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Guest Post by David Brown

Is there a better way to express yourself and interact with unknown yet like-minded people than starting a blog? Perhaps not. Blogs allow an ordinary man to write the story of his life, share his thoughts with people he doesn’t know and even make a living out of it. This has made blogs more than a phenomenon these days. However, not every blog is a success. While some blogs enjoy enormous popularity, others are not equally well known and some fail to attract the attention of the readers completely. Clearly, a huge number of people plough on with a lot of determination as they love blogging but only a few taste the kind of success that they dream of. So if you are contemplating on starting a blog then make sure that you know the ground rules. Here are a few things you should know before you put your right foot forward:

Develop a niche
The world of blogging is a busy place overstocked with the stuffs offered by amateurs as well as professionals. Making your own personal space here can be a challenging thing. It is generally agreed that to build a huge and loyal audience you need to have a niche. It is very important for you to focus on something in particular and have firsthand experience as well as expertise on the subject. This will help you to present things in a creative and interesting manner. On the other hand, if you try to cover life, universe and everything then most probably you won’t be heard.

Content is the king
One of the most important ways to build a successful blog is to provide your readers something that is really intriguing and hard to find anywhere on the web. Fresh and innovative content should be presented in a unique manner in order to attract readers. Top bloggers always make a buzz because they are trendsetters. They focus on introducing new things, stuffs that are unheard of to attract the readers. If you publish bulk articles on topics that others have covered then it’s not wise to expect huge traffic. Also make sure that your blog is free from duplicate content. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. hate duplicate content and will punish your blog by not indexing it.

Awesome Marketing
Having good content is a primary requirement but it might not be very effective without proper marketing. Make people aware of what you are offering with effective web marketing. This primarily involves SEO link building. It means your blog should have backlinks from top quality blogs and sites. This will increase the search engine ranking of your blog. If your blog appears in the first few pages of the search results for certain keywords then it will possibly have a decent number of visitors. Also make it a point to promote your blog in popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc. Having presence in social content sharing sites (for instance, Hubpages) also helps in a major way. Your blog will climb up the ladder of popularity pretty soon if you follow the above tips.

Patience is the key
Before starting a blog it’s important to realize that blogs do not become successful overnight. For many blogs, it takes years to achieve even moderate success. You have to spend quite some time on marketing the blog and tweaking its design. Moreover, to enhance your chances of building a successful blog you should post everyday. Most successful blogs publish more than one article daily. Initially you might not feel motivated to post heavily since you won’t see any immediate results. But understand that the posting more content will increase recognition among the search engines. You must Continue updating your blog and wait patiently. Chances are high that readers and search engines will eventually embrace your blog.

Think twice before quitting your full time job
We understand that you are really passionate about blogging but how rational is it to quit your regular job for it? Blogging is a very uncertain proposition. It works for some and not for others in spite of their best efforts. So leaving your full time job can actually push you towards financial crisis and debt. To play safe you should set aside some time for your blog on a daily basis. Once it gets popular and generates stable revenue, you can contemplate on saying goodbye to your boss.
Are you beginning to think that blogging is a psychological and physical strain? Well, you are mistaken. Blogging can be a very enjoyable, rewarding and satisfying experience if you remember what you have read. Go ahead; maybe it’s your turn to be the winner. Good luck.


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