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There's a question on Yahoo Answers from a man starting a web development business and he was asking how can he market his new business within his locality. So far, he's thinking of creating a flyer and giving the flyer door to door in his neighborhood. He was also thinking of inserting the flyers in cars in the malls.There's just so many wrong things with this shotgun approach, foremost of which is the assumption that everyone and anyone is a potential client. Nothing is farther from the truth: most of my neighbors, for example, are not thinking of creating a web presence and will never be in
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terested in the services of a web development firm. Distributing flyers to these uninterested parties will be a waste of resources.Whether you are starting a web design or a cleaning business, the first step is to determine exactly who will need the products or services you offer. Never make the assumption that the whole world is your target audience (wouldn't it be lovely, though).Going back to the web development firm, if he wants to reach potential clients in his area then the first step is to research and segment his target market:Businesses with existing websites that are well developed and excellent both in tems of design and functionalityBusinesses with existing websites but are poorly presented and executedBusinesses that do not have a website but should definitely have one businesses that do not have a website and may or may not benefit from a websiteDoing the research can be time consuming, but understanding the needs of potential customers allow you to create a more effective sales presentation and approach. Marketing to each of them will be different: those with excellent looking websites may need a different type of service to those with a poor looking website. Take your time to research and selling could be easierAnother thing is the question of whether you'd really like to limit yourself to your geographic area. A cleaning business may have no choice but to work within their locality, but a web development firm can have a huge market around the world. Take a look at sites such as or and try to find projects outside of your current geographic area. Demand is plenty, but the downside is that you will be competing with Indians and Russians who quote bargain basement prices.

I've just started on my Christmas shopping and now hoping that the gifts I bought online would arrive by December 24. It's a nail biting experience, with all the shipping unknowns (package got lost!)Since I've got 3 kids, I buy mostly toys and learning tools. One thing that surprised me is the wide discrepancy of prices of the same item from one online store to the next, that it would be downright foolish not do any price comparison shopping.For example, Vtech's Kidi Art Studio costs $59.99 at , $59.96 at , but only $47.99 at . But Amazon is not always the ch
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eapest, especially if a third party seller is offering the item. Amazon sells the Tonka Bounce Back Racer for $59.99 but ToysRUs in their Biggest Toy Book Ever lists the item as costing only $24.99. That's more than half!!!I'm just amazed at how significant the price difference of the same items on the Web. Unless you are looking for something unique offered only by 1 or 2 online sellers, it is imperative to do some sort of price comparison.Like anything about running a business, price can be an important factor for customers -- unless you differentiate yourself from the others where the customer will still buy from you even if you cost twice as much as the other seller.

If you're thinking of earning from your expertise -- whether presenting yourself as a consultant or as an expert in your field -- there's a new web tool that will allow you to earn money from your blog or website.SpeaktoMe Expert Services offers a widget that makes giving expert paid advice to clients easier. The widget, which you put into your blog or website, allows you to be connected to your client over a regular phone line while paying you by the minute. Your clients can sign in, add funds and click on the "speak to me" link. The service is free to you, but Spea
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kToMe takes a total of 20% of the revenues you generate from your clients (you get 80%).I have not personally tried the widget, nor have I signed up for the program (I prefer email than phone consulting). I was contacted by the company founder to let me know of this new tool. If you are intrigued as I am, check out the program and maybe try it and see how much earnings it can give you.

With the economy in doldrums, are you taking advantage of the opportunities this economic recession presents? Yes, even with all the layoffs and cost cuttings, there's some opportunities for the taking.Some examples:Purchase of vehicles for businesses -- with the car industry reeling from the slump, there's a lot of deals waiting in the car dealerships. Now is the best time to upgrade your business vehicle, or buy the vehicle you need for your business.Cheaper tech gadgets -- given the poor holiday season, sales are a plenty and prices of tech goodies have dr
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opped significantly.Cheaper office supplies -- now's the time to stock up on all office supplies and office equipment you may need.Hiring great employees -- as other companies are issuing pink slips, you may be able to find the programmer or writer or assistant you've always needed. Find money making opportunities -- as people react to the recession, now is the time to look closely at where demand lies. A building contractor affected by the mortgage meltdown may want to look at the green movemet in construction and discover a whole new niche (e.g. think alternative energy systems such as solar energy installations). Or as recession results to layoffs, more and more people will be looking for cheaper health care such as alternative medicines.

