some extra money. Its all about taking action, so if you do nothing with this information, then nothing will happen.

Marketers need a steady stream of unique content to submit to either their blog, or the article directories as this sends free traffic to the website which makes extra sales. This traffic is highly targeted and is why articl
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es are much needed, in all markets.

You can do one of two things:

Become A Freelancer

I'm sure your aware that the freelancer sites are becoming bigger and bigger as more successful marketers want to hire people to do all the work and these people will pay you for quality unique articles. Sites such as freelancer allow you to bid on jobs and if the webmaster is interested then he/she will accept your bid.

A few of my friends have done the same thing but for web design and SEO and let me tell you, the results have been amazing. Yes, people from different countries will out bid you but the professional webmasters know that if you pay peanuts, you will get monkeys. Always only provide the highest quality and word of mouth will throw business at you faster than lightening.

Webmaster forums such as digital point or warrior forum are also great places to flog your articles at a reasonable price and once you get a few interested customers, you can then look forward to repeat business as article writing is on-going work. The need for constant, unique articles will never end so as long as you provide top quality content, you cannot fail.

Write For Yourself

Affiliate marketers or product owners will write their own articles and submit them to grow targeted traffic to their own landing pages as this traffic alone can generate alot of sales if it is consistent. You can do both! write for other people as well as yourself and make twice the amount of money, its a win win situation.

Articles are great to build backlinks, as well as to drive traffic from the actual article directory and if you submit multiple times per day, your traffic will certainly see an increase, as well as the sales.

You can use direct linking to your offers using a domain name which will send your article traffic to the offer. If your not worried about building a list and just want the sales then you can do this. I have personally tried this with great results.

You must choose a keyword for each article and make sure you include the keyword within your title, the summary and a few times within the article body. This will make sure that you get the maximum traffic from the actual search engine on the article directory as well as your listings within the other search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and the video i have made to complement this article. Now you know how to make money online writing articles.

Here's a video showing how to make money with articles:

Author Bio:
Aden Clark blogs about how to Make Money Online and creates video tutorials to make it easier for you to learn.
Early I wrote a post about Webserve to introduce how it can help people make money online. I have covered the two main aspects of WebeServe which are providing Internet marketing service to web publishers and offering a marketplace for people to find online job opportunities. In this post, I'm going to give more in-depth details about how
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you can find and obtain the online work opportunities through WebeServe and get paid for each task completed.

WebeServe currently has quite a long list of online job opportunities that need people to work on them. Most of the jobs listed in WebeServe aren't complicated. They were actually small tasks that you'll find not difficult to do. The type of tasks include writing articles, posting on forum, commenting on blog, submitting website to directories, article distribution, social bookmarking, tweeting at Twitter, posting in Yahoo Answers and other related tasks.

Who can work in WebeServe?

All the work opportunities posted on WebeServe’s marketplace are opened to everyone. There is no restriction on where you live. If you find any task that you can do it, you can immediately apply and start working to complete the task.

How to get started on WebeServe?

It takes a few steps. The first thing to do is to register for a free service provider account in WebeServe. You are required to confirm your email to activate your account. Once activated, you can start searching for jobs in WebeServe marketplace.

Each job will have a price. The price is the amount that they advertiser is willing to pay you upon completion of their task. There will be a guideline in each job that tells you what exactly you need to do. So every time you’ll find a job that appeals you, you should read on the job guideline first to see if it is right for you and then apply to obtain the job.

A time limit is set to your job. So, you’ll need to complete the job or task within the stated period (one day, two days, etc). Once you have completed the task, the advertiser will verify it. After verification, an amount of earning will be credited to your account. You can request for payment once your earning have accumulated to $20.

Here’s a video from WebeServe that shows you to apply and obtain a job in step by step:

Ready to work on WebeServe, click here to join WebeServe now.

Want to take the task but the price is too low…… How then?

As many tasks of WebeServe are small and simple, some of the pays might be too low that make you lose interest to work on them. No problem! you can ask for a higher price. Just post your suggested price in. If the advertiser agrees, you will work and complete the task and the advertiser will pay you the higher price you suggested.

How to suggest your price?

When you are searching a job in the marketplace, you’ll see each job listing has a green button on the right. Click on it and you can post your suggested price in.

