Phase2, a digital experience agency, announced the strategic hiring of Emily White as Vice President, Marketing, Martech News.

White joins the organization as Phase2 broadens its marketing practice which added four new members this year. The hire of White, in addition to the growing team, signals the organization’s plans to expand its presence in key markets as it finalizes marketing, and brand strategies for 2020.

“We are enthusiastic about the opportunities the new year will bring as we work to cultivate all the skills our team possesses,” said Jeff Walpole, CEO, Phase2. “Emily is a proven leader, and I am confident she will build upon the talents our team offers as individuals, and as a collective. Marketing is a key element in reaching our audiences, and showcasing who we are as an organization. Emily’s passion and insight for communications best practices, marketing, and team development will enhance our clients’ confidence in us to provide a complete digital experience.”
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