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After getting really lucky with my 2008 predictions I was in two minds whether to dust off the crystal ball and have another stab again this year, but with some trepidation here goes.

Deeplinking (1) some of the affiliate networks that have been seriously lagging behind in the deeplinking stakes will vastly improve what they have [...]a
Affiliate Marketing Predictions 2009
Hi, everyone – it’s your friendly, neighborhood Dr. Pete, and I’m pleased and humbled to announce my first post as contributor with Search Engine People. If you don’t know me, I’m a usability specialist, cognitive psychologist, lifelong coder, and President of User Effect. I hang out with SEOs because, frankly, you’re better looking and more [...]
Below, I’ve compiled a list of techniques I personally know of being utilized in the industry. It is by no means comprehensive, but is one of the most complete lists I’m aware of. I’ve tried to keep each technique as mutually exclusive as possible.
I would like this list to become definitive, so I propose this;
if [...]
New programs available through Google Affiliate Network:



NARS Cosmetics


Commission: 8-10%
CD: 45 Days
Join Program
Program Highlights:

LAUNCH SPECIAL: For the first 3 months, we’re offering you a special 3% increase in commission across the tiers: so you’ll earn between 11 - 13% commission as an affiliate in the first three months! 8-10% tiered commission ther
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Shipping available WORLDWIDE and [...]

Have you received any invitations to join your friends and family on Windows Live? If you haven’t yet, you probably will. That’s because Windows Live is getting more social.
In fact, you can argue that Windows Live was one of the largest untapped social networks in the world. Just think of [...]
Theres a new and FREE eBay Wordpress Plugin called Affomatic that can help you embed eBay listings right into your Wordpress posts. Some Bans sites have lost ranking and may be thin affiliate sites.

I thought this was a handy tool for all you vagabond affiliates out there. This has saved my derrière… I fixed it with this cool little plugin right there in the Starbucks, or pulled over on the side of the highway

Can’t wait to get your PSDs converted to XHTML? Do not worry we will help you with all your needs on PSD to XHTML conversions. It can never get any easier to have your PSD to XHTML converted. We charge very reasonable prices for all conversion jobs.
It’s tempting to say it’s no big deal that Apple is ditching the Macworld Expo. Yes, Steve Jobs has used Macworld stages to introduce the iPhone, the Macbook Air, the iBook and a slew of other objects of techno-lust. But Jobs doesn’t need Macworld to get attention. Mr. Innovation could have invited the press to a bowling alley in Fresno to unveil new technology, and a crowd would still show up.

But this actually is a big deal. Fueled by Apple’s (AAPL) recent success, Jobs’s San Francisco Macworld keynote had become the industry’s most remarkable marketing event. Journali
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sts from around the world, drawn by star power and the force of tradition, gathered annually to hear Jobs set the agenda for consumer technology.
JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, B of A, Citigroup, Discover and American Express are all pulling out of affiliate marketing or cutting down on the cards offered through the channel. Big list of links to stories

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