Start Working with WebeServe now and Make Some Extra Cash
The Internet provides hundreds of money making opportunities and can give you a secondary income. While some of the online business models require knowledge of websites, search engine optimization and blogs, there are actually other money making opportunities that require no computer programming or website design skills to begin. But for any type of online business model that you decide to begin, you need to be prepared to put in some monetary investment and hard work to achieve the result that you expect.

Here below are some of the common ways which you can use to make money online
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. Choose one which you can closely relate to at least in the initial stages and then gradually expand your knowledge.

Freelancing can say to be the easiest way to get started for people who want to have an extra income source on the Internet. You will just need to open a PayPal account and register in websites like, or and check out the many hundreds of free lancing jobs available. You can make money by writing articles, researching on something and even taking tuition to others in areas you are an expert in.

The Blog platforms like Wordpress and Bloggers allow you to create blog easily without knowledge of HTML or programming languages like PHP. Register a domain name in a website like GoDaddy, host your blog and start writing about your favorite topic or hobby. Register in a program like Google AdSense and insert their Ads in your blog. When people read your blog and click on the Ads, you will get paid by Google. You can also set ad space on your blog for sale to the prospective advertisers directly.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is a lucrative way to earn money online. You sell other peoples products by writing articles and reviews about them. When people purchase the product after reading your article and clicking on the affiliate link, you will get a commission on the sale. List building works well in affiliate marketing. You should consider setting up a squeeze page to collect the email addresses of your potential buyers. This way you will follow-up with them from time to time to generate potential sales through email marketing.

Digital Product Sales
It’s easy nowadays to create a digital product which answers a desperate question (ex: How to lose weight) in the form of an eBook and sell your book through a website like ClickBank. Affiliate marketers will sell the book for you for a cut of the sales.

There are also numerous other ways like website flipping, selling physical products on Amazon and eBay using which you can make money online.
Guest Post by Shaun ConnellEvery moment of every day, millions of dollars are spent over the net. Type in a keyword, click, and a ‘personal shopper’ called a search engine has scanned thousands of data bases and found just what you’re looking for. And, the only ‘legs’ needed for this virtual shopping expedition are keywords. From anywhere in the world, people are searching a global mall where their choi
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ce has been narrowed down to a few top rated web sites—and all this, because someone somewhere knew how to make money online by picking keywords.Keywords Make MoneyAnyone who knows the net understands the enormous marketing and advertising impact of keywords. Every day millions of dollars are paid to the people who create, develop and disperse keywords. Whether by advertiser cost-per-click, blogs, or creating links to a well-written hub, the people who know how to make money on line by picking keywords are making lots of money. And although content is important, in some cases, it is not automatically ‘king.’ If an on-line marketing company is tasked with helping to restore an individual’s or company’s reputation, their chief concern is to implant keywords throughout the text, ‘the story is not important. What is important is that the anchor text is worked seamlessly into the narrative 3 times.’Location, Location, LocationTo find the best keywords, know exactly what the customer is looking for; what is their Unique Selling Point? What words are triggered for example, if people are looking for ‘how to make money online by picking keywords’? If an aunt or uncle were looking for information about this topic, what words would they use? Once discovered the keywords should be placed within every piece of text. Notice some stores have the same goods located in different areas throughout the store; keywords are just like that; they must be everywhere a search engine might look. The same keywords need to be mirrored in the web content, blog and every article submitted or linked to hubs.Window Shopping is Good AdvertisingOf course, every article needs to be useful and informative otherwise people won’t be bothered to read it. But if the text doesn’t have the keywords embedded in it, it’s a waste of time as far as the virtual shopper is concerned. Keywords are the highlighted passages; which clearly mark the way to a web site. Without them, potential visitors will be left searching in the dark and they may never find what they are looking for. Keywords also help keep the text remain focused and to-the-point. If the text is vague or ambiguous people will get lost. If the text is about ‘lower left back pain remedies’ it’s no good putting in a keyword about hot-tubs (unless that is the specific remedy), so keep keywords relevant, and specific. Finally, for people who are interested in how to make money online by picking keywords they need to be word smiths. A client may want their text to be ‘not promotional, self-serving or comparative.’ In other cases they may want, ‘a story which reflects the subject in each hyperlink. Whatever the style of writing in all cases it keywords are critical.Author Bio:Shaun Connell runs several websites dealing with debt consolidation loans and loves to teach others how to make money online.
Many people turn into affiliate marketing and a lot of them have given testimonials that they have really earned from it in just a few months of marketing affiliate products. Others even earn a few hundreds daily. How is this possible? What steps are they taking and what kind of marketing strategies are they following in order to drive traffic to their landing pages?

