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I am CoCo the blogging dog! My hobbies include chasing cats, going for a walk and eating bologna. I enjoy writing about my life as a dog, topics that dogs may find interesting, and anything else I am distracted by.
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A Short Story About 2 Russian Road Hackers.

Suppose, you have 8 tonnes of lumber and a truck capable of carrying 4 tonnes load. So, how would you convey 8 tonnes cargo with 4 tonnes lorry? It is even first-former from primary school would say it's very simple task. You just have to divide the cargo into two portions and carry them in two trips! But such a decision is unacceptable for russian driver. Russian driver would never waste t
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ime and fuel for extra trips. Let's see how it looks like in real life.
KaChing: How to Run an Online Business that Pays and Pays

You know, writing and launching a book is a lot like welcoming a new family member.

It takes time, planning and then there is the anticipation. Finally, the moment arrives.

Well, that moment is here...

Today is the official launch of my new book!

Over the years I've released a number of books.

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Finding the best affiliate network for your web site or ad campaigns is always a challenge, there are just so many to choose from. Fortunately, we can thank the competition between all of the networks to do the dirty work for us, of recruiting new advertisers, handling payments and everything else we really don’t want [...]

With hundreds of millions of sites and blogs in the world today, the odds are against you that your site will succeed. When looking at some of the most successful bloggers in the world, one of the biggest reasons why other sites fail, is because their site owners didn’t put in the time and research […]

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What's Wrong with Internet Marketing?

There's a very disturbing trend taking place in the Internet marketing world. I am specifically referring to the Infoproduct "make money online" niche.

I've had one foot in this market for the past few years, but I am increasingly dismayed by what I see happening.

I say "one foot" because my products and services are very diverse and most are not in the IM niche.

However, it

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's time someone came forward to draw a line in the sand. Since I don't see my peers doing it, I am willing to take the risk. It's too important to ignore.

Step 1: Take a minute to watch this video:

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What Is The Biggest Difference Between PPC Classroom 2.0 and 3.0?

It was our goal to make PPC Classroom 3.0 the ULTIMATE PPC affiliate marketing source you’d ever need! That includes EVERY tool to help you AUTOMATE the entire process.
But, not just “any” tool [...]

Blogging has completely changed everything on the internet. Through the use of WordPress it’s never been easier to start a web site and create content online. Not only have blogging been powerful for brands and businesses of all sizes, but also as a foundation and platform for individuals to have a voice of their own […]

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