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Guest Post by Anil Gupta

Facebook has not only become a popular social medium, but also a medium where lot can happen in few minutes and few seconds. And all this while if you were thinking about doing business and making friends have been difficult, then out here in Facebook you’d have all the good things happening in front of you. But in spite of all these things there are many popular myths shrouding Facebook. The 5-most common myths of them are:

Myth-1- Facebook alone will get you clients and customers

Just think for a second! This is a greatest myth for t
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he small business owners. By simply being on Facebook is no guarantee that your business will increase by volumes. It is very true and credible that Facebook helps in exposing and boosting the brand online. Your brand reaches out to millions, but the statement that your business will run solely on Facebook, is just a Myth.

Myth-2- Facebook Will Charge for the Services

This is absolutely not true. There are no immediate plans designed by the Facebook creators to charge for any kind of advertising. There is absolutely no registration fee for the new Facebook users. No, absolutely not!

Myth-3- Facebook's Founder Mark Zuckerberg Took the Idea Second Hand from Harvard Student Oriented Website

Mark Zuckerberg on the other hand had taken the idea from the simple interface website known as Facemash. The website allowed student community to compare and rate the pictures online, and which led to enhanced interaction.

Myth-4- Talks are Around to Procure Facebook for few billion dollars by Yahoo etc. However, all these turned out to be petty rumors

As per the internal early 2009 internal appraisal of Facebook, the online website has its current worth held at $4 billion, which is 4 times more than what Yahoo ($1 Billion) proposed to offer. In the interview to the Time Magazine, Facebook’s Founder expressed his opinion that selling Facebook is not the central focal point. On the contrary, Facebook wants to develop a more comprehensive base for interacting with the online audience.

Myth-5- Facebook Jeopardizes the Social Skills

Facebook offers an easier connects between the relatives and the friends at an extremely faster rate than any other way. The very idea that Facebook is turning the world, especially the younger lot into Hermits is not completely true. According to University of Cambridge Studies about the Facebook, it is found that Facebook offers amazing tools where relationships can foster and turn out to be fruitful.

Author Bio:
Anil Gupta writes about Making Money Online, Seo, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and Social media related topics like Facebook Fan Page Promotion on his ScopeForMoney blog.
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