Affiliate marketing certainly can make you money. But patience is necessary and a lot of works have to put in. However, once you have left your mark in the sites where you want to gain traffic from, it stays there for l
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ong period of time and people would keep on visiting that page and you would get free traffic and affiliate sales from time to time.

So, what are the ways the professional marketers are taking in order to market their affiliate products effectively? Marketing a product needs careful planning and concept development. There are many sites where we can post a link to our landing pages which rank higher in Google. Below are some of them and it’s up to you to fully utilize and use the opportunity.

Squidoo Pages - Professional affiliate marketers use Squidoo pages to write a review about their products and to post links to their landing pages. Squidoo ranks high in search engines and if you use the highly searched keywords in your product review, there are great chances that your Squidoo page will land in the first or second page of the search engine. Squidoo is a reliable and trusted site so reviews written in the lenses are mostly preferred by most buyers.

EzineArticles – this article directory site contains hundreds of reviews and related articles about the products being endorsed online. EzineArticles has a pagerank of 6 and it also ranks high in search engines. Internet marketers find it a reliable site to endorse their products online where they get positive results. Creating an article about the product you are endorsing and submitting it to EzineArticles is a great step in marketing your affiliate products. It is important that you make your article as informative as possible so it won’t come out that you are only marketing your product but readers would also find your article very useful. This kind of article generates clicks to your given link at your author page. Readers usually become curious to know more information from the homepage of the author of the article.

Blogging – creating your own blog and creating backlinks to it is also an effective strategy. Once you have created your blog and added articles to it, you can write a review about the product you are endorsing then adding a link in the middle or bottom part of the article to your landing page. You can then join social bookmarking sites, microblogging sites, forums, social networking sites and other sites where you can generate traffic to your blog. Once you have thousands of backlinks to your blog already plus if you use keywords which are highly searched and with very less competition, there are great chances that your blog will be found. The reviews you post in your blog will then be read by buyers and if you have good quality review, there are big chances that your product will be purchased.

Article Directories – aside from EzineArticles, there are thousands of article directories online. The process is similar to what you will do with your articles at EzineArticles. It is important to note also that the article or review you submit to these article directories are modified, that is, no duplicate content if possible as Google penalizes posts which are in duplication with the others that they will find online. It is best to submit your articles first to article directories with higher pagerank as they are found first than those articles from directories with lower pagerank.

Submit to Social Bookmarking Sites - social bookmarking sites are reliable and effective in driving traffic to our blogs. Once you submit your post to thousands of social bookmarking sites online, you are creating thousands of backlinks which increases your blog’s pagerank. This boosts your blogs traffic and gives it a greater chance to land high in search engines.

People who search products and product reviews usually search first in Google or other search engines before they purchase it. Once they find your review and go to the link being endorsed in your review, there are greater chances of getting a sale. Affiliate marketing is the best and fastest way to earn money online if only you are doing the right method and strategy of driving traffic to your landing pages. It is important also to write high quality reviews and information about your products. People do really buy an item once they are satisfied with the review they find about the product they want to buy. The above ways are some of what professional internet marketers are doing. It is up to you if you will try them out. If you research about the ways and steps on how to market your affiliate products, you will always read about Squidoo pages, EzineArticles and the other methods discussed above. It is up to you to give it a try. In the end, you would be thankful you did.
Guest Post by Susan White

There was a time when the whole world rushed to join this bandwagon; rumors abounded of people making money easily and without any kind of extra effort on the Internet. It got so out of hand that many people burned their bridges by quitting their regular jobs and opting to tap the mother lode that they assumed was ripe for the taking on the Internet. But unfortunately, more people burned holes in their pockets than become overnight millionaires, and the lure of easy money did not appeal anymore.

The problem was not with the Internet; rather, it w
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as with the people who assumed that the online world was easier than the real one, and that anyone could make tons of money by following “How to” tutorials and paying for online lessons that purport to make you rich in a trice. Yes, you can still earn online, but only if you understand the following things:

• The virtual world is not the magic kingdom: Just because it’s online, there’s no guarantee that the Internet will make you rich. Most people have no idea of how money is made in the virtual world – they don’t understand SEO marketing, Adsense, affiliate marketing and other methods that have proved successful on the net. But they still want to cash in on the pot of gold they believe is at the end of the rainbow. They fail to understand that just as in the real world, reward is in proportion to effort in the online world too. If you’re willing to work hard, you will see enough money in time. But it is not an overnight thing and neither does it come when you sit back and twiddle your thumbs. There is no magic, just hard work and application of your efforts.

