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You can start becoming better guitarists today, with BandJammer. So, forget those guitar frustrations, and that feeling of not making real progress. And forget about all those boring repetitive drills and scales that get you down. And start thinking about having some fun, and REALLY start to impress your friends, Your Family, and even yourself!


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    brittanyfrye65 3094 days ago Permalink

    Within BandJammer you will find everything you need to fully master some great guitar songs, and well as learn new skills and techniques. We teach all the parts for Rhythm Guitar and Lead Guitar, plus we provide the Song Structure, Chord Diagrams and Tab. And the real fun starts when you join different members of the band to have a Jam session. You can play with just the Drums and Bass Guitar, or add in either the Rhythm or Lead Guitars. You’ll be able to fully experience what it’s like playing in a real band!

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    joycey574 3060 days ago Permalink

    Each song has around 25 to 30 videos, plus the band practice and jam sessions. Each of these videos clearly shows you exactly what each hand is doing, plus the animated fretboard makes it easier still! And, as well as detailed step by step teaching, we also provide accompanying downloadable files for the Song Structure, The Chords and the Tab. It’s a truly comprehensive package to make learning quick, easy and fun!

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