There are two goals that a good title must achieve:

it must help you rank for a keyword;
it must make the user want to click through to your page.
These two goals are not mutually exclusive, but they do sometimes have competing interests. If you’re ranking well, but nobody is clicking on your result, that ranking isn’t doing you much good. Be warned that if you’re ranking but never getting clicks, your rankings might deteriorate over time.

Titles and click-through rates (CTR)
Google uses the CTR (click-through rate) to help it decide how relevant you are for a specific keyword. If your
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Out of all the online marketing platforms, SEO…
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These are the few SEO off page activities that will boost your ranking -

Start answering on Quora & other Q & A platform
Make YouTube videos…
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Want to improve the organic search visibility of your website?
Step one is commonly an Seo Audit
An SEO audit can produce valuable insights. It reveals past S…
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