• You must never pay for common sense: I’ve had people tell me time and again that they were conned by slick Internet marketers who took their money and gave them nothing in return. I don’t blame the marketers – they’re only doing what you’re trying to do too – make money online. The fault lies with you for believing all their glib talk about how easy it is to make money online and parting with your hard earned money in return for promises of information and techniques to help you get rich quickly. Come on, where’s your common sense? Why would you shell out money to earn some more? You’re not making a business investment; rather, you’re wasting your money on someone you don’t even know and cannot trust as a result. The important thing to remember about the Internet is that you must never pay people for job offers or information related to job offers.

• If you make a commitment, you must keep it: And finally, if you’re lucky enough to secure online work or assignments that allow you to make decent money, remember that your continued success depends on your trustworthiness and the ability to deliver what you’ve promised. If you don’t meet deadlines, if you fail to live up to the expectations of your online partners or affiliates, if you cheat people out of what’s rightfully theirs, then the web shows off its evil side to you. You’re blacklisted as your ill-repute spreads online and people become reluctant to work with you.

The keys to online success are integrity, common sense, dedication, and effort – with a combination of these four qualities, it’s easy to survive and thrive in the virtual world.

Author Bio:
This article is contributed by Susan White, who regularly writes on the subject of High Speed Internet Service. She invites your questions, comments at her email address:
Are you running a website, a blog or an online business to make money? If the answer is yes, you are going to do marketing. Marketing is the key to success. You'll need to focus most of your time in Internet marketing.

Internet marketing involves a lot of works. You'll want to do article marketing, link building, forum posting, pay per click advertising and other marketing works so that your online business can get the maximum exposure and generate revenue for you.

In this situation, you would probably have too much marketing work on your hand causing work overloaded and
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need to outsource part of your tasks to others. Outsourcing certainly reduces your workload but will drive up your cost and eat up a portion of your profit.

Well with WebeServe, you aren't going to worry about high outsourcing cost that could wipe out part of your profit. WebeServe has been mentioned here in this blog in the previous blog posts but if you don't know about WebeServe yet, it is basically an online company that specializes in providing Internet marketing services.

What makes Webeserve different than other outsourcing services is that it allows you to outsource your marketing works at you own small budget. You just need to set the price that you are willing to pay and there will be people in WebeServce do the jobs for you.

Here is a list of Internet marketing services WebeServe is offering?
  • Article writing
  • Article distribution to article directories
  • Web directory submission
  • Forum marketing
  • Link Building
  • Link Wheel
  • Social media marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • Pay per click advertising advices
  • And much more
As you can see the services of WebeServe are designed to help you build traffic and get your marketing messages out on the Internet so if you don't have enough time to do all your important marketing works, you can just start one or more campaigns in WebeServe to distribute your tasks to the skilled service providers in WebeServe.

Webeserve uses a crowd sourcing method which they refer to as Pay-Per-Service which means you pay only when your task is completed. So you can be certain that you'll get what you pay for.

The cost is low to the level that everyone is affordable. I.e. You can have a link campaign requesting 50 backlinks at the cost of $12.50, you can set your budget at $10 for article writing and distribution and many more services you can requested at cheap price.

If you struggle to make money online, I’m sure you are doing Internet marketing daily. But sometimes it just too much to work with or you are tired to finish all your marketing tasks, think about using WebeServe’s Services. You’ll pay the minimum price to get your works done while still enjoying good profit.

