Are you a person whose origin comes from South India? Or do you like to eat the famous Chettinad cuisine of food? The main differentiator between other cuisines of India and the famous Chettinad cuisine is probably the hand ground masala that accentuates the flavour of the food. The inclusion of the healthy ginger and garlic along with the curry leaves in the food is what makes it stand out among other cuisines. Any meat cooked in Chettinad style naturally becomes easily digestible and healthy for the body. At Anjappar, you can eat the best Chettinadu Indian Cuisine in Hong Kong. For additional contact reach us at +852 3428 5757 ‬+852 6999 5545‬ or mail us info@anjappar.com.hk. Visit our website http://www.anjappar.com.hk/ for more information


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