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With a self directed IRA you can invest in real estate, futures, hedge funds, and other alternative investments. Setup an real estate IRA account today.
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    elishaclaudia 3376 days ago Permalink

    Your 401k Direct Advisor self-directed IRA or Qualified Plan gives you the flexibility to invest in real estate buy raw land, commercial buildings, condos, residential property, rental property, or vacant lots.

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    peterlemhan 3376 days ago Permalink

    Buying real estate from an unrelated party (i.e., one who is not a disqualified person) with cash is the simplest way of investing in real estate with your IRA.

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    edwardgreyman 3376 days ago Permalink

    Your IRA can buy raw land, commercial property, residential (e.g., rental) property, real estate options, as well as extend loans (e.g., first and second mortgages), secured by real estate with your IRA, to unrelated parties. Learn more...

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    dreworlean 3376 days ago Permalink

    Real estate investing inside your IRA opens up a large variety of investment alternatives investments for individuals who are knowledgeable about real estate investing. Investing in real estate with your retirement may serve as a means to diversify your retirement portfolio to hedge against the cyclical changes in the stock market, economy and bank and government-based investments.

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    There is some great info in that story. Thanks

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