One of the important questions when starting a business is finding the right legal structure for that business -- and understanding the tax implications of that legal structure. Here is one question from one of our readers sent via our Consult Your Guides service: Q. I have three small business operating as corporations and my objective is to find the best protection (limit liability) and gain tax advantage. My question, firstly is whether I can open up a parent holding company, a LLC, (can a holding company be an LLC?) which will then own the three corporations.Secondly, should I open that p
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arent LLC and make each of the three corporations LLCs also or do I really need to have a parent LLC or can I just convert the three corporations into three LLCs without opening a new umberella parent LLC.Thirdly, one of the three corporations can convert into an LLC and own the other two. Again, the other two can remain as corporations or become LLCs. I own all three companies and I intend to be the boss in whatever direction I choose to go into with the structure change. Please advise ... Salman, FloridaRead the response of our incorporation expert Chrissie Mould "Objective: Limiting Liability and Gain Tax Advantage For Corporations" . You can also check out other questions on business legal structure, tax, licenses and other regulatory requirements.

If you have an event planning business (or planning to start one), here are 10 ideas on how to market your business and get clients:1. Hook up with big event planning companies. Some will give their overflow work to their subcontractors or they may even ask you to work with them on their projects. Good relationship with competitors can be beneficial2. Find organizations in your area that conducts a lot of events and seminars, and offer to arrange it for them. Contact all the local clubs, sports clubs and churches and tell them about your service. For example,
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you can offer to plan an event for FREE, for your Chamber of Commerce, or any networking organizations to show your skills and talents.3. Network, network and network. Get involved in local business organizations, examples: Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis, Rotary Club, etc. Discuss your business with other business leaders to help ensure that you're on the top of their minds when they need an event planning organizer. On the Web, join professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn Contact every large business, restaurant and hotel in your area and tell them about your services. Cold call these businesses, doing research beforehand how the business handles events and who is in charge of contractors. Request for a meeting and meet them in person, rather than simply sending in a direct mail piece or brochure.5. Attend all the wedding fairs and other trade show opportunities where you can appropriately participate.6. Contact all the local radio stations and magazines and make friends with the editors and journalists. Explore opportunities where you can give advice on how to organize parties and events -- from radio talk show guestings to writing articles for local newspapers.7. Make it a point to ask referrals from your customers -- don't just assume that they will refer you to their friends. Ask them to recommend you to anyone else they think could use your services8. Create a website and make sure that it is listed in all local directories, on the web and off9. Yellow page advertising - a significant portion of the population still looks at the yellow pages to find local service providers10. Provide excellent service and customers are very likely to recomend you to other people. Word of mouth is an important marketing strategy for an event planning business, that you need to ensure that your clients can become ambassadors of your business. Ask your satisfied clients to post favorable reviews of your services in various local directories and sites such as

What are the common fatal mistakes when starting a business?According to Ed Hess and Charles Goetz, authors of the book "So, You Want to Start a Business? 8 Steps to Take Before Making the Leap," you need to avoid the following mistakes if you want your business to survive and have a chance at success:Choosing a bad business opportunityPursuing the wrong customers. Trying to sell the unsalable.Selling for the wrong price. Overestimating the number of and the speed of customer purchases.Mismanaging the business. Failing to hire the right people.Losing good employees. Being unable to accommodate
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growth. Read the book excerpt "Small Business DOA: Nine Killer Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business"

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Auction View on eBay motors. Exceptional Listing Advertise your website with a Exceptional Listing. Add your hotlink for
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Organizzazione di Team Building per aziende e Corporate, Exercises & Events Outdoor e non, per il tuo team aziendale, un nuovo modo di concepire gli e.
In this economically challenging times, excellent customer service becomes even more important for home-based and small businesses. Excellent customer service can help you retain the customers you need to keep your business afloat, or with a lot of good luck and great strategy, even thriving.But how do you know if you are providing the kind of service your customer wants and needs?I interviewed Kathy Doering, President of market research agency Ann Michaels & Associates, Ltd. , on the importance of customer service to a company. Kathy is well entrenched in the b
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usiness of customer service as her company offers various market research services such as mystery shopping, phone and web based surveys, social media monitoring, among other services.Here are some excerpts from the interview:How important is customer service to the success of a business?Kathy: Customer service is the lifeline of any business. Business owners spend large amounts of time and money to win new customers but yet they don’t do much to insure that the customer is well taken care of once they arrive. Making sure your new customers turn into loyal customer is critical to a company’s success. Loyal customers create “word of mouth” advertising which is the best form of marketing a company can do.How can a small business leverage customer service to compete effectively?Kathy: Small Business owners should consider offering their loyal customers something to thank them for their patronage. Little touches go a long way and they don’t have to be expensive. Sending a personal email alerting a loyal customer of a sale before the general public learns of it is a great way to personalize service. Give customers the Disney experience whenever you can. Gather ideas from your employees. Since they deal with your customers on a day to day basis, they may have some create ideas to share as well.Read the full interview "Excellent Customer Service: A Must for Small Businesses"

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