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Reviews Cables To Go 40435 HDMI to HDMI Mini 1080p Version 1.3 Adapter (Blue)

Products by : Cables To Go

Model : 40435

I purchased this for monitoring video output from canon HF S11 and 5DMarkII on TV monitors. This transition fits the cameras and HDMI cables and works perfectly.
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Time for a little reader discussion – this one inspired by a Tweet by @JessVanDen who asked:
“do you have a regular posting structure, or just post things as you think of them/find them. i.e. regular features or not?”
I’d like to widen the topic slightly and see if readers do any kind of planning of blog [...]Post from: Blog Tips at ProBlogger.

Do You Plan Your Blo
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g Posts?
What will the crowd think of the new Facebook Like buttons on your site? Michael Johston from The Well Run Site explores whether they’re right for yours.
The stampeding sound you may have recently heard was not caused by a bank panic or rumors of an impending astroid strike.
It was just the new Like button from [...]

Post from: Blog Tips at ProBlogger.


Are Facebook Like Buttons Wrong or Right For Your Site?

Today was a crazy day. We’re launching a new eBook with another site on dPS tonight so there was lots of planning, writing of copy for emails, sales pages and blog posts, setting up of shopping carts and much much more.
I thought that the day would be a write off when it came to my [...]

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How I Conquered Being Undisciplined and Started Getting Things Done

If you’re struggling to find your place in this internet marketing game and feel torn between the hype and obnoxious tactics of some of the traditional internet marketers and the ideals, principles and yet lack of profitability of many of the social media purists… you just might want to check out The Third Tribe.
Third Tribe [...]

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Join the Third Tribe Before the Price Changes


This is a guest contribution from Larry Alton. Working from home sounds like a pretty cushy job. You can wear whatever you like, eat as often as you want, text your friends, run errands, and be at home with your family, all while being employed. However, that list of things can often make it difficult [...]

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Build a Better Blog in 31 Days

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ways-to-stay-productive-as-a-work-at-home-blogger/">10 Ways To Stay Productive as a Work-at-Home Blogger

The post 10 Ways To Stay Productive as a Work-at-Home Blogger appeared first on @ProBlogger.

This column is written by Kimberly Turner from Regator (a great tool that gathers and organizes the world’s best blog posts). – Darren

Happy Monday, bloggers! Every week, we use Regator's blog trends to show you what the blogosphere has been buzzing about during the previous seven days. (As always, click any trend to see posts about that story.) Because so many people are blogging about each of these stories, it becomes more important than ever to find a way to set your post apart.

This week, we'll be taking a look at a few posts from bloggers who used interest-adding for
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mats to approach these widely covered stories. So many of us tend to think in terms of text and paragraphs when we sit down to blog, but there are dozens of options you can use to add variety to your blog, find new ways of looking at a story, and present an oft-covered topic in a fresh and engaging way.Post from: Blog Tips at ProBlogger.

Blogosphere Trends – What Bloggers Are Writing About This Week
Kevin Geary is the author of Employee Revolution: A guide to being indispensable, irreplaceable, and higher paid (without lying, cheating, or joining a union).
If you have a personal blog, I’m talking directly to you. If you don’t have a personal blog, get one now. Sorry, but this surefire strategy doesn’t work unless you have a [...]

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How to Make an Absolute Fortune From Your Blog (Really)

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