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Rapidshare is a file hosting goldmine if you know how to search it properly. for example: Try using follwoing code. inurl:zip|rar|7zip|tar Open google site. Put above line in search box, hit enter. You will get results of downloadable files with zip,rar,7zip and tar formats. inurl can be specified for finding files of specific format. e.g. inurl:pdf inurl:avi|wmv|mpg|nva inurl:mp3|ogg|wma inurl:exe inurl:zip|rar|7zip|tar Now the following query will provide
Fasthosts is a UK based web hosting provider. In business since 1999, Fasthosts is focused on delivering high quality products to their customers. Currently Fasthosts is offering following services: Domain Registration, Email Solutions, Dedicated Server Solutions, Reseller Webhosting Solutions, Ecommerce Solutions and Broadband Services.
Fasthosts Shared Web Hosting Plans
Disk Space: 2 GB
E-mail Accounts: 500+
Monthly Bandwidth: Unlimited
Price: [...]Post from: Web Hosting Review Blog
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Today we are concluding to feature the videos from Bluehost YouTube Channel that were specifically made to help out users who might consider using WordPress with their Bluehost web hosting account. In the video bellow you will learn how to embed documents into the pages of your website with a plugin called Google Doc Embedder. [...]

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When looking for web hosting providers, users often ask question about how reliable a particular web host is? There is absolutely nothing strange in such a question. For many, the ability to have a website up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week may be crucial element for running a successful business. [...]Post from: Web Hosting Review BlogMonitoring Uptime and Downtime of Web Hosting Providers
If you are in search of Virtual Private Server solutions, should be on the short list of the companies to consider. Started in 1983 is a veteran in the web hosting industry offering competitive prices on their VPS hosting solutions.
In addition to Linux and Windows VPS solutions, is also offering server collocation [...]Post from Web Hosting Review Review
Company: Intellwiz Company Overview: Intellwiz comes across as very straightforward web hosting company that offers shared web hosting solutions. The design of their website is crisp and the message is very clear – there is no confusion that you are view other than web hosting company’s website. What is also very refreshing about Intellwiz is […]

iPage might be just the provider you need, If you are looking for a green host, a web hosting provider that uses renewable energy to power their servers. While offering a competitive price for their web hosting solutions package, iPge claims to have clients in over 150 countries, manges over 1,500,000 domains and employs [...]Post from Web Hosting Review Blog:iPage Web Hosting
For the beginning trying to create a website and register a domain name for the first time, questions such which host to use for the website can be confusing and panic-inducing. Most of the websites that you can currently access online are run by either Windows hosting or Linux hosting.
Company: Web Hosting Offered: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting About (submitted by company): We know that finding a cheap, reliable web hosting is not a simple task so we’ve put all the information you need in one place to help you make your decision. At hothostingdeal, we pride ourselves in our commitment to our [...]

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Dedicated servers are suitable for people who require large space for their websites. These servers help them get privacy on their websites. Dedicated Servers are considered to be very flexible website hosting services as compared to shared hosting.
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