Become an Advertiser of WebeService and Start Outsourcing Your Works
Guest Post by Andy WaltonThere are more ways than you might think to make money by writing online. Whether you are yet to pen your first paid words or are an experienced author, you probably haven't thought of all the ways to exploit your talents. Here are my top 6 tips for paid online writing.Write for a rev share siteOpen an account on an advert-sharing site such as Wik
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inut - these sites make it easy for you to focus on the writing, as they will sort out the traffic and the advertising. As well as earning money for any new content you write, you be able to generate cash from any existing articles you've written. Plus you'll be able to build up an online portfolio within a community of online authors.Join a freelancing siteMiddlemen such as Elance will allow you to submit a profile to their site, and put you in touch with potential clients. They list a wealth of writing jobs, plus associated work such as translation and copy editing. They will help you to gain contract work with businesses from all over the world, and allow you to earn money by writing from home.Get in touch with old colleaguesUse professional networking sites such as LinkedIn to re-establish links with past work colleagues. Make sure you write a full profile of your skills and experience, and always add your latest CV. You'd be surprised at how often offers of work arise from your old acquaintances, so if you're just starting out as a writer work those connections.Write a blogIf you're brave enough to try something a little more technical why not create a blog for yourself? You can add targeted adverts using Google Adsense, which will automatically display adverts that are relevant to your content. You'll need to learn promotional skills to acquire traffic, so read up on SEO, guest posting and link building.Become a guest posterIf you do have a blog or other online content to promote, contact blog owners you respect and send them some example guest posts. Ensure you try to target your writing for their style, and always provide a short bio of yourself that includes a link back to your site. By building relationships with a few high traffic blogs you'll be putting your name before potentially huge audiences.Author Bio:Andy Walton is inviting you to use Wikinut , a new publishing platform that pays lifetime royalties for your writing on a massive range of topics. Use promo code "5more" at today, and get an extra 5% in royalties.
Guest Post by Paul CentenoMarketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individuals’ and companies’ goals. Marketing starts with the organization’s mission, which is the process of fulfilling goals through the exchange of goods, services, and ideas.A marketing orientation is a customer focus that is embodied in a company’s mission and strategy. Marketing orientation is essential because it helps a company achieve its mission. The most important thing a company must do is pay
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attention to its customers to satisfy their needs, wants, and demands. A company should know the difference between stated needs, real needs, unstated needs, delight needs, and secret needs, and should provide many options to satisfy each need.The five approaches to marketing is production, product, selling, marketing, and societal marketing, and it is common that a company might change from one to another to stay competitive. In order to manage demand, marketers need to know the forms of demand and adapt marketing strategies to them. These include latent demand, increasing demand, irregular demand, full demand, overfull demand, declining demand, unwholesome demand, negative demand, and no demand.The marketing process begins by identifying the market opportunities that will best help the company achieve its mission. The opportunities are determined by knowing who the target customers are and why they should by “our” product instead of the competitors’. A business will have only two kinds of customers, individual and other businesses or organizations. A company should know the many forces that drive a customer to buy and the steps that lead them to their decision.Organization customers are different than individual customers because they buy the goods and services from one business that will help their own business. Basically, they are looking for the best possible deal. The three kinds of organizations are for-profit, institutions, and government, and they all have buying patterns which includes the straight rebuy, the modified rebuy, and the new task. Also, organizations differ from individuals when speaking of their purchasing decisions but, the buying process is similar for both of them.In order to have a continuous customer advantage, a company must sustain a competitive advantage that has meaning for their customers. The company should perform a competitive analysis, beginning with determining who their competitors are. There are both existing and potential competitors, and the most threatening are the potential rivals. Once a company knows who their competitors are, it needs to analyze the rivals’ strategies, objectives, strengths, and weaknesses. Also, a company can tell the level of danger of a competitor by how they respond to changes in the marketplace.The market strategy of a company will answer why the customers should buy their product instead of the competitors’. The main goals of the strategy is to understand the competitive advantage, how the product fulfills the customer’s needs, and ensures that the product does fulfill the customers’ expectations, needs, and desire. To achieve these goals, a company needs to know the target market’s size and behavior, the benefit of the product, and understand sales, profits, and budget.It is important for a company to decide what the product is, what the price will be, what place it will be sold in, and what promotions are needed. Differentiation is the act of distinguishing a company’s offering from competitors’ offerings in ways that are meaningful to customers. Positioning is determining and communicating the central benefit of the product in the minds of target buyers. A company must always remember that all products have a life cycle and eventually the product will decline.Marketing communications is essential because it tells the target market about the availability, benefits, and price of the product. The most effective marketing communication is advertising because it allows the public to view and hear of the product from multiple places at any time of the day. Another type of marketing is a sells person that has to call and persuade a person buy the product.Author Bio:Paul Centeno is a young entrepreneur who has been in the business of making money online for almost two years, and he has succeeded in a few home businesses. Now he has decided to show people, step by step, how to make money on the internet at no cost with a brand new website and newsletter. If you want to know more about his Free program, please go to
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