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Hi,Today, the Web is a much more sophisticated place (dynamic shopping carts, blogs, DOM scripting, Ajax etc) … a Web that requires much more sophisticated web designers. To be a competitive and modern web designer these days, you have to learn more than just HTML and CSS . The ‘foundation’ languages of web design today [...]
Hi,Get 50% off a 1 year subscription at!Regular price: $99 - now only $50!About the has all the courses you need to become a web developer. Quickly learn the languages of the web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. And then build real-world apps like a shopping cart store that works with Paypal, build a full blown CMS from scratch and more.Here is the coupon code:
Hi,I just released my new Beginners HTML 2015 course on Here is first of 57 video lessons - what exactly is HTML:The video lessons are only one part of the training package. My courses include: Interactive gaming environment - track your progress, unlock chapters and badges. To reinforce the lessons, we provide hundreds of quiz and code challenge questions. Support material for tea
Having an effective website that not only attracts site visitors but promotes business for your company is a tool that no modern busness can do without.
Designing a new website or just re-designing the present one can prove to be an intimidating task. That is the reason why it is important to consult a professional web design company that is experienced, has market reputation and has designed good amount of websites.
The Usefulness of Websites and the tools to create a website ....
Setting up a website for your company or organisation can be an exciting experience, as you watch your business come to life on the screen. Web design services vary from the very affordable web design companies who give you standard templates without much customisation, to websites that cost thousands of dollars.
Hi,Yet another Dreamweaver CS4 video … this time on inserting links into web pages. Along the way, we also learn a few other things.The video:I have several other Dreamweaver CS4 videos coming out soon. Watch in HD and fullscreen to get the best video and sound quality.Stefan
This article contains information and importance of creating lawn service logos for a gardener for it has turned in to a lucrative business as well. There are other ways to promote but it would not provide you any good results for your business in short.
Simply building up a website scattering a few key points throughout the home page and other service page does not end your job. Website is all about generating a great user experience and establishing your brands.
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