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For other uses, see Concert (disambiguation).
A classical music concert in the Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia, 2005

A concert is a live performance, usually of music, before an audience. The music may be performed by a single musician, sometimes then called a recital, or by a musical ensemble, such as an orchestra, a choir, or a musical band. Informal names for a concert include "show" and "gig". Concerts are held in a wide variety of settings or venues, including pubs, nightclubs, houses, barns,
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dedicated concert halls, entertainment centres, large multipurpose buildings, and even sports stadiums. A concert held in a very large venue is sometimes called an arena concert. Regardless of the venue, musicians usually perform on a stage. Before the dominance of recorded music, concerts would be the only opportunity one would generally have to hear musicians play.

While the principal reason for a concert is the opportunity for the musicians to perform in front of an audience, even the most purely artistic of endeavors will see gains. Concerts provide the musicians exposure to the public. An attendee will probably see the musicians perform again if the concert was worthwhile. Recording artists usually go on tours to promote record sales and introduce their fans to new musical compositions. Some musicians and musical groups are known for consistently touring and holding concerts, others rarely so.
It’s good news for advertisers, but not so good for publishers - online display advertising prices have dropped substantially over the past year according to a recent survey. But it’s not all gloom and doom
According to the AdPrice Index published by Pubmatice, a significant decline in Q4 2008 online display ad pricing compared to Q4 [...]
With a self directed IRA you can invest in real estate, futures, hedge funds, and other alternative investments. Setup an real estate IRA account today.
This week we’ve been looking at a variety of techniques to help you increase your blogs earnings in the lead up to Christmas.
Today I want to share 2 similar techniques that I’ve used in the last week that is a big part of tripling my Amazon earnings for the month of December - best seller [...]
After much consideration and feedback from the readers of this blog, I have decided to implement insignificant redesign to this blog. A static front page was created to feature every web hosting provider that was ever reviewed on this blog. Hopefully new front page of this blog will be easy to reference and use by [...]Post from: Web Hosting Review Blog
Slightly Redesigned Web Hosting Review Blog
You’d be surprised at just how effective capitalization can be. You have an ad headline and two lines of description then the URL. That’s it. Not much space. What are you going to do with it?
You obviously can’t write a book. Not enough space. So use the space you have.
Instead of trying to add new [...]
Do you use Western Union as your payment method? If so, we've just made a couple minor updates that we'd like to let you know about. Expiration date extendedWe've now extended the deadline to pick up your Western Union payments from 35 days to 60 days. If you haven't picked up your payment within 60 days of issuance, the payment will be credited back to your account and a payment hold will be placed on your account. You'll then see a notice in your account with more details on how to proceed. Split paymentsAs you may know, Western Union has specific payout limits depending on location. In the
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past, if your payment amount exceeded the Western Union payout limit in your country, we'd send your payment by secured express delivery check instead. Unfortunately, this would also incur a delivery fee, so we're happy to let you know that this is now no longer the case. Now, if your payment exceeds the maximum payment amount, we'll divide up the amounts but still send them via Western Union. For instance, if the payout limit in your country is $3,000 USD and your payment for the month is $5,000 USD, we'll send you two payments: one for the limit of $3,000 USD and another for the remainder of $2,000 USD. If you're sent multiple Western Union payments, you'll see multiple 'Payment issued' lines on your Payment history page, each with the corresponding MTCN associated with it. Depending on your local Western Union agent, you may need to pick up multiple payments on subsequent days. We recommend consulting your local Western Union agent for further details. Payment by Western Union is currently available in a limited number of countries, but we're working on expanding the countries we support, and we'll keep you posted with any updates.Posted by Deborah Chang - AdSense Payments Team

Recession? What Recession! Did you know that the Affiliate Marketing Economy is white hot right now? I found open positions (see below) in 1 click
So while I was away I made it onto the Most Influential Online Marketers of 2008 list. Not that I don’t appreciate everyone who was nice enought to vote for me, and all the hard work that went into putting a list like that together, but I wonder about the culture we create and want to live in where people strive to be on lists like this and use them of some measure of personal or professional validation.People who set out to make sure they are known by the “right” people or make it onto the “right” lists worry me. Sure it’s cool to be a celebrity and get inv
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ited to all the cool parties, but it’s much better if you actually did something other than stroking the egos of the right people to get there. Let’s face it who wants to be “that guy” who poeple invited because they had to, not because he was interesting or informative (and I use he to mean everyone male and female not just men so don’t be hatin’ on me).
So please don’t be playing the fame game and like Loren Feldman says don’t be obsessing over personal branding, instead focus on doing good work. At then end of the day making onto some list and being internet famous is a waste of time unless you can figure out how to make some money with it, because it’s “tough to pay the bills with a wallet full of famous” (credit Lee Odden).
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So I Made it Onto Some Silly List

After getting really lucky with my 2008 predictions I was in two minds whether to dust off the crystal ball and have another stab again this year, but with some trepidation here goes.

Deeplinking (1) some of the affiliate networks that have been seriously lagging behind in the deeplinking stakes will vastly improve what they have [...]a
Affiliate Marketing Predictions 2009
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