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Great content with no marketing is pointless. You can write until your fingers fall off, but if nobody is reading your content then you arent getting anywhere fast...
Blogs are powerful. I hope this inspires you to start blogging, keep blogging, or get more serious about blogging. It didnt take much for me to achieve these results - and you can easily do the same!
It has taken me a couple of days to rest up and catch up, but I’m finally getting back in the swing of things. I am super excited about closing out what has been an awesome year, and kicking off 2009 with big plans...
I have a quick video clip to share with you this weekend, taken oceanside on the Mornington Peninsula in Australia. I landed here 2 days ago, for a two-week vacation. A working vacation that is
The video was taken with a mobile phone, and is a quick shot of me “eating noodles on the [...]
If you’re newer to your niche then you might be thinking that my super affiliate status, or my 12 years in business, gives me an advantage with networking that you dont have. That may be true to some extent, but I’ve actually been leveraging market strengths since my very first day in business...
There are several free solutions out there from third-party services like PDF995 to open source software like Open Office. I’ve used both but there is another option out there that is usually over-looked and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites: Google Docs...
On Monday January 12th, we are all going to get together on BlogTalkRadio for a brainstorming session - and you’re invited to listen in live! This will give you the opportunity to eavesdrop on a real mastermind group, as we all grill each other on strategies and secrets...
This is what its all about. Its about lifestyle, and about enjoying every little thing that every single day offers. This is the #1 reason to work from home, and to achieve financial independence...
I went on a reconnaissance trip in July 2007 to evaluate the various gemstone mining areas in the Federally Administrated Northern Areas of Pakistan. The trip was limited to the Gilgit, Skardu and Astore districts due to time and security. Gemstones and minerals have been produced in this mountainous region of Pakistan for nearly 40 years. Mountainous regions are geologically active areas that expose a greater amount of rock outcrops and give prospectors an advantage in locating gem and mineral deposits. They also give rise to numerous logistical problems, some of which are extreme.
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>Prospecting in a region with near vertical cliffs that rise 3,000 to 4,000 feet or higher is a nightmare. Mining a deposit in an environment like this is even worse. At such elevations, pockets are practically always frozen, internal combustion engines do not operate, the air pressure is too low for pneumatic equipment, and the mining season is generally very short.
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