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I just read a WSJ article about how some hotel chains are trying to woo people leaving negative remarks publicly about their brand. 'I Hate My Room,' The Traveler Tweeted. Ka-Boom! An Upgrade!Generally speaking, the idea is crap. In essence they are spending resources trying to make the most unsatisfied segment of their market happy, and rewarding people for trashing their brands with free upgrades & other perks. And so it teaches more people to complain & to find arbitrary things to complain about. Hence the friendly article offering the tip on how to get free room upgrades, with tip
When the internal Google remote quality rater guidelines leaked online there was a core quote inside it that defined the essence of spam:Final Notes on SpamWhen trying to decide if a page is Spam, it is helpful to ask yourself this question: if I remove the scraped (copied) content, the ads, and the links to other pages, is there anything of value left? if the answer is no, the page is probably Spam.With the above quote in mind please review the typical Mahalo pageAdding a bit more context, the following 25 minute video from 2008 starts off with Matt Cutts talking about how he penalized a web
Back in December 2007, I observed that "Blogs Are the New Trade Press." Today, it appears that news blogs are becoming the new online newspapers, too.

According to "The State of the News Media 2009," an annual report by the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism, "nearly one out of every five journalists working for newspapers in 2001 is now gone, and 2009 may be the worst year yet."

It adds, "Perhaps least noticed yet most important, t
Professional web design and internet marketing company in india.Our internet marketing strategy encompasses a wide range of activities, from optimizing websites, improving their indexing on search engines or building link programs to managing traffic generation lists or making your website more user-friendly.
The other day a person contacted me about wanting to help me with ad retargeting on one of my sites, but in order to do so they would have had to have tracked my site. That would have given them tons of great information about how they could retarget all my site's visitors around the web. And they wanted me to give that up for free in an offer which was made to sound compelling, but lacked substance. And so they never got a response. :DGiven that we live in "the information age" it is surprising how little people value data & how little they expect you to value it. But there are still a l
So China just renewed Google’s license to operate there. Google has tried to “abide by Chinese law” as they prefer to put it. Chinese law says: The communist party decides what’s the truth and what not. What’s not true shall neither be published nor searched for. Are multinational corporations like Google good law abiding citizens? [...]© SEOptimise - Thinking of attending SMX London in May 2010? get a 15% discount code!Google China: Just Abiding by the Laws? No, Censoring!Related posts:25 Brutal Truths About SEO, Google & Main Stream Media30 Resources
Crossroads by Captain DJ. Getting targeted traffic for a website is just the first step in a thorough SEO process. What comes next? Landing page optimization or conversion (rate) optimization/CRO follows. After all you want the visitors you get to stay on your site and perform the desired action (like ordering or subscribing). One of [...]© SEOptimise - Thinking of attending SMX London in May 2010? get a 15% discount code!30 Multivariate & A/B Split Testing Tools, Tutorials & ResourcesRelated posts:46 CRO/Conversion Rate Optimization Resources for Web Design, SEO & Social
In the past when I claimed that the Google Maps insertion in organic search results wasn't more organic search but rather a Google promotion, I was met with skepticism by some, who argued that Google Maps was just another flavor of organic search and visitors would still be able to go to the end ranked website. If you search for something on Google and click on one of the end URLs you can still visit them, but Google made one step in the opposite direction today. If you click on the map now the Google Maps section lists a bunch of places on the maps, rather than giving you the URLs. You then
Credit: HardForumsDo you work in an office? From home? If you're thinking of starting SEO business, one of the key decisions you'll need to make is where to setup. One of the advantages of the internet is that distance doesn't become the obstacle it once was. An office can exist virtually, with the workforce spread out across the country, or around the globe, with employees working from home. Let's take a look at the many advantages and disadvantages of the virtual business. It would be great if those who have already established their own SEO businesses could share their experiences in the c
In this edition of our weekly Twitter column I’d like to ridicule Twitter search. Yes, no mistake here. We know now, after I’ve predicted it a few weeks ago thatTwitter search will finally rank tweetsinstead of just showing the latest ones.Search Engine Land asked when the news Twitter search ranking will get live but they [...]© SEOptimise - Thinking of attending SMX London in May 2010? get a 15% discount code!Twitter Search Will Rank Tweets One Day – Topsy Does AlreadyRelated posts:Twitter SEO the Tiger Woods Way: How Google Ranks TweetsiPad, iPad, iPad!!! No, Just Ki
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